In this version, Athrun didn't see Kira on Heliopolis and didn't guess anything so the ZAFT thinks they are fighting a bunch of mere naturals.


Soon after the Archangel had left Heliopolis, the Creuset team had been attacking them almost non-stop. Kira, who had been forced to pilot the Strike, always stopped the attack before anything serious happened. After 3 days of endless-feeling battle, the attack ceased. Nobody knew why but Kira and Mu were ready to collapse into their cockpits so no complaints about that one. They dragged themselves to the medical checks before going to sleep. They didn't even eat since they were too tired.

The Vesalius

Rau Le Creuset was extremely happy with the current progress. All of his pilots were on the edge but he knew that the situation on the legged ship was no different. In fact, it was worse since they were outnumbered in every ways. Rau had a plan to capture the legged ship. He didn't trust his pilots' abilities to be able to bring the Strike down without serious damage to both sides. Rau smiled and went to get some rest as well.

The Archangel

Kira had difficulties to sleep. He had woken up after 6 hours of sleep and he was wide-awake. Then he noticed that he was extremely hungry. He went to eat. There was no one in the lounge. He took food and shortly after he'd started Mu walked through the door.

"I have a strange feeling" Mu said after a short silence. He was thinking of Rau Le Creuset.

Kira nodded. "Me too. But I don't know what it is."

"Hmm…" After eating they went to the command deck. It was empty except for Neumann who was half-awake.

Mu glanced the radar. It showed nothing useful. They watched the big screen for a while, the earth and the space behind it were a breathtaking sight. Kira was just about to shake Neumann but at that moment the radar alarmed and Mu checked the heat trace. Mu made an alarm.

"Two mobile suits coming our way, let's go."

With no time to waste, they ran to the mobile suit deck and got into their machines.

Both were thinking the same thing. "Why only two?"

"Kira Yamato, Strike heading off!"

"Mu La Flaga, Zero going out!"

Outside they saw their opponents. Aegis and Buster were ready to fight and wasted no time. Out of an un-spoken agreement Mu took Buster and Kira headed for Aegis. Buster used its weaponry to Mu and managed to deliver a shot to his right-side motor. But then Mu shot straight for Busters leg and it hit. Buster headed to the Nazca-class and Mu was about to go and help Kira but then he heard Miriallias voice from his radio.

"Look out, the Blitz is attacking you!"

He turned around and barely dodged. Instead of his body, his left-side motor was now non-existent. The Blitz, it must have used its mirage colloid. Mu went back to the Archangel, after telling Kira via radio that he couldn't fight anymore since his Mobile Armour was barely moving.

Kira didn't have the time to answer. He had engaged Aegis into a fierce battle and now he could make an easy guess that the Blitz was about to enter the stage.

Creuset was pleased with the turn of events. Things were going according to the plan.

Earlier at Vesalius:

When they first heard the plan Creuset made, they were stunned. It was a simple plan:

They would divide into two groups, one group was always attacking and one group resting. The idea was to tire the opponents by fighting. Of course, along the way, they would tire off as well but it didn't matter. The legged ship would be dealing with a big problem when their defences were crashing because their pilots were exhausted.

However, Athrun was uncertain about how honourable the act was. After hearing the plan they were sent their rooms to get ready. Athrun shared a room with Nicol.

"Is this really the right thing to do?" Athrun questioned himself aloud.

"I don't know but I think this'll end faster if we do this." Nicol answered to the room before him.

Back at the battle:

After a quick combination of shots from his beam rifle, Athrun took out Strikes left leg using the strongest cannon he had, Scylla.

Kira was almost panicking and went immediately to "Seed" mode. He saw the Aegis in front and sensors showed the Blitz behind…

At the Archangel they were repairing the Zero when the body took a hit from the Nazcas main cannon. After the hit, captain Ramius was in a difficult situation. She had to decide what to do and she didn't know. Surrendering was not an option. She decided they would retrieve the Strike and try to escape without getting destroyed.


A/N: the Vesalius and the Nazca mean the same thing. So does the legged ship and Archangel. Bit info just in case.