Author's Notes: This story is a Collaboration by BrideofBasil, Darkwing5143 and LuckyDuck29, who hope you enjoy this Darkwing Duck and Ludwig Von Drake story. We wrote this story because we wanted a Darkwing Duck story that not only included our usual favorite characters such as Launchpad, Negaduck, and a few other characters that are usually seen in Darkwing fan fictions, but we wanted to include a beloved Disney Duck that seems that Disney has forgotten about because he spends just too much time in his laboratory, and he is Ludwig Von Drake. Well Negaduck, Darkwing Duck, and Launchpad have successfully pulled Ludwig out of his lab for awhile and have some fun conversing with the other Disney Ducks he has never met before or only heard about on his lab radio, while the authors of this story will finally shine a spotlight on The Professor!

Disclaimer: although the Brideofbasil, Darkwing5143, and LuckyDuck29 WOULD LOVE to own the rights to Ludwig, Darkwing/Negaduck,
and Launchpad respectively, do not own any rights to any characters from the Darkwing Duck and/or Ducktales series. If we did, we would
still be making episodes!!

Chapter 1: Chocolates and Potions

At Saint Canard University, Professor Ludwig Von Drake was in the middle of a very strange meeting. The duck in front of him was holding a box of chocolates, but he had a chainsaw tucked in his black cape. He was being polite, but there was something evil and menacing in his eyes. Ludwig wondered if this character was maybe just the smallest bit cuckoo.

"Do you think the Von Drake Society will let me in?" the character calling himself Lord Negaduck asked. His voice was conversational, but there was an unmistakable note of threat in it. "I promise to leave my chainsaw outside and keep my hands off everyone's valuables." At his promise, there was a slight wheedling tone added to the conversational menace. He touched his chainsaw briefly, then held the box of chocolates out to Ludwig.

"I do believe one of these boxes of chocolates from the Negasweet Chocolate Factory will persuade you to let me join. Think of it, Ludwig, with the money you get just from one box of chocolates, you will have enough money to do any experiment you want!" He paused, giving Von Drake a few seconds to think it over. " So, what do ya say?"

"Uff cawse!" Von Drake said cheerfully. "Velcome to da lab!"

He shook Negaduck's hand, then looked at the box of chocolates, confused.

"How very nice-a you, puttin' da diamons in da candies like dat...but won't dat give ya a tummy-ache if ya eat dat?"

Negaduck eyed the professor as he accepted the candy. He scowled and shook his head.

"No, you're not supposed to eat the candy!"

He looked around, then got closer to the professor so only his ears would hear what the Mallard Menace had to say.

" I know a good fence that will, well let's just say, you will never have trouble with funding your experiments again!"

"Ja?" Ludwig asked curiously. "Tell me more, ya kooky duck!"

Sensing the professor was interested, Negaduck continued.

"Well, are you familiar with the bakery on the corner of York and Feather Streets? You know, the one that sells those fancy cakes from Germany. I believe those knobs call it Sachertorte or something."

"Did you bring the vipped Cream?" Ludwig asked. His mouth was watering.

The Mallard Menace looked at the Professor and scowled.

"Whipped Cream! I'm talking diamonds here, man! Not confectionary! Let's start talking about your financial security, not about your stomach satisfaction. There will be plenty of time for that after you receive your first million!"

Von Drake blinked, trying to get his mind off the whipped cream. Then he raised a bushy eyebrow and asked, "Ain't dat stuff bein' criminals? I don't vanna go to no jails!"

Negaduck laughed and patted the professor on the back. Von Drake winced.

"Eh, easy on da old bones dere! You vanna knock me down er somet'ings?"

"It's only criminal, " Negaduck said, ignoring the professor's comment, "if that do gooder Darkwing Dork sticks his big beak where it doesn't belong." He touched his chainsaw, then looked around and continued. "Now I have lots of connections with City Hall. You ask to speak to the mayor and say that you're a new employee of The Negasweets Chocolate Factory, and that you are here with another delivery. I mean, that knob just gave me $800,000 for the last box of chocolates I gave him! Hey! Politicians do this all the time! Think of it as..." He cupped his hand under his beak, looking for an answer. "A rebate on your property taxes!!" He gave his trade mark evil laugh. "And not to worry about Dripwing, I have plenty of people to keep that daffy do-gooder busy for a while!"

Negaduck rubbed his hands together, picturing the trouble Darkwing must be having at the moment.

Von Drake was trying to remember who 'Darkwing Dork' was.

"Dat Darkving, isn't he dat guy in da purple capes? Anyvay," he continued, "Da Professah isn't so sure dat he likes dis. Vat if I d'cide not ta do dis t'ing?"

Negaduck eyed the nervous Professor and scowled.

"Listen, Gramps. You can't lose. You don't have to worry about that idiot do gooder, and the Saint Canard Police couldn't see their way out of a card board box. Besides…"

As the Mallard Menace spoke, he saw that very familiar ominous blue smoke billowing from the corner of the room. Negaduck turned towards the direction of the offending display and heard the annoying voice of his nemesis, Darkwing Duck, echoing throughout the room.

Darkwing Duck gave his usually nerve wracking entrance, saying, "I am the Terror That flaps In the Night!"

"Give me just a tiny break," Negaduck said to himself, shaking his head and covering his black-masked face with his white-feathered hand.

"I am the experiment that blows up in your face!"

"I should have known better than to trust those knobs to keep Dipwing busy."

"I am Darkwiiiiiiiiiiiiing Duck!"

The mallard then glared at his yellow suited double and said, "give it up, Negaduck! You actually thought you could detain me with those two? Pa-lease!" Darkwing then put his hand over his chest and said with a smug look across his beak, "All I had to do was trip Megavolt as he was running, and he clumsily fell directly onto the Liquidator! I was out of there in two seconds."

The mallard laughed as he displayed two fingers, then looked at Negaduck and chuckled.

"See, that's what you get for testing out a new team on me. You should stick with Megavolt and Quackerjack next time. You over looked the fact that Megavolt and Liquidator are not a good mix!"

The Mighty Masked Mallard then turned to the visibly apprehensive Professor.

"Hello! You must be Professor Ludwig VonDrake! It's such an honor to meet you, sir."

Darkwing kept his eye on Negaduck's every move.

"So, what evil scheme is this maniacal menacing misfit trying to rope you into?"

Von Drake blinked at first at the dark blue smoke, then smiled in pleased surprise at the sight of Darkwing.

"Vell, allo dere!" he exclaimed, tipping his hat. "You dat Darkving guy, hah? Vell," he went on, with a dubious frown at Negaduck, "dat guy dere says he vants ta make me moneys! Somet'in' kooky dere, vit da diamon's in da candies. I t'ink he vants me ta do some criminal t'ing..."

Negaduck was very agitated by the very presence of his dippy double and that he was talking with the Professor. He could have kicked himself in the tail feathers for putting his confidence and trust in Megavolt and the Liquidator. He knew that Megavolt and Quackerjack were too zany and psychotic to hold back Darkwing Duck for any length of time, so he figured he would use the Liquidator's intelligence to counteract Megavolt's crazy behavior. Unfortunately, he overlooked one fatal flaw in his new team; electricity doesn't mix very well with water.

Negaduck eyed Darkwing.

"Why, if it isn't Dripwing, sticking that big head and enormous beak where it's not wanted! Even someone as thick as you can clearly see that the Professor and I were discussing a little business here, so why don't you take your traveling comedy routine to the kids at day care, since you have the mind of a four year old." Negaduck chuckled and continued. "And even that's pushing it!"

Darkwing acknowledged Ludwig by tipping his grey fedora and informed him, "you have every right to be apprehensive of my devious double's evil schemes! He didn't tell you that he's looking for a new delivery boy for his stolen diamonds, since I put his other postman in the hospital with fractured ribs!!"

Darkwing looked up and pointed his hand towards the ceiling, puffing out his chest with pride.

"Ahh, my patented and copyrighted Double Reverse Paddle Drop Boom Boom Kick gets 'em every time!" The mallard then put his hand on Ludwig's shoulder and continued. "Did he also inform you that the mayor is currently under investigation by the feds and SHUSH for his dirty deeds? Fencing diamonds for Negaduck with the taxpayer's money is one of many charges SHUSH has against the mayor."

Darkwing then turned to Negaduck and said, "I see you are still trying to push that glass of yours! And how dare you try to get the Professor mixed up in your evil plots! He's much too busy to be bothered with your chocolates and diamonds. Besides, he has very distinguished tastes! He loves German Chocolate, not that poison you make!"

At that point, Ludwig drew himself up proudly and glared at Negs.

"Dots right!" he snapped. "It zounds like somebuddy knows Da Professor better than you does, Mr. Smarty-Pants Duck Wit' da Fancy-Shmancy Red Hats! You vanted ta get me in troubles vit da laws yet??!" he continued, his anger rising as he realized how he had been played by the Masked Menace. "How dares you! Mister Darkvings is right, Da Professor is too busy ta be your messenger boys---'specially vit da criminal t'ings yet!"

He threw the box of diamond-covered chocolates squarely into Negaduck's face.

"Shame for you!!!!" he barked, shaking an angry finger at the Menacing Mallard. "SHAME for you!!!"

Negaduck glared at the Professor and Darkwing and said, "Don't tell me you're going to listen to this empty-headed sap. As usual, he doesn't know what he's talking about. Once his babbling beak gets going, he doesn't possess the brains to tell him to knock off the nonsense."

The Mallard Menace took the box of chocolates and gave the Professor an evil grin.

"Alright, don't accept the job, see if I care." He then turned and started to walk away, then looked back and said, "Don't come crying to me when the university pulls the plug on your experiments. Oh what a pity it would be to let all that valuable research go down the drain."

Darkwing stood by The Professor and cupped his hands around his beak and yelled, "Oh yeah, Negaduck! What's that supposed to be, a threat? Come on, Negaduck!! You really seem to be slipping! Surely you can do better than that!!"

Darkwing then turned to The Professor.

"Not to worry! Nothing will happen to your research for as long as Darkwing Duck is around."

But Professor Von Drake was stung by Negaduck's last words, particularly that part about when---not if---the university would "pull the plug". Even so, honesty was a thing he had long held dear, and no matter what, he had his integrity to think of.

"I don't care vat dey does!" he called after Negaduck. "I don't vanna be crooked like you, you mean ol' duck! You can take dose kooky chock'lit diamon's an'... an' ...go jump in der lake wit' em!"

He shook his fist at Negaduck's retreating back. But then he turned to Darkwing with a worried face.

"Dey can't do dat, can dey?" he pleaded, frowning.

Darkwing saw the worry in the Professor's eyes and he put his hand on Ludwig's shoulder.

"No, Professor! Not to worry! Negaduck has no pull with the University, but where does the University get its funding from besides the tuition from the students to do research?" Darkwing asked as he cupped his hand under his beak, then the answer came to him and worry came across his beak, as well. "The taxpayers! Ludwig, is the Mayor involved with any funding of research projects that the University conducts?"

Before Negaduck left the building, he looked back and relished in the torment that he planted in The Professor.

"The seed has been planted," he happily said as he started the Troublemaker and headed towards City Hall.

Not knowing that Negaduck was delighting in his discomfiture, Von Drake scratched his head, thinking hard.

"Vell, Da Mayor came ta da University last weeks," he recalled. "I hear him talkin' to da dean about moneys for da stuff da Science D'part'ment was doin'..."

Darkwing started to pace the floor with his white-feathered hands behind his back, thinking.

"Well, Professor Ludwig, that can only mean one thing; the Mayor and Negaduck are definitely in this together, and for some reason have thrown you into the spotlight. I think they wanted you for more than your postal services. Knowing Negaduck, he probably wants to use your knowledge of, and skills with, chemistry for their sinister plot. But what plan is Negaduck cooking up now, especially with the Mayor?" The mallard stopped his pacing and asked Ludwig, "If you don't mind me asking, what kind of research are you doing now? Or, unless, it's not what you are doing now, it's what research you will be doing, under the direction of Negaduck."

Then a sudden thought popped into the hero's mind.

"Maybe that little act about the diamonds was just a ploy to get you to go to the Mayor's office, either to detain you long enough for them to take a peek at your research, or to kidnap you! I think we have to get J Gander involved here."

As he took in Darkwing's words, Ludwig recalled a new experiment he had barely started a week back.

"I vill show you in mine lab at home if you vish," he told Darkwing. "Dis is a special compound dat I am inventin'."

The mixture, Von Drake said, was fused of 15 different plant extracts that, combined as one, carried potent but safe mood-altering properties. When inhaled, the compound worked like a tranquilizer, making any aggressive person instantly peaceful. Ludwig had named the compound LVD-15; he explained to Darkwing that, in the right hands, it could be a peaceful alternative to deadly weapons for law enforcement---or even warfare.

"It comes in da schpray, see?" the Professor said proudly. "You point it at peoples an' schpritz, an' dey don't feel like fightin' no more!"

Unfortunately, when he brought the idea up at the meeting with the University faculty---wherein the Mayor was present---several scientists and nearly all the faculty members laughed it off as just another one of Ludwig's 'kooky' ideas. To Von Drake's surprise, only the Mayor appeared unamused---in fact, he had seemed largely interested. But in light of all Darkwing had just told him, now the Professor wondered why.

Darkwing put his feathered hands behind his back and started his usual pace.

"Hmmm, a compound that would subdue even a hardened criminal like Negaduck without the usual mind games and web kicks to his gut. Gee, with that spray, I would no longer have to risk my tail feathers in getting hurt myself. Every criminal could be arrested without feathers flying and possible bloodshed. I even bet SHUSH and the Saint Canard Police would be interested in something like that."

He then stopped pacing and adjusted his grey fedora.

"Gee, Professor, that really sounds like a great compound there. All I would have to do is fill a cartridge up with that compound, what is it again, LOVE-15, and fire it at the opposing offender of justice with my gas gun, and I won't have to use my fists of fury on them. Tell me, Professor. Are the effects of the compound temporary or permanent? If you use too much of the compound, what will happen?"

Darkwing then adjusted his fedora again and tapped his beak with his index finger.

"Say that I, for example, sprayed someone as peaceful and loving as yourself. What would happen?"

Then Darkwing's paranoid mind started to kick in.

"You know, Professor, if your compound were to fall into the wrong hands, especially Negaduck's, I could definitely see it used to commit crimes against the citizens of Saint Canard. If the mayor is crooked, he and Negaduck already have sinister plans for your compound."

Ludwig blinked, worried now at the possible implications of his experiment. It had only been meant for good, to be used for peace; but how true it was that the road to Hell was paved with good intentions.

Since I don't know wasn't a favorite phrase of the Professor, he merely explained to Darkwing:

"Dis formula, it is still in der exper'mental stages, Mister Darkving, so it vill need more testings ta fin' out der full effects. But..." he frowned as he remembered the behavior of some of his lab rats during the initial testing. "It might could be probabable dat da formula, in extreme of doses, could make somevun TOO MUCH peacefuls...aggressive peoples, it could make dem helpless. Somevun peaceful, like Da Professor? It might could knock dem out, maybe!"

He raised a bushy eyebrow at Darkwing.

"Vat vas dot you calls it, LOVE-15?" He chuckled and shrugged. "Not zuch a bad name...

"Hmmm, it could possibly knock someone out if used excessively?"

Darkwing took off his fedora, scratched his head and placed the hat back on.

"That can't be good. Negaduck could definitely use that to his advantage."

The mallard then looked at Ludwig and continued.

"I even bet that slippery, self-serving civil servant is no doubt telling Negaduck about your new fabulous formula. As we speak, they're probably putting their devious demented minds together, working on some diabolical use for the Love15. Where is the prototype of the formula kept? My superior intellect is telling me that they are after your formula, and they're planning on either kidnapping you or detaining you long enough to steal it. That's why Negaduck was paying you a visit!"

Ludwig felt a cold chill in the pit of his stomach as he listened to Darkwing's words---especially the part about being kidnapped. But having faced many a dangerous situation over the years, the Professor didn't want to give in to any fears cropping up in his mind---and he certainly wasn't going to genuflect to any public enemy or any corrupt bureaucrat. And Darkwing, after all, did promise his protection...

"Da protatypes an' da notes on mine formula are in mine lab at mine house," he replied, hoping the Masked Mallard didn't hear the slight quavering in his voice. "But do you t'ink it iss now safe to keep dem dere? I do not know who I can be trustin' ta look after dem..." He frowned.

The mallard sensed The Professor's apprehensiveness and tried to ease his troubles by saying, "Professor Ludwig, there is no need to worry!! Darkwing Duck is on the job, and with my trusty sidekick, Launchpad, we will provide the protection you need." Darkwing then puffed out his chest and pointed his finger in the air. "Nobody will be able to get past these eagle eyes, for I am the Duke of Detection!" Now, Professor," the ever confident hero asked, "do you keep any samples of the formula here, at the university? Because if you do, we will have to take them with us in order to keep them secure. Once you gather your things, Launchpad and I will take you home. Ludwig, Let's Get Dangerous!"

Darkwing and Ludwig were still conversing in the lobby of the Saint Canard University's Hall of Science building, where the Professor conducted his research experiments for the university and taught the many college students earning degrees in the chemistry and pharmaceutical fields. What the two didn't realize was that every word that was being spoken was being recorded.

"Vell, den...if you are bein' sure, Mister Darkving," Professor Von Drake answered, feeling a little safer now. "I am keepin' mosta da materials in
mine home, but I do have some of da samples an' notes here..."

He went into his office to get his things.