"Wot we done was wrong."

Pintel blinked and looked over at Ragetti, cocking an eyebrow.

The two of them were on deck, leaning against the railing as they looked out at the ocean.

Ragetti looked utterly miserable but then again, he had just been forced to watch one of his two only friends on this ship get tied by his bootstraps to a cannon and then get thrown overboard.

"Bootstrap was one o' me mates." Ragetti continued. "'e were goin' ta teach me 'ow ta read tha' Bible 'e gave me."

"'e was a stupid git!" Pintel snorted softly. "Ye don' go aroun' an' tell Barbossa tha' ye don' loik 'ow 'e is runnin' thin's aroun' 'ere! Look wot 'e did ta ole Jack!"

Ragetti was silent and he sniffled softly as he rubbed his wooden eye sullenly.

"Stop rubbin' et!" Pintel admonished him. "Et will only git worse when ye do tha'!"


"An' don' tell the others wot ye done tol' me, savvy? Barbossa would 'ave ye torn limb from limb an' 'ave yer body all o'er this 'ere ship fer decoration!"

Ragetti was silent and he shook his head slightly as he folded his arms on the railing and then rested his chin on his hands.

"If 'e did tha' I would still be 'ere, Pinters."


"We can' die rememba'?"


"So tha' means Bootstrap aint dead neither."

Pintel arched an eyebrow at the tone in Ragetti's voice.

"Aye?" he asked gently.

"So 'e aint dead! 'e's stuck down there tied ta a bloody cannon!" Ragetti cried out.

Pintel shuddered at the image put into his head and Ragetti nodded in agreement.

"I wouldn' wish tha' on anyone." He said.

Pintel looked down at the miserable Ragetti for a moment in thought before an idea suddenly came to him.

"Well, we're goin' ta break this curse, aye?" he asked slyly.

"Aye?" Ragetti asked, looking up in confusion now.

"So…wot do ye say ta ye an' me makin' a liddle deal o' our own?"

"Wot kind o' deal?" Pintel smiled and he wrapped an arm around his shoulders.

"Tha' we do this fer ole Bootstrap! Once we break this 'ere curse, then 'e kin finally die in peace, savvy?"

Ragetti thought about this but he soon smiled and nodded happily at the plan.

"Aye, we kin be loik the Angel wot le's people die when et's their toime!"

Pintel smiled at Ragetti's change and he nodded, patting him on the back as he kissed his temple lightly.

"Fer Bootstrap then?" he asked, holding out a hand.

"Fer Bootstrap!"

They clasped hands then and shook on it, determined to break the curse so that their friend could finally find peace.