Epilogue people, it's finally over. I started this story three years ago when I was 16, and one hell of a bad writer, originally co-authored by a friend of mine. THAT didn't work out, and the tone changes from gag like to serious around…chapter 10 I think…regardless, it was a fun run writing this fic, and it wont be my last, but I'm a man who changes his mind to often, and this was back during my "OMGZ ZELDA IZ AWZOME XP!" stage. I grew out of that fanboyizm and re-approached it more analytically. Enough of my rambling, I'll do that after the ending, be warned, endings aren't my forte, so if it's to bland for your liking…tough luck I aint redoing it :D

Epilogue: Always Remembered

The next year went in a flash. Zelda and Link had married, and much to Links surprise, Zelda gave birth to a daughter, named Marilith. But more of a shock was Malon having a child, a boy, then named Rekka, after Onis shadow. No one knew what happened to Tatl.

Only Malon knew the truth behind her child's birth, Onis child. Both their children were living normally.

But five years went by before Malon noticed something odd. Rekka, although he still acted normal, seemed to have taken a liking to swinging sticks like they were swords, but not normal sticks, big ones. Those that would be equivalent to wielding a giant sword. One day, Malon confronted her son.

"Rekka, come here for a moment,"

"Okay!" Rekka, Link noticed, actually looked much like him as a child; seeing as he was the child of Oni, it was to be expected, but he inherited his mothers hair. "What is it mom?"

Malon looked to her son with sad eyes, "Why are you swinging those branches so much."

Rekka looked to his mom with honest eyes, "I'm practicing."

Malon looked with confusion, "Practicing, for what?"

Rekka looked excited, "It's part of my…what's the word…deestany?"

Malon knew the word, "You mean destiny?"

Rekka smiled, "Yea that! That's what it's for!"

Malon didn't get it, "What destiny?"

Rekkas eyes shone with a wisdom Malon didn't think possible for one his age, "I've been dreaming…of dad." Malon held a gasp, "He looks happy and sad at the same time. He's happy we've made a good life…but sad that he wasn't here." Malon didn't say anything, she kept listening, "I don't remember everything he said, but he said I would grow up to be a protector like him, he also said not to be sad that he's gone and that he loves you."

Malon fell to her knees and hugged her son, "Mom, are you okay?"

Malon was crying as she held her son, "Yes…I'm okay…I love you Rekka."

Rekka hugged his mother back, "I love you too mom."

Tatl flew through the forest, where she was she didn't know, but she kept on flying not caring where she ended up.

Tatl came to a stop as she beheld a great fairy fountain, but it was empty. "Is anyone here?"


Tatl looked around, "Who's there?"

"…We are the land around you…"

"What is it you want?"

"We have no guardian…no friend…alone…"

Tatl flew into the center of the empty fountain, "I'll help you, and I'll stay here for you."


Tatl nodded, "Of course, I wont leave you alone, no matter what."

"…fly…into the water…"

Tatl didn't hesitate to fly into the water as she was surrounded by a bright flash. When the light faded she had arms, and legs, and a body, all colored a light blue, with a darker blue gown flowing around her.

"I'm a…"

"You are our friend, out guardian, our protector."

Tatl had become a great fairy, "Are you watching over me Koizu? I wont forget you, or your love…I'll never forget you."

Oni stood in the sacred realm, watching over life no longer influenced by him or his rivals.

"Are you happy brother?"

"You can go back to them."

"We can allow it."

"The Hero broke the chain."

"You created a new chain."

"You can live again."

Oni shook his head, "No, I'm not going back to them if it means overshadowing my son. I've lived a long life…a long, long life. I'm tired. And I'm no longer needed, nor is my power, it only brings trouble. Let the heroes come naturally sisters; even the smallest of children can grow to be an honorable man." Oni walked towards the endless nothing.

"Are you sure brother?"


"Really sure?"

Oni began to fade, "I've made my peace with life and had a fun life. Heal the wounded, cure the sick, let the dying die. I'll see you in the afterlife sisters. Make sure my family lives peacefully, that's my true wish." Oni faded away.

"We can easily abide your wish brother."

"We shall do this not because you ask."

"But because we love you."

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