Sool had been waiting a long time to get his revenge. Now it was time to act. Every time he thought of getting rid of Haven and the people that had fired him, he got a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Suddenly he snapped back to reality when a pixie came up to him and nervously said, "Boss?"

"What?" Sool snapped annoyed at being disturbed from his revengeful thoughts.

The poor pixie cringed, "The jammer is in place, except for that small corner you said to leave bare."

Sool nodded, a rare smile starting on his face. "Good activate it and then start bringing down the 'weapons'.

The pixie nodded and scurried off thankfully.

2 minutes later and the 'weapons' were being unloaded. Sool rubbed his hands together.

Now the revenge is beginning. he thought gleefully.