Chapter 1: Accidental Meeting

Sakura tapped her fingers impatiently on the wooden surface of the desk she was sitting at. The teacher was mentioning something about Finals which were in the next week, but all she could think about was the bell ringing.

Come on, come on…only three more minutes of this boring hell…

"Oh, and another thing, if you fail Finals you will not be graduating…".Sakura tuned out the teacher's voice again as the bell rang.

"Make sure you study!" he called as his students made a break for the door. Sakura stuffed her textbooks into her book bag as fast as she could so she could meet Hinata outside the classroom.


A boy with spiky brown hair pulled up into a ponytail lay face down on his desk, sleeping. Sakura tapped him on the head.

"Don't waste your time." Said a voice behind her. She turned around. A black haired boy stood next to a boy with blonde hair and big, blue eyes.

"Hey Sasuke…and Naruto." She said, and shrugged at Shikamaru.

"Don't worry 'bout him Sakura-chan, the janitor will make sure he leaves before they close the school tonight." Said Naruto, grinning.

"Sakura, are you ready?" said a voice timidly from the door way. It was Hinata. Sakura walked to the door with them and the two girls parted with the two boys outside in the crowded hallway.

"Are you going to study?" asked Hinata. Sakura sighed.

"Oh, probably not." She replied. Hinata raised an eyebrow.

"So I guess being stuck in your senior year isn't that bad then…"

Sakura grimaced.

"I think I'll study."

It was 4:30. Hinata had left with her cousin, Neji, and his girlfriend. Sakura was now alone in the corridors of the school. She hated being alone, since she was always alone at home. Sakura had to stop by Room 302 for a detention and was on her way to the front desk to hand in her completion slip.

As she was nearing, she noticed that a rather tall boy with bright red hair was leaning on the counter. He had a pale complexion. He was wearing all black and there was an obvious assortment of chains attached to his pants. Sakura sat down on a lobby chair and waited for him to leave.

"…Turn this in tomorrow morning in order for the transfer request to be validated."

Sakura heard him reply, but she wasn't paying attention to what he said. She was noticing how nice his voice sounded.

"Alright?" she heard the lady say.


Sakura watched in interest when he turned around. His features were striking, but uniquely attractive. He had aquamarine colored eyes. Sakura could tell he had insomnia, or something, because he had dark circles under and around his eyes. He also had no eyebrows, which Sakura thought was weird, but it had no effect on the rest of his face, he still looked fine.

"What are you staring at?"

Sakura blinked. The red-haired boy was standing a little ways away from her. He stared at her for a second while she stared back until she found her voice.

"Oh, s-sorry, I spaced out…" she said and tried her hardest not to stutter, but it happened anyways. She always stuttered when she was embarrassed. He grunted in annoyance and walked away.

Sakura gazed after him as he walked out front doors.

He's really cute…

The next morning, Sakura ran into him again. He was at the front desk again, trying to hand the lady a crumpled piece of paper. Sakura stood by the water fountain and stared at him when he walked past her. He glanced at her, but kept walking.


Sakura turned her head away from the boy's retreating figure. She could still hear the chains clinking together on his pants. Hinata pranced towards her.

"Ohayo Hinata."

"Do you know that boy?" inquired Hinata.

"Um…I don't think so, no…" said Sakura, scratching her head.

"Hmm…he must be transferring here or something, because he was walking around in the halls the other day."

"Do you think so? Really?"

Sakura immediately regretted saying that with so much enthusiasm because Hinata smiled.

"You like him, don't you?"

"Pfft, whatever made you think that?" Sakura said, but her blush gave her thoughts away. Hinata smiled but kept quiet.