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Last time in FN:

Suddenly she hugged me tightly around my waist.

"Thank you for saving me, Carlisle told me everything, thank you" she said, I could hear the tears in her voice but her eyes were dry. I wondered how she took all this information in at once; maybe it was much better not knowing your past so that you couldn't hold onto it.

"You're welcome Lizzy" I said and hugged her back.


Usually when two people are together

For along time things seem to change

It's been said that nothing good lasts forever,

But this love gets better everyday

We get all excited inside, every time we get alone

He still got love in his eyes

And I still got love in my soul


Feels like the first time we met,

When I kissed and I told you I loved you

(Tamia- Still)

Elizabeth sat before me on the comfortable couch leaning against my legs while she watched T.V. Alice and I were braiding her long hair while we watched our favourite soapy, random comments came from us whenever something exciting happened. It has been a week since Lizzy's transformation and she got along with everyone in the family especially Emmett who found the smallest member in our family to be the most entertaining. Lizzy would squeal delightfully when Emmett picked her up and threw her as far as he could.

Yes this was a strange way of affection. The first time that Emmett did that he didn't realise how light Lizzy was when he swung her around, she went flying out of his grip and landed a few feet away from him. After she found out that she was literary indestructible she got more confident with being thrown by Emmett who tried to do it to me a few times which I bluntly refused.

What did he think I was a ball?

But the one person that Lizzy could talk to for hours on end was Edward. I still couldn't pluck up the courage to talk to him. I would catch him gazing at me sometimes and then would look away. We haven't spoken to each other since we all drove down to Denali.

"He really loves you Bella, he misses you so much that it hurts him to even look at you or hear your voice" I heard Esme's voice in my head.

Maybe I could forgive him; maybe we could just go back to the way that we use to be. I wanted that to happen, I wanted that to be true and the more that I thought about it, the more that I thought about him the more that I yearned for him. I wanted my Edward back, I wanted him to love me like he always did, whisper in my ear and give me chills down my spine, kiss my lips making the rest of the world feel so insignificant, the only thing that mattered was that he was there beside me.

I loved Edward Cullen and I couldn't live without him.

Alice suddenly stiffened beside me and her gaze lingered off to some distant land. Lizzy tore her gaze away from the T.V and faced Alice her face was planted with worry. I was just about to call Jasper when Alice came back to the present and a huge smile plastered over her face. Her eyes were bright and excited and that only meant one thing, Alice knew something and she wasn't going to share.

"I still can't get use to the fact that you can see into the future" Lizzy said to Alice.

Lizzy was at awe with Alice's, Edwards and my powers and I could see that she was depressed that she didn't get one.

"You will soon get annoyed with it" I told her and smiled innocently at Alice who playfully narrowed her eyes. I remembered the first time Alice told Lizzy about her powers Elizabeth was very sceptical.

Alice predicted that it would rain the next day and that Lizzy would slip and fall on her way from hunting in the mud, which I had to say after a really impressed muddy girl who thought Alice was the best in the world nothing good would come out of that.

Alice stated to bounce now in her seat which made the rest of the couch bounce with her; sometimes Alice could get too over excited.

"What did you see Alice?" Lizzy asked her excitedly.

Alice looked up at me and a wide smile crept over her face.

"I don't even want to know" I said staring back at the T.V.

"I do though, come on Alice spit it out" Lizzy wined.

Lizzy was starting to bounce on the floor. There are two Alice's in the house.

"Come Lizzy I will finish your hair upstairs in your room Edward wants to talk to Bella" she said, her voice full of mischief.

At the sound of Edward's name I looked at Alice incredulously, why was she so happy that Edward was coming to talk to me. Was it that he was coming to say that he was sorry and that we should get back together because he can't exist without me, if that was the case then those two should get out of this room immediately.

At that very moment Edward walked into the large living room area, his eyes flashed to my face and I looked away quickly after meeting his pitch black dark orbs. He looked over at Alice who was already walking towards the stairs holding Lizzy's hand. Jasper and Emmett walked around the corner ready to probably play a rematch on one of their games but they both stopped dead when they saw Edward and I in the same room.

"No Jasper its fine we don't need it" Edward told him in a soft beautiful voice that I missed hearing. Jasper and Emmett turned around on the spot and walked up the marble stairs, I could hear their soft whispering like a murmur in my ear.

Edwards gaze was now on me, his dark eyes were incredibly beautiful under the dim light above. They were so dark that I knew he hasn't hunted for as long as we have been here. His gaze lingered on me for a second and I stared without breathing across the small vicinity of the living room back at him.

All I wanted to do was rush to him and dig my hands into his hair and tell him that I forgive him with all my heart and that everything will be the same just like it use to be. But I couldn't, I couldn't because I wasn't strong enough, I was a coward because I didn't know if he would push me away.

He opened his mouth and then closed it. He closed his eyes and then tried again.

"Bella would you follow me outside for a moment please?" he asked and opened his eyes.

I let out the breath that I was holding for who knows long in little bits so that he wouldn't notice but I knew that nothing could get past Edward. I was sure that I saw a little smirk on his face as he turned away and opened the doors the terrace.

This I had to say was one of the most relaxing places to be in the world. There wasn't another house around for another few meters and we were already quite far out of the town. The back of the house was the most beautiful by far. There was a small lake a few feet away from the house where the ducks and swans would bathe in. I would sit outside here for hours just watching how uncomplicated their lives were.

I stood with my back to Edward watching the way the moon shimmered off the silvery surface of the lake. I heard Edward's footsteps against the stone floor and soon felt his presence beside me. I could feel his eyes on my face but I couldn't look at him. I felt his hand caress the side of my cheek and I leaned into his touch. His hand rested under my chin and he moved my head to face him. I knew that if I could have cried now I would have been filling rivers.

"Isabella, I am so sorry that I hurt you. I was just so angry that you would have put yourself into so much danger into saving some girl that we didn't even know. I now know that I made a terrible mistake, I knew since the time I walked away from you. You are so strong, stronger then I could ever be and I can't protect you like I use to. You are my life and soul Bella and these past few weeks have been hell on earth, seeing you but not being able to touch you, not being able to talk like we use to and killed me." He said his eyes so sincere that I could help but lean closer and kiss his lips.

It felt like heaven on earth, his lips against mine, the familiar taste and going further than any of our boundaries. This what I was waiting for after so long, this was my muse, Edward was my life and to think that I could ever let him go made me sick to my stomach. His arms wrapped around me and he picked me up from the ground, my hands automatically went to his hair. After a while he put me down and broke away from me his breathing as heavy as mine was.

"I missed this" I said leaning against his chest, his chest rising and falling as he started t control his breathing. I laughed quietly happy that I still had that effect on his; clearly he still had the exact same effect on me because I too was breathing fast.

"I missed us" he said kissing the top of my head and I smiled.

"And the lion fell in love with the lamb" I murmured what he said two years ago.

He turned me around so that I could face his, the crooked smile that I loved so much playing against his perfect lips.

"The lion was always in love with the lamb she just had to realize it" and with that he dropped onto one knee holding my left hand in his. The moonlight danced around us and the wind lightly blew against my skin.

"Bella I have wanted to do this for a long time, but I think that tonight is the perfect time" he pulled out a black velvet box and opened it to reveal a beautiful silver diamond encrusted ring, a big diamond in the middle of two smaller topaz gems. "Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?" he asked.

I knelt down so that I could kiss him and he kissed me back.

"Yes Edward, yes I will marry you"

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Thank you once again Alecta.

Next up on the list… Come What May

Chapter One

"Come Bella we are going shopping" Alice called from the top of the stairs. Edward and I were getting up to mischief in our room which everyone ignored, all accept for Alice who I knew was annoyed because right now shopping was more important than other things. Why did everyone this family have such great timing in this house? Edward tackled me onto our bed kissing my neck.

"Bella is busy at the moment could you please leave a message" Edward chuckled in my neck.

"Yes what he said" I gasped as he started to tickle me.

"No now, school is starting next week and we all need to get new clothes" I heard her voice over my giggling. Edward kissed my neck and started to nibble my ear and I started to laugh again.

"Fine, just don't moan to me when you have nothing planned for your wedding which is in must I say five months time" she huffed and I could hear her stomping down the stairs muttering some colourful curses.

"Alice stop cursing" Esme called from somewhere in the house and Edward and I both laughed. I heard Alice call something out like it's not funny which made me laugh even harder.

"Do you think we are being mean? She is planning our wedding after all" I asked Edward who was in the middle of kissing my stomach.

He looked up at me. "No we are not, not at all" he said with an evil smile.

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