Wood Bits

Summary : A puppeteer needs a puppet for the show to go on. Human with emotions and... Defiant.

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Warnings : Sexual implications. Language.


She gasped for breath as she held her hand above his heart. A gloved hand stop her.

"Chiyo-baa-sama! That's enough!" The pink-haired kunoichi cried out and laid her down on the ground carefully.

Chiyo softened her eyes and said, "Do you know why I created this jutsu? I had wanted to bring Sasori's parents back to life, just to see
him happy. He had left before I could use the jutsu, but now, I have finally found the chance to use it. To give Sasori a second chance at life... A life for a life and I am willing to give up mine for him..." She chuckled weakly, "I am getting old anyway."

She smiled and whispered her last sentence, "Promise me that you will take good care of him Sakura."

Sakura nodded and sniffed, holding Chiyo's hand tightly.

"Heh." Her head jerked up at the voice.

Sasori smirked as he reached up a hand to touch his chest. He cocked his head curiously, "Well well, it seems I'm human once more."

He spread out his fingers, letting chakra flow out of it, making chakra strings. "It sure is good to feel chakra pulsing through my fingers

Sakura frowned and inquired, "I thought you would feel disappointed at losing your wooden body... What gives?"

Sasori let out a laugh, and she shivered at the evilness behind it.

"There are many things a wooden body cannot do what a real body can. I have craved to eat for many years but what was the use? I could not taste nor did I ever feel hungry. Yet, there would always be a time, for a need to have food running down my throat and digesting properly as a body should. This time, I will not make the same mistake again."

He paused and quirked up the corner of his lips before continuing, "There were also some other wants that I could not fulfill."

She cringed at the implication.

He shook his head as he looked at the remains of his puppets.

"It seems you've destroyed my collection."

He sighed, acting hurt.

"Pity, they were my favourite too. I guess I would have to make do with Chiyo-baa."

Sakura stared at him with horror and revulsion.

"You would turn even HER into a puppet?" She asked, outrageously and most of all, disgusted.

"Why not? It would be a waste if it was just buried under soil."

She stood up, shakily, still hurt and sore from her wounds and aimed a punch at him angrily.

He caught it easily and grinned, chastising her, "You're going to die of chakra depletion if you do not stop this foolishness Sakura."

She struggled, trying to wrench her fist from his grip but weakly used her other hand to try and hit him. If she had not been exhausted, he might have hit the wall behind him hard. Sasori grabbed her other hand and binded her wrists with his chakra strings.

He tutted.

"I want you conscious and not on the verge of death when I say this Sakura."

He smiled deviously and murmured, "I am in dire need of a puppet and you know it. If you do not want me to use Chiyo-baa, perhaps we
can strike a deal."

The pink-haired kunoichi stopped her struggling, confusion clear in her green eyes.

"If you want Chiyo-baa to have a proper burial, in exchange, you shall become my puppet instead... A fine deal is it not?"

He let go of her and watched as she slid to the ground.

"You wouldn't become a wooden one, if that's what you're wondering."

'What should I do? It would seem so selfish of me to let Chiyo-baa-sama get turned into a puppet... And... What did he mean that I would
not become a wooden puppet if I chose to accept?' Sakura asked herself, getting lost in her thoughts.

She lost some of her defiance as she slumped, feeling defeated.

Sasori smiled once more when she asked, "What do you mean by not becoming a wooden puppet?"

"I thought you would ask that. Dead puppets are no fun to play with. An alive human puppet gives far more entertainment because they
have... Emotions."

"No skinning me alive? Tearing my guts out?" She enquired fearfully.

He teased, "You are far more precious than that."

She flushed and clenched her fist. No matter, she would not go down without a fight. She was Haruno Sakura after all.


She flinched at the wicked gaze he gave her.

Rest in peace, Chiyo-baa-sama.

"A very good choice Sakura. Hmm... I wonder... Since you're my puppet now, I guess I can call you Sakura-chan right?" Sasori asked, mockingly while moving his fingers to attach chakra strings on parts of her body.

He flexed his hand, testing, and her limbs twitched.

And then he started the show...

"Dance for me Sakura." She closed her eyes, trying not to cry at the humilation and the amused eyes staring at her. She let go of her control of her body and allowed the chakra strings to guide her.

'Even if I am guiding her to dance, she managed to pull it off gracefully...' He eyed her movements, entranced and finished his thought, 'No one would think such a creature like her would have been capable of the strength she possesses.'


He showered her with gifts, expensive pretty trinkets, clothes and would have gave her anything she asked for.

She was his puppet.

She was the most prized puppet among the other 'puppets(1)' he had collected along the way.

The problem was, she never asked for anything.

The problem was, she didn't want to be his puppet.

She didn't care if she was his most prized. She had no choice. She didn't want Chiyo-baa-sama to be used in such a way after she had so
graciously gave up her life for him.

She was human with emotions and she was defiant.


He was frustrated to no end. The necklaces he put on her neck, she would wrench it away and throw it back at him, the clothes he gave
her, she would throw it to the other side of the room.

He scowled as she held another gift he had brought for her in her hands, ready to throw it.

"What ever do you want? Gifts I bestow you, you deny. This will never end," He said softly, keeping his anger in check.

"Freedom," She had pleaded so simply.

He shook his head.

"You know I cannot."

"Then at least my chakra back!"

His eyes darkened. "I am not that foolish. You know what had happened when I did."

She backed down and lowered her face, feeling regretful of betraying his trust for her that day...

He touched her hair gently and pushed her back onto the bed. He stared at her eyes, the eyes he had come to love so much because of the
emotions they showed.

Hints of fear, regret, sadness and anger.

He pushed himself off of her, realising he had caused her to feel that way. Something wrenched within him.

He schooled his features under a mask and said coldly, "Get ready for dinner."

She quivered at his tone.

She was a puppet.

She was a ninja without chakra.


She was still a human with emotions and she was defiant.


(1) - Well... Powerful enemies he killed to use as puppets.

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