Story: The Motomiya Chronicles

Preview: Vmon was hit in the head and now recalls most of his memories and a curse, Davis wants to help, but will it cause him to lose his Freedom and change his life forever? DaiXOC

Disclamer(must read): I don't own Digimon or any one from that show...And this is the first attempt...don't sue me okay? And their a few years older are the ages: Davis, Tk, Kari, Ken, and Yolie are 17, Tai, Sora and Matt are 19, Izzy and Mimi are 18, Cody is 14, and Joe is 20...NightV-mon is my well as the other V-mons...okay...were good now... oh and if you don't like the English names, LEAVE!!!!!!(No one is forcing you to read this) and this idea came to me watching Beauty and the Beast and it'll have its twists and turns!!!!ENJOY!!!!!!

-----------We'll start here, in the Digi-world--------
Davis walked towards a large rock.

"Your kidding right?" Davis looked back at Izzy and Ken, "Your absolutely insane if you want us to pick this up"

"Hey, your being paid for this, now come on" Izzy yelled at him and then got back to recording data.

"And my mom wonders why I'm stressed all the time" Davis wore a white T-shirt, baggy jeans, white shoes and his goggles.

"Well if you weren't in such a great need for money, you wouldn't be here now would you?" Ken asked him, smiling.

Wormamon and Tentomon was not even there, V-mon was to help Davis (he was standing behind Izzy and Ken...and in front of a larger rock than what they had to carry) and if anyone were to go home with a strained would be Davis.

Recently, since summer started, Davis began to work part-time, lifting heavy stuff for Izzy, as he continues to research the Digital World as a collage class project (Davis: Joy-sighs)

Davis stretched and began to shift the boulder that was only a foot taller than him, to the left of him causing it to fall forward...making slide down towards Izzy and Ken, who got out of the way and broke into practically a billion pieces when it came in contact with the wall like boulder.

"Crud" Davis sneered and sighed heavily.

"OUCH!!!!!" V-mon began to freak, falling to the ground, it seemed that a rock that had broken off from the boulder that fell and hit him in the head, pretty hard as well.

"V-mon" Davis ran to him, followed by Izzy and Ken, "Dude, how many fingers do you see?" He asked holding up two fingers to V-mon.

"Umm...Six?" V-mon asked, kinda lost.

"Lets go see Joe, Hopefully he'll know what to do" Izzy said as Izzy opened up the portal threw his computer.

They went threw the portal and ran out of Izzy's room.

Davis ran out of Izzy's house, holding V-mon, who was still rubbing his head, heading to his car.

-----When they finally find Joe (at his own house)-----

"Well it's just a burse, it's nothing serious" Joe stood up straight after checking V-mon, "He'll just forget a few things that's all"

Davis gave a sigh of relief and turned to V-mon, "You okay, dude?"

"I think so" V-mon had stopped rubbing his head and finally looked okay for the most part.

"I just think he might need a nap though," Joe laughed.

"That's it?" Davis blinked a couple of times.

"That's it" Joe told him happily.

"Fine then" Davis held his hands out for V-mon and V-mon obeyed by jumping to him.

"And no more rocks, guys, Okay?" Joe said as they walked out.

"Okay" Both said in union.

Davis got back in his car and put V-mon in the passenger side and left. (Yes they put their seatbelts on, remember kids: wear your safety belts!!)

On the drive home, Davis noticed that V-mon was dazed a little.

"Vee, you alright?" Davis asked his blue lizard friend.

V-mon didn't answer at first but then nodded, still looking away, and then said, "Light"

"Light? What does anything that I just said have to do with 'Light'?" Davis asked, a little annoyed.

"No, no, no" V-mon shook his head, "I was thinking of someone calling me that"

"Some one calling you 'Light'? Why?"

"I dunno...It's a name that V-mons get...all the names are certain emotions we have the most when were little" V-mon continued.

"And why did they call you Light?"

"I dunno"

Davis raised a brow, "Why haven't you told me this before?"

"I dunno that either, It just happen to come to me earlier when I got hit in the head" V-mon held his head.

"Is there anything else you remember?" Davis asked, now very interested in his best friends life.

"Well...I do remember a blonde human sister Envy, She's a green V-mon you know" V-mon perked up.

"You guys are different colors?" Davis parked the car and turned to V-mon, "You mean you have a FAMILY?"

V-mon nodded.

"With actual family MEMBERS?"

V-mon nodded again.

"With actual Family Gatherings?" Davis's eyes were as wide as basketballs.

V-mon sighed, "Yes Davis, we did...I think, I can't remember" V-mon shrugged.

"Let me know if you remember anything else okay" Davis turned off the car and got out, and was then attacked by a blue growth spurt on his back, called V-mon.

----Later on that night----

Davis was off in dreamland, dreaming what the world would be like if it belonged to him. Which was interrupted by a push of a certain Digimon that he shared the room with.

"Davis, get up, I just remembered something" V-mon pushed Davis again, making him fall right off his bed and on to the second best place to sleep at...the floor.

He landed with a thud actually, which woke him up, he then stared up at V-mon, who was sitting on his bed.

"Well, what is it?" Davis asked him, after a moment of silence.

"Yea, ummm, the place is a big opened field of snow...I saw a mountain with a 'V' drown on the top of it" V-mon explained.

"Anything else?" Davis sat up, raised brow.

"A curse..." V-mon murmured

Davis raised a brow, "A curse? What kind of Curse?"

"A curse that turned most of my family into Digimon humans and a human Digimon" V-mon told him.

Davis blinked, the window of adventure had open and he was planning to take that window and soar threw it.

"Come here" Davis went to his computer next to his bed, Izzy had installed the Digi-portal on his computer a few weeks back and he had just figured out how to use it.

V-mon jumped on Davis's back and Davis clicked on the Digi-portal icon on his screen.

"A snowy mountain with a 'V' right?" Davis asked V-mon.

"Uh-huh" V-mon nodded as Davis did a search for the place.

"Hey, I found it" Davis was practically astonished, "And we can get in? Awesome"

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