Chapter 19: Snowed in

"I can't believe you booked us a trip like this" Yolie told Noah, squeezing the Blond.

Winter was upon the group, snow had settled and Noah wanted to go on a snowboarding trip. She paid for the groups way to go. Even booked two rooms, one for boys the other for girls.

Due to gas issues, they decided to use the digimon as transportation, since the digimon wanted to go too.

Noah giggled at Yolie and patted her back, "You're welcome" she smiled. They had just arrived at the lodge they'll be staying at. The lodge appeared to be made of wood and stone. The steps up to the wooden building were stone, a few flights to the building. The wooden building had an old feudal Japanese feel to it.

Davis was getting the other digimon to de-digivolve, holding his backpack and his suitcase. Also on his shoulder was a red scarf for Veemon, knowing the digimon loved cold weather but his reptile body said other wise.

Veemon ran up to Davis, quickly taking the dangling scarf from his friend's shoulder. Wrapping it around his neck quickly.

Davis chuckled, looking ahead to Noah, She was wrapped in a silver colored coat. Davis couldn't peel his eyes away. His features softened, being at peace.

Ken coughed, getting Davis out of his daydream, "You can ogle her later" he whispered to Davis, who brightened up like a cherry, but remained straight faced.

"I'm not ogling" Davis protested as they began to walk up the steps to the lodge.

After a few minutes, Noah had checked the group in and brought them up to their room. The room had three rooms in it, a living room/ Kitchen and two bedrooms.

The living room was modern looking, a large couch that was attached to the wall was in front of a large window that over looked the resort. A coffee table and a bar after that. On the left and right walls were the sliding doors to the rooms. The bar seated four and the kitchen was after the bar.

The rooms were plane Japanese decor, the folded up futon mattresses in the corner of the room, a large closet on the opposite ends of the door and a bathroom with a shower on the left wall and a window on the right wall.

"This place rocks, Noah" Davis spoke as they walked in, settling their stuff into a corner of the living room, deciding that they would unpack in a while. It was a long ride and the digimon were hungry.

Kari passed out the keys to each of them, The only one not present was Cody. Cody didn't like the snow, and he was busy with his family anyway.

So Kari, Tk, Ken, Yolie, Davis and Noah were the only ones here.

Noah lifted Envy into her arms. Envy also wore a scarf, a pink sparkled scarf.

"There's a really good Hibachi grill just a walk away" Yolie was looking into a brochure about the town they were in. Ken looking over her shoulder, reading about the grill.

Noah raised a brow, "Whats a Hibachi grill?" She asked, snuggling Envy just a tad.

"Its a Japanese grill where they cook in front of you" Tk told her.

"We're for grills" Hawkemon and Veemon (Light) answered in unison.

Davis was leaning on the bar, watching the group talk about their dinner. He didn't care what they ate to be perfectly honest. He was looking forward to snowboarding on the mountain and the hot springs later that night. And he was also looking forward to spending time with Noah.

Davis grinned at that last thought. It had been half a year since they met Noah, and she's changed their life enormously. At least his life anyway.

"Davish, Lets go already" Veemon called to his partner as they began to leave the room to go eat.

Davis smirked and followed, not saying much.

~Piximon's lair~

The pink furred digimon was watching threw a crystal ball, He watched with a smirk planted on his face.

"Maybe I can get rid of them now" he poundered aloud.

Behind him was the shilloet of LadyDevimon, She held a cage in her left hand.

"My Piximon" She began as she set the cage down, "He's awaken"

Piximon turned to the cage and floated towards it.

Inside was a black Demiveemon, his eyes were green. The creature looked horrified as Piximon approached.

"Weather you like it or not, your are going to get the sinful crests for me" He smirked evilly, "Beginning with my first crest, Wrath" He leaned the tip of the wand he was holding, at the end, there was a dangling necklace with a crest on it. The crest hand had a flame with a face in it.

The Demiveemon quickly grabbed the necklace and strapped it to his neck.

Suddenly the crest shined and the Demiveemon began to struggle in pain. After a moment, a bright light of Digivolution shined the darkened room.

In the cage now sat a very feminine young boy, his black hair draped over his head like a mop, some of it covering his right eye, his clothing was similar to Veemon's human clothing, a white T-shirt with rolled up sleeves and baggy black shorts. His Black Veemon ears, claws and tail remained on his humanoid like body. A yellow V on his forhead and yellow triangles under his eyes

His eyes remained green as he looked up to Piximon again.

"Let him out, he needs to find them" Piximon began to pet the creature's head, "Don't you Night?" he asked it as the human Veemon relaxed under the pet.

Piximon then turned back to the crystal ball, "And now to get rid of the two of them" he cackled to himself as he began a spell. "Lets avalanche? Oh a pit fall...ho yes...a pit fall and covered in snow..."

~Real world~

The next morning, The girls had gotten up early to try to learn the slopes. The guys got up a bit later and joined them.

Davis was eating breakfast in the restaurant inside the hotel with Veemon and Wormmon. Ken was coming down from the room and Tk had gotten up earlier.

"I love the snow, I wish it would snow every day" Veemon Explained to Wormmon as he ate a piece of toast.

Wormmon chuckled slightly, "only if you don't freeze first" he told Veemon who grumbled slightly.

Davis was simply listening to the two, downing a glass of milk as Ken came down and sat across from him.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to make sure I wouldn't freeze" Ken told Davis as he sat down. Ken looked to be wearing at least thee jackets on him.

Davis stared at him confused, "Cold?" he simply asked with a smirk.

Ken laughed and held up his hand to him, showing an inch of coldness. "Just a tad"

Davis smiled and leaned back in his chair, "I wanted to talk to you about something" he began as Ken sighed, resting his head on his palm.

"It's about Noah again isn't it?" Ken asked his friend.

Davis nodded softly, His mind was in thought, calculating. "Ken...What's it like to be in love?" he asked hushed, getting Veemon and Wormmon's attention.

Ken, seemingly surprised at Davis's question, remand silent for a moment. After a thought he looked up at his friend, "I wouldn't know personally, but I've heard that there are many signs of being in love" he began, sitting up and folding his arms, going into teaching mode. "Some believe that if you feel a connection when you look into the other person's eyes or you both have a moment of bliss while holding hands..." He went silent, not believing what he was saying. "But I think when you know you're in love with someone is when you see a future with them" This time he smiled, as if he had thought about this subject before.

Davis raised a brow at Ken, "A future? With the person?" he asked as Ken nodded once. "Have you seen a future with someone?" he asked His dark haired friend.

Ken instantly grew a pink shad over his cheeks, quickly covered by his hand, trying to make him look like he's thinking. "I...if you must know, I have..." He gulped and his blush went away, "But it's no one you know"

Davis smirked at Ken again, causing Ken to glare, "You don't know her, drop it"

Davis continued to smile to Ken, waiting for his friend to break or show some vulnerability to figure out who it was.

Ken huffed and glared at Davis, "I won't tell you...Not now anyway" Ken looked to the left for a moment, hoping that Davis would lighten up.

Davis nodded and sat back in his chair again. "Alright, but you'll tell me?" he asked as Ken nodded silently.

"Hey guys" Kari, Tk and Yolie walked over to their table. Yolie was the one who had called out to them. Hawkemon, Envy and Gatomon were walking on the ground as Patamon was placed on Tk's head as usual.

"Noah stayed out on the slope, she didn't want to stop snowboarding" Yolie explained as she sat next to Ken, who now had a glowing blush on his cheeks, Davis knowing who he had thought the future with.

Davis nodded and got up, "I'll get her down." he told them.

"Alright, be careful, the slopes are slippery out there" Kari told him with a smile as he walked out, patting Veemon's head as he went.

Davis walked out to the slop, a lift taking him to the top of the snowy hill. He quickly got on one alone so he could think for a few minutes.

Did he see a future with Noah?

Well, He knew for a fact that he could see saving the Veemons from their curses. He leaned back on the seat and thought quietly, shutting his eyes for a few minutes.

He saw a small apartment in the area where they currently lived, some where close to his parents. He could see his son, happily eating noodles with him and a blonde woman. He could see that the woman had an overgrown stomach, she was pregnant.

This suddenly caused Davis to Blush, Noah pregnant with his children?

He opened his eyes slowly, his blush not going away. He smiled, the thought made him happy and at peace.

So Ken was right then.

The top of the hill was full of trees and had people ready to go down the slop. Davis jumped off the lift and looked around for Noah. He found her, looking out towards the slop, two snowboards next to her.

Her blond hair was covered by a hat with flaps on them. She had a tight but slightly padded jacket, silver in color and black baggy snow pants and shoes. Black gloves over her hands to keep her warm and a white turtle neck under the jacket.

Davis walked up, He had his goggles on his head, a black turtle neck and a thick blue jacket over it. Dark blue baggy snow pants and black shoes.

He walked up to Noah and put his hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned and hugged him, "DAVIS" she happily yelled as they came in contact.

People around them were beginning to awe and respond to the couple. Davis hugged her and allowed her to pull away from him happily. "I knew you would come up here to get me" she smiled and handed him the second board, "That's why I brought one for you too" she giggled happily to him.

Davis smiled, "Thanks" he told her, taking the board from her. "Um..Noah I have to tell you something..." he began lowly as she got on her board, ready to go down.

"Can it wait? I want to slide down together if that's okay" she asked him.

He thought and shrugged, When they get to the bottom he can tell her that he's in love with her. "Alright...I guess" he shrugged. "What could go wrong?" he asked himself as he strapped the snowboard on his feet and stood next to her.

"Ready?" she asked with a smile. Davis brought his goggles to his eyes.

"Ready" he answered as they both took off down the slope.

As they made it down, Davis noticed, close to the center of the hill, was an indention. As they arrived to the center, they both fell downwards into a ice hole.

Noah began to scream as Davis reached for her. As they got closer to the darkness, she grabbed his arm and they held on to each other till Davis hit the ground, a sharp pain coarse his body, knocking him unconscious instantly.

A sharp Scream of his name came from Noah, who had landed on top of him.

End of chapter 19

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