I thank all of you for reviewing, even though this story sucked. In my opinion this was the worst story I have EVER written. I had so many random ideas in here that I didnt even use. Like the paint war and Carly and Mike's date. I just put together all of the ideas that I had in my head at the time down, Im really happy that you guys liked it. I wish It could have been better, but what can I do about that now.

I dont really have any ideas for a sequal. If you give me one that I like I can proble do something with it but it might take a while.

And Im really sorry for not updating like any of my stories. I have a case of never ending writers block. Im really sorry for that. Im trying to update 'I Know This Is Wrong' and 'Business Of Misery'.

And I think that im probley one of the stupidest people alive because on the title of that story, I spelt Business wrong. I was cracking up about that. I cant spell like at all. LMAO!

Well, anyway. Thanks for reading this story.

Much Love,

Presley aka Fob-session-DL-Freak