Written by Twilightvampire17

Heres another about my best friend, and my x-best friend she broke his heart as you'll soon see. and I guess you'll also see that I'm in love with him.

The Perfect Guy

"He loved you,

I hope you know,

his feelings,

he let them show.

I hope you never,

catch another stare,

from him ever again,

For that would mean he still might care.

You broke his heart,

split it in two,

now he's sad,

all because of you.

And everytime he asks why?

what can I do?

the truth..or tell a lie?

You two were so,

perfect together,

but this is what happens when forever really means for-never.

Your in his dreams,

and in his thoughts even if him,

you've already forgot.

You missed your chance,

you won't get another try,

and I hope you soon realize,

that he was the perfect guy."