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Zoey walked out of her house and walked down the driveway to get the mail. Dustin was playing with the kids from down the street in the front yard. She looked through the mail for a letter from one of her friends from PCA. There was a Letter that was addressed to her and Dustin and it came from PCA. She opened it and it read:

Dear PCA students,

I am sorry to say that there was a fire at PCA over the summer that took out almost all of the campous and it will take more than the school year to build again so there will be no students attending PCA this year. We have took the liberty of assigning all the students schedualed to attend PCA this year to a diffrent school.

Your School is: Atlantic Coast Acadame

We are sorry for the change and we hope that the school will be opened next year to all of our students that will be coming back.

Dean Rivers

Zoey was in shock. Dustin saw this and walked over to her.

"Zo, whats wrong? Did somebody die?" Dustin asked worried.

"No, but PCA Burned down." Zoey said.

"What?" Dustin yelled.

"Yeah and now we have to go to a school called Atlantic Coast Acadmey." Zoey said sadly.

"Well our friends could be going there too." Dustin said trying to raise Zoeys spirits.

"Yeah im going to call Chase and the rest of the gang right now." Zoey said smiling and running up into her house. She jumped over the couch and ran up to her room and grabbed her techmate and called Chase.

"Hello?" His voice said. He sounded sad.

"I guess you heard the news hun?" Zoey said.

"Zo? Yeah PCA is no more." Chase said.

"Yeah but I have a question." Zoey said.

"What?" Chase asked.

"What school are you going to?" Zoey asked begging god to let them be at the same school.

"Atlantic Coast Academy and so is Michael and Logan." Chase said. Zoey screamed. "Gosh Zo if you wanted me to go death you could have just told me."

"Sorry Chase but thats where Dustin and I are going to!" Zoey said excited.

"Cool what about Nicole and Quinn?" Chase said happly.

"I dont know but I will call them and ask." Zoey said as her computer said that she had a new email."Hold on I got a new email."

"From who?" Chase asked worried that it would be some guy.

"Boy are you nosy or what?" Zoey laughed into the phone. She opened it and saw that it was from Nicoles screen name, Obssessed-With-boys-88

Dear Zoey,

OMG I cant believe it! PCA burned down! I have to go to a stupid new school called Atlantic Coast Academy! I dont want to go what if im not with the gang! What school are you going to?


"I was Nicole and she is going to the same school too." Zoey said. She typed that she was going to the same school as her too along with the rest of the gang.

"Zo is it just me or does that school seem familiar?" Chase asked.

"Yeah but I dont know why." Zoey said thinking hard. She ingnored the new email that popped up on her screen.

"Wait isnt that where Dana goes?" Chase asked.

"Oh yeah that is where she goes! You think we will see her there?" Zoey asked.

"Yeah I hope so. I know she scared the crap out of me but she is still funny." Chase said.

"What do you know about ACA?" Zoey asked.

"Well my cusion goes there and she says that it is really cool and thats how I knew about Dana going there." Chase said. Zoey looked at her email and it was Quinn. She read it and it turns out that she is going to East Coast Academy.

"Chase, Quinn isnt going." Zoey said sadly into the phone.

"Well it was really unlikley that all of us would get put in the same place, but hey we get to see Dana again." Chase said.

"Yeah who get's to tell Logan?" Zoey said smiling.

"I want to!" They both said at the same time.

"We can 3 way him." Chase said.

"Ok." Zoey said. Chase diled the number and Logan picked up.

"What Chase?" Logan asked annoyed.

"Hey Logan." Zoey said.

"Zoey what are you doing on Chases phone?" Logan asked.

"Were 3 waying you." Chase said.

"Ok why?" Logan asked.

"Because we both wanted to tell you that the school that everyone except Quinn is going to has a very special friend of yours at it." Zoey said.

"Really who?" Logan asked.

"Dana!" They said at the same time.

"She does? She is?" Logan said excitedly.

"Do you like her or something?" Chase asked smirking.

"No. Got to go bye." Logan said hanging up.

"Well same here my mom wants me for dinner." Chase said.

"Ok well see you at our new home. bye." Zoey said hanging up. She thought about how much things were going to change and how much Dana has changed. The emails that Dana and Zoey has shared have told Zoey that Dana has become a diffrent person. She has become a lot nicer, she has become one of the popular kids at the school not because people were afraid of her but how she was nice now. But she is still the Danger Cruz that the gang all knew and loved. In her last email she told Zoey that she punched a girl named Jazmyne in the nose becasue she pissed her off.

"This might be cool." Zoey thought as she went downstairs to show her parents the letter.

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