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Hinata stood behind the closed door, crying.

The Elder's were talking about her ,again.

Deciding what they would do with her.

She slumped down until she hit the floor. Curled into a ball, her long indigo hair cascading over her shoulder's.

The willow tree in front of her swayed gently as if telling her it was all okay, that it was okay to cry, to let your weakness show.

"She is weak!" An Elder declared.

"We have no use for her!" Another put in.

Hinata's heart pounded and her breath's grew more strangled as the tears burst out of her, the willow tree cheering her on.

"Her beauty is her only strenghth! Put her up for prostitution!"

"Throw her in the Bartello!!" Another cheered.

Hinata's eyes grew wide, and she clutched onto her knees even tighter.

"NO!" her father bellowed.

Hinata felt her heart rise. Was her father finnaly standing up for her? After all these years of being the main supplyer of hatred he was standing up for her?


"No matter how weak she is, she is still Hyuuga! I will not allow her to shame our family name even further!" He added.


Hinata's heart shattered. What was left of Hinata's heart, that is. Her once pure, innocent heart.

Before she heard anymore, she stood up and did the only thing that could possibly help her escape.

She ran.

Ran as fast and as hard as her legs would allow.

Ran until she collapsed to the ground, tears flowing freely.

She didn't care what anyone thought anymore. Not that she ever had before.

Except for him.


But that was over now. Naruto was gone. Wouldn't be back for almost three years.

She was alone.


With no savior.


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