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Then Kiras thoughts directed to Athrun. Despite all, he smiled. Something had been gained too.

Creuset shared a private smile with himself. Manipulation rocks. (I just had to add that)

Kira walked with quick strides first but then he was forced to slow down. His body wasn't alright yet. He went back to the sickbay.

Yzak was faced with a dilemma. All the others were deep in thought after leaving the conference room. And he wanted to complain to someone about something, anything. Silence, he didn't like it. It reminded him of his childhood, just after father had died. The house had been so silent back then. (I have no idea if this is the truth but we never see his father in the anime or the manga. Or then I'm just blind…) Then mother had found passion in politics again. The house wasn't silent anymore.

The ZAFT pilots passed many of the crew when they were leaving their rooms. All of them had their bags. The pilots were too absorbed in their thoughts to care. But Yzac watched them as they passed. Most of them refused to look at him to the eyes and even if someone did, it was accidental. Yzac forced himself to clear his thoughts. No point getting distracted by some Naturals.

Creuset walked to the command bridge. It was a mystery how the hell he had known the route there.

Bridge was empty. He would have to bring some people from the Vesalius to command the ship. They would be heading back to the PLANTs. It would do no good for them to be ambushed in space with two undermanned ships.

A voice interrupted his thoughts.

"What are you going to do to him?" The angry but clearly stressed voice of Mu asked.

"Now, now whatever you mean?" He replied carelessly, smile evident in his voice. He turned to face him.

Mu's hands were clenched tightly. "You know what I'm talking about, idiot! Don't start playing with me now! What's gonna happen to him? Answer me!"

"That depends on him, you know. If he co-operates, the higher-up's don't even have to know about this. He'll be an addition to my team. Simply that."

"Nothing stays simple in the army, EA or ZAFT. You're just going to parade into the PLANTs with an EA ship and expect no one to ask questions? It'll raise suspicions and Kira will end up as a sacrifice to the higher-ups."

Creuset regarded Mu with a steady gaze. "I have my connections to the council, as you've probably figured out by now. We just destroyed Heliopolis. An addition to my team will be lost in the storm of morals and politics."

"I'll hunt you down if something happens. I'll-"

"Now, now Mu. Don't get violent. We have been trying to kill each other for a while now, am I right? This would make no difference. This matter has been finished, anyway. Now I believe you have a plane to catch."

Mu scoffed and went somewhere, probably getting his bag. Creuset smiled even wider. There would be interesting times ahead. He had no reason to think that there would be any complications. Then he decided to check the captains cabin. A courtesy visit, if you will.

Flay found herself slightly distracted at the moment. She didn't even look where she was heading and-

ended up bumping into Creuset when he was heading down the bridge. Flay flew a little backwards in the weightless surroundings. She then realized who she'd run into and, eyes wide, quickly headed to the opposite direction.

"Miss? I believe you should apologise for your actions." He called "I'm sure it wasn't intentional but it is good manners to apologise."

Flay turned unsurely and, with a small bow, merely said "I'm sorry" and left.

Creuset fleetingly thought that his face was going split. The day was getting even better than it already was.


It was time to leave. Most of the people were already in the shuttle and quite anxious to leave. Some of them thought that they would be corrupted by ZAFT if they were there any longer. Others wanted to get away from the commander, dubbed as creepy-Creuset.

The crew and the civilians were to leave at the same time.

The high-school students, though, didn't want to leave without seeing Kira. But he wasn't there. Only most of the ZAFT crew was there, ensuring that no one would be left behind.

Miriallia confined her fears to Sai. Perhaps Kira wouldn't come to see them off. Maybe something happened. Maybe…. The list was endless. She was almost hyperventilating.

But they had to go now. Sai and Tolle directed her inside. Strangely, Captain wasn't there yet.


Creuset entered the cabin quietly. He saw the captain pressing her forehead against the wall...

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