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It was the scream that alerted Raven. A scream full of pain and torture. It stopped for a moment but then picked up again, calling for someone to come and save them. To take them away from the horrible creature that was committing the terrible crime.

"Need a little help", asked Raven poking her head where her husband was attempting to dress his daughter.

"Yes please", gasped Jason as six-month-old Eve kicked and trashed.

Eve, seeing her mother reached out her arms expecting Raven to pick her up. Her sister Arella sat in her playpen cuddling her teddy and watching all this, clearly amused. Arella was already dressed and ready to go.

Both girls were identical. There hair was lavender just like their mother but had their fathers deep green eyes. Personality wise they were totally different. Arella was the quiet twin content in just cuddling and sitting quietly.

Eve was the complete opposite. She always had to be the centre of attention. She also had a habit of making a mess whenever she could. She was quite protective of her sister never letting strangers pick her up without the person getting screamed at and shoved.

"I'll get her ready and you go and get changed", ordered Raven walking over to the screaming baby. Eve stopped howling. Letting out a small whimper Eve opened her deep green eyes and one again reached her arms up slowly.

Raven smiled down at her child and dipping her head down gave the child a small kiss on her forehead. "Sorry baby. You have to get dressed".

As if she understood her mother's words Eve started to bawl again, weaving her arms and legs. Raven sighed. Another battle to be fought and she was going to win.

Eve sat in her playpen with her arms crossed and pouting. She was wearing a cute lilac dress identical to her twin sister who was sitting next to her.

After finally getting Eve changed, it was now Raven's turn. She was as hesitant as her daughter to get changed. Raven glared at the strapless pink dress as it hung on it hanger.

"Only Starfire would pick pink for me to wear", growled Raven.

Eve started to laugh at her mother and Arella copied. Smiling at her two daughters Raven walked over and slipped into the dress. The babies stopped laughing and instead stared up at their mother in awe.

"Do you like it", asked Raven walking over to the playpen. Suddenly four hands were up in the air. Both babies wanted to be picked up.

"You are too cute", muttered Raven picking up Eve. Seeing her sister being picked up Arella started to panic. The child started to scream and cry like her sister had done previously.

"Calm down", exclaimed Raven scooping up the screaming baby. As soon as Arella was in her mother's arms she stopped crying and cuddled into Raven's body enjoying the warmth and security only her mother could give.

"Ready to go", called her husband from downstairs.

"One minute", shouted back Raven sitting on a chair and using her magic slipped on a pair of shoes that went nicely with the dress. Once she was satisfied with her and her children's appearance Raven made her way downstairs to where her husband was waiting.

"Finally", laughed Jason looking at him wife up and down.

Seeing her father Eve started squealing for her dad forgetting that less than fifteen minutes ago she was screaming to get away from him. Arella didn't move. She was too content in her mother's arms.

"Have you got everything", asked Raven as they walked out to the car with Jason carrying Eve and Raven carrying Arella.

"I have double and tripled checked everything", assured Jason.

"Its just it is going to be a long service and since I'm the brides maid I can't exactly leave because you forgot to pack Eve's rattle", worried Raven.

Its in the purple bag with the girls diapers, blankets, bottles and teddies", rattled off Jason.

"Spare clothes".


"Baby monitors".


"Wedding present".

Jason paused just as he was going to open the door to the car. "One minute", he said as he put his daughter into her car seat and ran back up the path and into their house as Raven stood there shaking her head.

Raven sat at one of the tables in the ballroom of the hotel where the reception was. In her arm was Arella who was eagerly sucking her bottle as if the milk was going to disappear.

Jinx sat beside her bouncing Eve up and down on her lap while Jason went to get some drinks.

Arella finished drinking and let go of the bottle. After a little burp she tried to bounce like her sister was doing resulting in her nearly falling off her mother's lap.

"Aww. They are so cute", cooed Jinx sitting Eve down. Raven nodded tickling Arella's stomach to distract her from jumping.

"I know", smiled Raven. "Craving for one now"?

Jinx nodded. "Yeah. I talked to Wally about it but he said maybe in the future". Jinx's smile turned into a frown. "But I want one now".

Raven smiled sadly. "You could always take a leaf from Terra's book and say you're on the pill when your not".

Jinx shook her head. "No way". Just as she finished that sentence Beastboy ran by they're table holding his two-year-old daughter. Maisy was giggling with joy but Beastboy looked out of breath.

"Hiding from Terra", said the two girls.

Beastboy nodded. "She wants more meat and I wouldn't get it for her and now she's mad", gasped the tired father.

Maisy giggled again. "Mummy mad".

Beastboy nodded again. "Yes. Mummy is really mad. In more ways than one".

Beastboy then glared up at Raven. "Its your fault that she wanted another baby you know", said Beastboy accusingly. "If you hadn't got pregnant".


Beastboy yelped and without another word went running again with Maisy shrieking in delight. Just minutes after his departure did a very pregnant blonde march over to them. "Did you see Beastboy", demanded Terra.

Both girls shook their heads. Before leaving she gave the twins a smile and disappeared in search for her husband and daughter.

It was only after Terra was out of sight did the girls burst out laughing. It was then Jason arrived back with an armful of drinks. "What's so funny"?

The girls didn't answer. They were still giggling. Jason sighed and leaving down the drinks he took a seat opposite to his wife and her friend.

"Nice wedding Starfire pulled together", said Jason taking a drink. The girls nodded. A slow romantic song played in the background with couples dancing to it. Others sat at table surrounding the dance floor.

From Raven's table she could see Cyborg and Bumblebee dancing glazing deep into each other's eyes. Raven had a feeling she would be attending another wedding soon.

Further up the dance floor Raven spotted the newly married Starfire and Aqualad. Raven couldn't help but smile. After Starfire's year of hell she deserved to be happy.

She had been devastated after her divorce and with everyone else getting married and having kids didn't help. Luckily Aqualad had been there to help and the rest was history.

A cry broke Raven from her train of thought. Of course it was Eve crying out for attention. Literally. Deciding she had enough of Jinx she started to scream and sequel as loud as she could.

"Oh Eve", muttered Raven handing Arella to her husband and taking the screaming child. "What are we going to do with you"?

Eve looked up at her innocently and then started to wail softly. Arella then yawned and copying her sister started to wail.

"There probably tired", reasoned Jason. "Better bring them up to the hotel room".

Raven nodded. "Yeah. I'll get the girl's bags out of the car and I'll meet you up there".

Letting Jinx give Eve a kiss goodnight Raven picked up her handbag and taking out her keys made her way over to the door.

It was pitch black outside. There was a fog in the air. If it wasn't for the lamp posts giving light Raven wouldn't have been able to see where she was going. Making her way over to the car as quickly as she could she unlocked the door and was about to pick up the bag when she felt a presence behind her.

Holding Eve as close to her as she could she spun around, one hand glowing black. She saw a person standing in the darkness although she couldn't make out who it was.

"Who's there", demanded Raven.

The figure stepped out of the shadows into the light. Raven let out a small gasp.

"Nightwing. What are you doing here"?

Nightwing let out a small laugh. "Come on Raven. We've known each other long enough. Call me Richard".

Raven growled raising her glowing arm up higher. "I'll repeat my question. What are you doing here"?

Richard shrugged walking closer to the mother and child. "Came to check on my ex wife. Make sure she's marrying a good guy. I still care about her you know".

"If you really cared you wouldn't have let her get hurt".

Richard sighed dragging his hand over his face. "Look there was no other way. She would have got hurt anyway I said it". He continued walking over to where Raven was standing.

Richard stopped just as they were right in front of each other. Richard looked to examine Eve. "Cute kid".

Eve looked up at the man curiously. Deciding she didn't like him and she was too tired to deal with all this, Eve started to cry

Raven started to hush her child trying to get her to stop. "Richard. Just go. I have to put the girls to bed".

Richard made no attempt to move. "Look Raven. I just want to talk".

Raven shook her head. "You lost that right when you pushed my husband off a roof. Now leave me alone".

To her surprise Richard began walking backwards. Turning around he dug his hands into his pockets. "Sure Raven but just in case you do want to talk".

Taking something out of his pocket he tossed it over to Raven who caught it with ease. Studying it she realised it was a communicator. It wasn't a teen titan one though. This was pitch black.

"What is this", asked Raven confused.

"You might need my help someday. Didn't want you to be empty handed", replied Richard walking away.

Raven looked at the object in her hand and back to the hero.

Richard kept walking until Raven could almost not see him. "See you soon", shouted Richard back leaving the two girls in the now empty carpark.

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