This is slightly graphic in detail (slightly) so if it's too much, you don't have to read it.

When someone gives you a diamond ring, the obvious idea is that they are proposing to you. However, usually a person doesn't just give you a ring and leave. With that in mind, Gabriela had no idea what to make of the violet diamond she had just been given practically a minute ago.

It was at that moment that she remembered the piece of paper that was inside the box. She unfolded it and began to read its contents.

Want to play a game?

The note ended there. Well what could you deduce from that? Gabriela had read Sherlock Holmes, but even from trying to examine the paper and handwriting, there seemed to be no way of deciphering a meaning.

"Want to play a game?" Gabriela licked her lips, reading the note aloud. Did he actually mean a game?

Well, if she knew anything, it was who wrote the note. So the only left to do was to ask about it.

It seemed simple. She just had to walk over and politely ask. That shouldn't be a problem. Yet as Gabriela's hand closed around the note and she turned toward the door, she found it standing open already.

That was odd. She was sure it was closed and she didn't hear anyone come in. Then, as if suddenly appearing, she felt a hand brush softly against her cheek.

The person rested their chin on Gabriela's shoulder and whispered into her ear.

"Did you get the note?"

Gabriela swallowed, becoming aware of the nervous feeling starting to grow in her stomach.

"What game are you talking about?"

The person was silent and one hand moved up to her cheek again. This time there was a long piece of fabric in their hand. Before she knew it, Gabriela was blindfolded.

"What are you doing?" she asked. It was the first time Gabriela was nervous in a long time. Usually she had some sort of clever joke building inside her, but at that point her mouth was dry and she couldn't even think. All she could do was stand there and breathe silently.

She felt a hand close around her right hand, currently balled up in a fist, holding the note.

"Drop it." The person said and Gabriela almost automatically opened her hand so the note fell out.

"Did you really mean what you said about us not being together?" The person said. This confirmed Gabriela's notions as to their identity. Although it was a bit obvious it was thrilling to have an unknown friendly person behind you.

"Well, we're not officially together right?"

She felt an ever so slight pull at the back of her shirt.

"Will…no. Not…Not now."

A hand grabbed her now free right and she started to be pulled backward toward the other side of the room. Eventually her foot hit the side of the bed.

"Not now." She whispered before feeling a pair of lips press themselves against her mouth. Shocked, she stumbled and fell backwards onto the mattress.

Blindfolded, Gabriela had only her other senses to guide her. She could feel herself growing warmer as if she just contracted a fever. There came another tug at her shirt and her body convulsed slightly.

"You're trembling."

Of course she was trembling. She felt like a lump of rock, lying on the mattress not doing anything. Her mind had now started to function again and it was telling her to flee. Yet, as another kiss came on her neck, that option seemed almost impossible. Which left the other option to just succumb to all of this at it came.

Of course she wasn't ready for it. Sure she had shared a bed with William, but the truth was they never consummated any love for each other. Actually, the love she held for him could be compared with that of a pop bottle. The pressure for their love to be more than what it was at the moment just kept building and building up to an almost dangerous level. It would eventually spill right over wouldn't it? Unless of course she could control all these desires, but those would have to come out soon wouldn't they? And…hang on? What was happening now?

Gabriela felt conscious of a body, gently resting on hers. While her mind was thinking over love, her hand had pulled Will on top of her. Thankfully she was still clothed, so she could still stop this.

His mouth closed on hers again and there was a touch of passion encased within it. Oh forget it! There was no way she could get out of this now so she just should enjoy it as it came. Will's hand cupped her chin and kissed her again, but this time Gabriela responded back, her lips crushing on his.

"Are we together now?" he asked.

She felt her top get lifted up and a pair of hands move their way across her stomach. There was a brief pause, and then the top was replaced.

"Will…just do it."

There was a silence. Gabriela sighed and lifted her head up to his ear. At least, she hoped it was his ear. She could feel something soft against his head.

"Before I change my mind." she whispered.

"I don't think you could change your mind if wanted to." he said.

Gabriela had a suspicion that he was grinning beyond her blindfold.

"The door is open. You are welcome to "try" to get away."

Unbelievable! He was challenging her. She could get away whenever she wanted to. In fact, as strength started to build in her legs, she should do that right now.

With one hand she pushed Will off her and got to her feet.

"Your not going to get far blindfolded you know." he said. There was a half laugh in his voice.

"I'll just take it off then."

Gabriela felt William grasp her shoulders and move his mouth to her ear.

"Okay. Let's make it a bet then. Okay, I bet that by the end of the night, that little blindfold will be the only thing clinging to your body."

Her blindfolded eyes widened in shock. Why was he acting like this? Surely he couldn't be this passionate? This couldn't be the same person. Or, maybe just maybe, the pop bottle of pressurized love had already exploded within him. Maybe this was the moment when her bottle would burst as well. Ugh, that sounded really dirty when she thought of it.

"And I bet that you will be left dreaming on."

Somehow she felt that she would be losing this bet. There was a moment when she could just hear her breathing and then she felt herself being pushed up against the wall, almost aggressively.

"Will, you win. Please don't attack me."

"I told you this was a game. It's Passion Play."

"Is it dangerous?"

"Only if you want it to be."

She then felt herself flying across the room. This really would be much easier if knew where she was going. So in one swift movement she yanked off the blindfold and flung it too the floor. Her body revolved on the spot to face William who was on the other side of the room.

He was wearing a complete black version of his usual ensemble with a white top hat perched on top. His hair was blown out in all directions, in a sort of bed head style. He was looking at her as if in a challenge.

She walked right up to him and gave him a long, rather passionate kiss, one hand grabbing his top hat and flinging it to the floor. She looked at his hair now more closely.

"Nice hairdo. Did you do it yourself?"

"I thought I would look good for this moment."

"You look like a wild lion."

He snapped his perfectly straight teeth at her and she recoiled slightly. He pulled her back to him seconds later.

"Are we together now?" he repeated.

"No. I'll resist you."

"Say it again."

He began to pull off her shirt.

"I'll resist you." Gabriela repeated back, a slight smile forming on her lips as her shirt hit the floor. She was standing there, her midriff exposed, wearing only her bra.

"Hmm, pink lace. Saving it for a special occasion?" he asked.

"For someone special." she said.

"You're bluffing. Tell me you love me." he said.

The statement surprised her. She did love him, didn't she? It wasn't like the words were difficult to say.


Her mouth was going dry.

"Don't leave me Gabby. I'll go mad without you. Just say it."

His expression was tender. She stared into his eyes and knew she had to tell him.

"I have to tell you something. All this time I was convincing myself that I don't like you. That I never liked you. That if we were the last people on earth I would never think to repopulate the earth with you. I need to tell you that I'm madly in love with you. And I've been madly in love with you since you told me to never put my face close to yours. I just, never knew it until now."

"I remember. That was when we first met. When your sister snuck into the factory. I started to stalk you back then."

"You stalked me?"

"All the time. You just never figured it out. Tell me, when we met, did you feel anything?"

"Yes. It was like an electric shock." Gabriela said. "Like a puzzle piece had found it's adjoining one after searching for a long time and I knew then…"

"…that we belonged to each other."

Gabriela rested her head on William's chest and he began to softly kiss her neck. She sighed and looked up at him.

"What were we doing before this?" she asked.

"I was commentating on that pink lacy thing you have on there."

"Seems a bit unnecessary now."

She felt William's hand move to the small of her back and unfasten the bra's clasp. It too fell to the floor. With his free hand he pulled her back to the bed. Gabriela managed to pull his coat off before she fell back on the bed. They never took their eyes off each other as the remaining articles of clothing fell to the ground. After this they just lay there, watching each other, listening to their soft heavy breathing.

After awhile he kissed her more passionately than ever and Gabriela put one hand on his back, pulling him in closer. Her breathing began to increase.

"Will…" she said softly as he kissed her neck again.

"Please…before I change my…"

Then just like that, they became one person. Surprisingly she felt no pain when he was inside her. It was like they both knew it was going to eventually end up like this. Her breathing was soft and slow now. She closed her eyes relishing the moment.

As quickly as it came, the moment was over after a few minutes. William rolled off her and lay staring up at the ceiling beside her.

"I feel tired." Gabriela said after awhile.

William didn't say anything. He smoothly got off the bed and walked over to the dressing room.

"Here. Put this on." he said, throwing her a silk bathrobe. She was so drowsy, it was a wonder she got off the bed and got the robe on in the first place. Her eyelids dared to close as started to walk. By then, William had managed to put his clothes back on, an amazing feat.

Luckily, he rushed to her side just when she was about to tip over, scooping her up in his arms.

"Where are we going?" she managed to say, as her head lolled over his arm.

"My room." he said, as he walked out into the hallway.


She then fell asleep in his arms.

The next morning, Gabriela woke to the sound of…Hair the musical?

Let there be sighs
Filling the room
Scanty pyjamas

"By Fruit of the Loom." Gabriela muttered to herself. She hummed the verses until the songs end.

Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she looked around the room. T was like being in a spaceship. A spaceship that was right out of a sci-fi movie. The whole room was white, completely empty, except for the huge round silver bed she was sleeping in. The bed sheets were a shimmering shade of white and the bedpost was a huge letter W made of marble. There was a huge television set, to rival that off an IMAX theatre, with a giant W currently revolving around and around on it's screen. The music seemed to be coming out of the huge speakers, set on either side of the screen. The entirely white room had a ceiling that stretched for about 50 feet in the air.

"Ugh, what time is it?"


"What the…" Gabriela yelled on the screen, which now displayed a giant clock.


"Oh. Uh, that's alright. I'm just not entirely used to the idea of robots waking me up in the morning."


"Uh…yeah you do that. Tell me, do you know where Mr. Wonka is?"


"You're joking right?"


"Oh come on."


"Fine. I'll go and look for him myself."

Gabriela yanked the covers off and walked across the cold white marble floor to the door on the other side of the room. Luckily she only had to walk into the hallway to see him. He was dressed in his normal purple outfit and was carrying a small box in his hand.

"Will, you have some explaining to do. Why didn't you warn me about the robot?"

William pocketed the box in an inside pocket of his jacket.

"I mean, it's a bit shocking, when you're muttering to yourself and a loud voice roars across the room. I mean, I know I fell asleep and all but…"

He drew her to him, kissing her with as much passion as he did the night before.

"Do you want some breakfast." he asked.

"Love some."

The song from Hair is called Bed if you wanted to know.