This is the final chapter readers! Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read this story! My inner Techdavia shipper has been satisfied from writing this.

Chapter 7

When he slowly opened his eyes again, Tech found himself looking up at a white ceiling, lying on a bed. He was back in the medical room of Zadavia's underwater base. Ace, Lexi and Rev's faces appeared in his line of vision. They looked down on him with relieved smiles.

"Good morning sleepy head!" Lexi joked.

"How-ya-feelin'-Tech-ole-buddy?" Rev asked.

Tech sat up in his bed and rubbed the fur on the back of his head. Fur! He had fur again! He immediately looked to the reflective metal wall beside him. He was welcomed by the familiar sight of his old, naturally light brown coyote form once again.

"Wilde?" he suddenly questioned.

"In custody," answered Ace, "and all the animals he had been experimenting on are being taken proper care of now."

"So it looks like everything's finally back to normal then." Lexi commented.

Tech looked away from his team mates, his thoughts wondering to someone else.

"Almost everything." he mumbled.

Some time later, Zadavia was sitting on her bed, looking out her window at the sea life swimming past when she heard a light knock on her bedroom door.

"Enter." Zadavia called.

Tech walked in, back in his regular black and green uniform.

"Tech…I trust you are feeling…better?" Zadavia politely asked.

"Mostly." Tech replied. "And how about you?"

"I am…" Zadavia didn't finish her utterance.

There was a short silence between them then. Their eyes looked elsewhere, avoiding each others' gazes. At length, Zadavia resumed speaking again.

"Tech, there's something…I wanted to tell you," she began, "about how I felt when you were…"

Tech lay a green finger upon Zadavia's lips, halting her from saying any more.

"I know," Tech said in a soft, understanding tone, "but we are what we are. Appearances will not change that."

Zadavia looked deep into his familiar lime-green eyes, the eyes of the man she had fallen in love with, now within the body of a coyote. She searched for comfort buried within those vibrant eyes.

"Remember what I said before? You're never alone. I'll always be here for you Zadavia, whenever you need me," Tech assured, "as a close friend."

Tech then leaned forward and embraced Zadavia in a hug. Zadavia hugged him back tightly, not wanting to ever let him go. But eventually they parted, and Tech promptly turned away from Zadavia as he left her bedroom. She didn't need to see the mournful expression on his face. He would spare her that. But as he exited her room, he didn't see Zadavia's hand reaching out to him needfully, or the closing of her fingers as she sought to gain some control over her emotions, or the glistening tear that slid down her cheek, the distillation of her heart break.

The End.