Author's note: Bored… that's why I did this. I saw a picture of Kakashi and when he was young with his teammates and thought 'maybe I should make a story'. And that's what happened. Only the story and plot is mine.

"Kakashi-sensei sure is feeling down today" Sakura motioned to Sasuke and Naruto as she pointed to their teacher.

By the pond was their former sensei, they were already Chuunins but they still train with their favorite jounin. Leaning back on a tree and resting his' arms to his knees. Strangely enough he wasn't reading the Icha Icha Paradise of his', but instead he was looking at an old picture.

The picture was old and torn but still held the smiles of his companions. Sensei with that carefree and moronic grin, Rin with her innocent smile that reminds him of a fragile flower, and Obito, the boy who always bickered about nothing yet he seemed to hear everything he said, had the smile that shone even in the darkest hour.

"Sensei? Are you alright?" Kakashi suddenly looked up to see the faces of his students.

"Of course." He replied, but his students knew him better than that and saw this 'discomfort' in him.

"Who's that?" asked Naruto as he pointed to the picture he was holding.

"Oh that? That's Arashi-sensei." Kakashi responded as he shuffled the hair of his sensei's miniature clone.

"He does look familiar." Sakura pointed out as she traced the outline of the picture.

"That's because he was the fourth Hokage."

"No wonder you're so great." Everybody looked at the Uchiha prodigy who answered the best comment about him in all time.

After smiling at the response, Kakashi then introduced his 'former teammates.

"That's Tenshi Rin. She was the Medic nin in our group." He said as he pointed to the girl, with bandages on her cheeks, bright green eyes and a brown hair.

Tenshi means angel

"Sensei, she pretty" Naruto said behind him as he stared at her.

"Is that you?" Sakura pointed to the maskless boy with icy eyes that stared right at them.


"You're cute." Sakura whispered to his ear, making sure Sasuke and Naruto didn't hear her comment.

"Really?" he looked over his shoulder to look at her, exposing the slightly flushed expression of his.

"Kakashi-san, stop that and tell us who that is." Naruto said as Kakashi snapped out of his… Flushness…

"And…" he said as he stopped to look at the genins.

"You do know about my Sharingan, right?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?" Sasuke answered as he looked at the boy, brown hair, goggles and a senbon hanging from the smiling mouth.

"He… he was the one who gave it to me." He replied, smiling that painful smile that wasn't seen by others but noticed only by his students.

"I'm so sorry." Sakura whispered to her pained sensei as she hugged him softly.

Usually he would answer those remarks with 'Don't worry everything will be fine'. But this time he just let them comfort him with those innocent eyes.


"We're always there for you Kakashi-sensei."

He may regret everything he did when he was young. But he sure didn't regret keeping his relationship with his… young prodigies.