Forbidden Love

This idea screamed at me right after I watched the episode "The Music Villain", where Zadavia seemed to favour Tech out of all the Loonatics when she picked him to go with her to the concert. I don't normally support a Zadavia and Tech pairing as I'm not really into pairings between different species, but I felt this idea was too good to ignore! So here, I'll be exploring the possibility of a Zadavia and Tech romance, or 'forbidden' romance should I say!

Zadavia and the Loonatics are the property of WB!

Chapter 1

Zadavia sat cross-legged in her levitating armchair, protected and hidden, but isolated from the outside world in her underwater headquarters. She had become accustomed to the perpetual silence around her, save only for when the occasional emergency transmission or danger alert came to her attention on the computer screens. Then she would contact her trusted defenders the Loonatics to warn them of the problem. They would be dispatched to solve it soon after. That was how her life ran now, a drastic change from her days as royalty on her home planet of Freleng. She now concerned herself with the protection of her new adopted home: Acmetropolis, Earth. She would not fail this world as she had her home world. No harm would befall it and its inhabitants as long as she was there, she swore it. It was her duty to keep this world safe now, hers and the Loonatics'! The Loonatics, Ace, Lexi, Duck, Slam, Rev and Tech. They were her closest confidants and 'friends' from Acmetropolis now. Yes, even Duck with his nerve-grating personality she managed to consider a friend! She trusted them with her life, and they trusted her the same in return. Something she valued beyond measure, considering how she had been let down by so many back on Freleng: Deuce, Rupes Oberon, and her brother, Optimatus. The Loonatics were her dearest allies, no, 'friends' now. She cared for them all immeasurably as she knew they did for her as well. But despite this, Zadavia was still often alone. Alone in her underwater base, alone in the responsibilities and emotional hardships she bared. She could not let that bother her in her duties though, so she remained strong and composed always, on the outside at least. They would be arriving soon. Tech had contacted her earlier today to consult her for further information on a matter of potential importance. Pleased to see Tech's focused, reliable, trustworthy and intelligent face, she had invited the Loonatics to drop by at her underwater base to talk more. It was nearly time. She awaited their arrival patiently.

As soon as they entered her main control room, Zadavia greeted the Loonatics warmly, though somewhat formally as always. Being raised as royalty in Freleng had left her with a formal demeanour in how she addressed anyone, even her dearest ones.

"Welcome Loonatics."

"'ey Zadavia, how's life under the sea being lately?" Ace jovially greeted.

"Quiet." Zadavia answered simply but truthfully.

"Must be nice having all this peace and tranquillity to yourself boss-lady," Duck outspokenly commented, "no annoying room mates to crowd your space or give you a headache!"

Duck briefly glared at his team mates to emphasise his point. Ace and Lexi just crossed their arms and returned an unconcerned look back at the complaining mallard.

"So what is it that has come to your attention Tech?" Zadavia inquired, bringing the focus back onto more important matters.

Zadavia looked to Tech. A slight look of concern hung in the coyote's features, though he was trying not to make it obvious. But Zadavia could tell that he was unsettled, and if something was worrying Tech, then that something would soon be worrying her also. Tech was never wrong in his judgements, she was confident of that. He was one of the most reliable of the Loonatics. He had never let her down, in words or deeds, yet.

"I've been doing some digging into animal studies conducted by Dr. Matthew Wilde from the Acme Tech zoology studies department." Tech began.

The coyote brought up a hologram image of Dr. Wilde from a portable projector device he had brought with him. Other pages of information followed after the image as Tech continued.

"He recently publicly announced what seemed like an astounding breakthrough in animal-human communication efforts, with a demonstration involving a verbalising wild chimpanzee!"

Rev interrupted. "A-talking-chimp!-Now-there's-something-you-don't-see-every-day!-Do-chimps-even-have-a-voicebox-like-us?-I-mean-they-are-quite-smart-creatures-but-not-that-smart-mmph!"

Tech had clamped Rev's beak shut. "As Rev points out, chimps aren't naturally supposed to have the vocal facilities to produce the same phonemic sounds as humans do in speech, nor have they ever before being shown to possess the level of linguistic cognitive capacity that humans have in order to learn a spoken language. A talking chimp is just too impossible a phenomenon! I mean, I normally welcome new advancements in our understanding of any science, but this strikes me as suspicious."

"C'mon Tech, look at us! We're walking, talking animals too!" Lexi pointed out. "Is it so hard to believe that our wild cousins can't learn to be the same?"

"Not like this Lexi." Tech replied. "Feral animals are still distantly separated in evolutionary terms from us anthropomorphs. They still maintain primal and instinctual survival behaviours and their physiologies remain pretty much the same as their ancestors. They haven't developed to a stage yet where they can be considered anthropomorphic. There's gotta be something else going on with Dr. Wilde's research animals that no-one knows yet."

"So what do you suspect is really going on then Tech?" Zadavia asked, listening to everything he was saying intently.

"I did some hacking into Dr. Wilde's university databases and discovered some odd, unknown chemicals that he's been ordering in from mysterious sources overseas. If we could find out more about those chemicals, it might shed some answers on what he's really been up to with his animal research."

Duck scoffed. "I still think you're just being paranoid Tech. For cryin' out loud, it's just a talking chimp!"

"Which is perhaps evidence of something sinister and illegal going on if I'm right!" Tech retorted as he switched off his hologram projector device.

Zadavia raised a hand to her chin in thought for a moment.

"Tech, I believe your suspicions may have some grounding. See what else you can find out about Dr. Wilde's research, search his work place if you think necessary. We must make certain that he is doing no harm to his animals or engaging in any illegal activities."

"Will do Zadavia." Tech obediently responded.

Duck glared at Tech. "Teacher's pet! She always trusts everything he says!" he muttered.

"Proceed cautiously Loonatics." Zadavia warned.

"Righty-o gang, let's jet!" Ace called to his fellows.

Ace, Lexi, Duck, Slam and Rev headed out of Zadavia's main control room. Tech turned to Zadavia.

"Thanks for believing me Zadavia," he said appreciatively, "the others didn't."

Zadavia gave a rare smile to the coyote. "I trust you Tech." she said.

Tech returned her smile and headed out to join his team mates. Zadavia looked on at him as he ran out of the room. Indeed, she trusted him whole-heartedly.