The Writing On This Story Started October 24, 2002 Thursday. I decided to repost it.

Disclaimer: None of these characters belong to me.

WARNING: Corporal Punishment and violence in some chapters.

Angel - Brought Back Home

Chapter 1

Angel walked through L.A. thinking about his son. He'd thrown him out of his house, and after what Connor had done to him, locking him in a metal box and tossing him into the sea, where he'd been found three months later, it had been a terrible thing for Connor to do. Still he had so many thoughts on it, so many emotions and doubts. He knew it was up to Connor now to decide what he wanted to do. That's why even though right now his son was living on the streets, he regularly checked up on him, making sure he was safe. He couldn't force Connor to accept him, he'd finally realized.

It nearly broke his unbeating heart to think of how all of this had started. He'd done many horrendous things before his soul had been restored to him. But there was nothing he could do about any of that now.

He still loved Connor, but Connor was going to have to try to meet him halfway if there was any chance of things ever working out between them.

He suddenly heard footsteps come up behind him. He knew immediately who it was.

"Hello Connor." He turned, to look at him.

"Hello… Angel." It was the first time Connor had called him that. He usually called him Angelus.

"Come to try to kill me again? Or to try some other torture on me perhaps?"

Connor's eyes flickered a moment then became ice. "No. But I want to know."

"Just what is it that you want to know Connor?"

Angel saw what seemed to be like an internal struggle within him for a moment before he finally said it. "Everything."

Fred and Gunn were out. Lorne was asleep. They went upstairs and sat down in Angel's room.

"So where should I start Connor?"

"In the very beginning. Far back as you can remember."

"That could take days."

"I have the time."

Angel talked and talked, Connor listening intently, and sometimes asking questions. Angel went over his upbringing, how he'd become a vampire, the things he'd done. How he'd gotten his soul returned to him. How it felt getting his soul back and feeling all the remorse of the things he'd done. How Darla had somehow become pregnant with him. How she'd killed herself to save him because he was dying inside of her and that by becoming dust he had been left spared. He went over how Holtz had kidnapped Connor to get revenge on what he'd done to his family and everything else that had happened between then and now. It did in fact take days to go over it all. A week in fact, off and on between needed sleep and every day activities, but the others left them alone.

When Angel had finally finished Connor sat very still as if thinking. "Do you believe me Connor?"

"I… I don't know."

"Connor, all I really want is a chance for us. We can't go back, but we can go forward. Even if you don't want me as a father, I am your father. You don't have to think of me as one, but isn't living here better than being out on the streets?"

Connor looked at him, his eyes suddenly cold. He said nothing, just got up and left. Angel sighed sadly.

Angel didn't see or hear from Connor again till three days later. Connor had gotten picked up by the cops for messing up someone's property. Not wanting to get stuck in jail he reluctantly called Angel, who came down and bailed him out. Angel also had a long talk with the officers, who said that if Connor weren't kept under control, he'd have to be put in foster care or a juvenile detention center. Angel said he understood and firmly took hold of Connor's arm leading him out after paying for bail.

"I am NOT going home with you," snarled Connor.

"Oh yes you are. It's either this or you get locked up. Do you want that? I won't let that happen to you Connor. You won't learn anything that way."

Connor fought hard to get away and almost succeeded, but Angel managed to pin both arms behind his back and marched him firmly into the hotel where he lived and upstairs.

To Be Continued…