Ragetti had been acting strange ever since the full effects of the curse had been revealed to them.

Well…stranger than usual anyway.

Pintel was worried about his friend but whenever he tried to get him to talk about it, the younger pirate would just shake his head and look off somewhere, staring at nothing.

Pintel couldn't quite put his finger on it, but he thought that Ragetti had a haunted look on his face and since he was not in the mood to talk about it during the day, he hoped that when it was time to rest that he would talk to him then.

That night it was revealed that under the light of the moon they were revealed to be nothing but skeletons.

Pintel had not been that scared of the sudden revelation. He had figured that if they were immortal, something had to be given up in the process.

A strangled scream suddenly rang out and when he looked up he saw Bo'sun snickering wickedly to himself as he looked towards the bunk room.

"Wot was tha'?" he demanded.

"Your bitch took one look at himself and then ran down there screaming!"

Pintel clenched his hands into fists and was ready to lash out, but he knew that it would be useless for two reasons; the first being the fact that Bo'sun wouldn't get hurt, and the second being that Bo'sun could probably tear his head clean off of his shoulders and then reattach it backwards.

With a soft growl Pintel shoved past him and went into the bunks to see how Ragetti was doing with all of this.

"Rags?" he asked, looking around slowly. "Rags? Come on ou', aye?" he asked.

But Ragetti wasn't in the bunks and Pintel clicked his rotted teeth together for a moment as he tried to think of where he would go.

He heard soft sobs coming down from below and he sighed for a moment as he rolled his eyes.

The cannons…of course Ragetti was down with the cannons!

Pintel headed down at once but was forced to stop when he saw what Ragetti was doing.

Ragetti was hiding in the shadows of the room, as far away from the streaming light from the moon as possible and he was slitting his throat and his wrists, over and over again.

The young man wept softly as the knife sliced through flesh and he watched in horror as the flesh would merely heal itself slowly and easily. Each cut was bloodless and he soon was just stabbing himself in his chest, rocking back and forth as he whispered prayers over and over again to let him die.

"Rags." Pintel said softly and Ragetti jumped and winced as he looked up at his older friend. "Wot ar' ye doin' lad?" he asked as he walked over.

With a whimper Ragetti stabbed himself behind his windpipe and he brought the knife down, but as soon as the knife was removed the wound healed.

In frustration he let out a wail and was about to stab himself again when Pintel caught his wrist in one hand.

"Le' go o' me 'and." Ragetti whimpered softly. Pintel removed the dagger from his hand and shook his head as he sat down beside him, watching sadly as Ragetti held his head in his hands in despair.

"Wot were ye tryin' ta do? Ye know we can' die." He said softly. Ragetti let out a wretched sob that caused his entire body to heave.

"I wan' ta die…" he whispered weakly. "We shouldn' 'ave betrayed Jack…an' naow we're goin' ta 'ell fer et! God mean' fer Man ta die when et were their toime! Bu' naow we've gone an' broke tha' rule!"

Pintel shook his head and he gently wrapped his arms around him and after a moment Ragetti was holding onto him tightly now, sobbing against his chest.

"We're no' goin' ta 'ell." Pintel swore to him gently, rubbing his back and rocking him slowly. "We're goin' ta lif' this curse an' be righ' as rain agin."

Ragetti sniffed softly for a moment, and he looked up at Pintel hopefully.

"Ye promise?"

"I promise, mate. Bu' I don' wan' ye tryin' ta kill yerself anymore, savvy?" Ragetti nodded and Pintel smiled and held him close, kissing the top of his head.

"Love yer, Pinters."

"Love yer too, Rags."