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Chapter 14: Going Home

"And another thing," Holly said. "I'm your best friend, why couldn't you at least tell me?"

Artemis sighed; she had been on his case for almost fifteen minutes. They were in Holly's apartment. Everyone else knew how angry Holly was at Artemis and had wisely stayed at Section 8 for the time being.

Artemis thought of the last three hours. Sool and his followers had been jailed and everyone had gone to Section 8. Foaly had been surprised at the ease of this mission to which Mulch replied, "Yeah next time you can do it all by yourself." Foaly had started praising them after that. Jack still was always at Holly's side a fact that annoyed Artemis to no ends. Holly and Artemis had left for Holly's apartment maybe 2 ½ hours after they had gotten back from Koboi labs.

Artemis sighed again; He had just helped save the world, now his best friend was yelling at him.

"Artemis... Artemis? Have you been listening to anything I've been saying?" Holly's voice cut through his thoughts.

"What?" He asked looking up at her.

Holly groaned, "I said, why didn't you tell us about your discovery? You usually like to gloat when you find something Foaly's missed."

Artemis turned red, this was the question he'd been dreading. He didn't want to tell Holly that the reason he hadn't told them was that he had been in a bad mood. A bad mood at seeing his cousin and best friend getting along. He could always lie, but Artemis didn't want to lie to Holly, he suspected if he did he'd feel ten times as guilty as when he'd lied to his mother.

"Well?" Holly asked again.

Artemis decided to tell her the truth; he'd be leaving for the surface in the morning anyway.

"Well I didn't tell anyone because I was in a bad mood." He said.

Holly raised an eyebrow and he continued, "I was in a bad mood because I saw how well you and Jack were getting along."

Holly's eyes widened. "You were jealous of Jack? Why?" She asked though she thought she knew the answer.

Does he like me, or something? Holly thought.

Artemis turned redder, "Well I was jealous because... uh..." He sighed, "I don't think I can tell you, but maybe I can show you."

He leaned close to Holly and kissed her gently on the lips. He broke away unwillingly in a few seconds, expecting to get a tornado of Holly's anger thrust upon him. It would be a shame that she'd probably hate him for kissing her. Kissing her had felt so good. So right.

Instead she looked surprised and then started to smile. She didn't say anything, just leaned in and kissed him back.

Artemis was startled at first but then started to kiss her in return. They broke away and just looked at each other smiling. Of course a moment like that would have to be ruined. In this case it was a knock at the front door.

Holly went and unlocked the door. Juliet came in. She took one look at Holly and Artemis's smiling faces and grinned.

"I guess you two made up." She said looking from one to the other.

"You could say that." Artemis said.

In the morning as soon as everyone was awake, Foaly announced that a shuttle would be waiting to take the humans home. They should get back before Jack's parents started to worry and send rangers looking for the 'campers'. Jack was very disappointed but cheered up when he was informed that the People had decided not to wipe his mind.

"Bye Butler." Said Holly hugging the giant.

"Be seeing you Holly." Butler said before turning to say goodbye to Mulch.

Holly had already said goodbye to Jack and Juliet so she and Artemis walked a little ways away to say a private goodbye. Well as private as you can get with three humans, a dwarf and a centaur less than ten meters away.

"Until the next crises." Holly said.

Artemis laughed, "You always say that. You could just visit. I believe mother, father and the twins will go to Italy in the fall. I'm sure I could get out of going."

Holly laughed, "I'll talk to you soon ok?"

Artemis nodded. "I'm looking forward to it. But don't call until day-after-tomorrow, I believe I'll have to catch up with my aunt and uncle. Or better yet don't call me, I'll call you."

Holly nodded and looked at the others. They were all talking amongst themselves. She stood on tiptoes and kissed Artemis once on the lips. He returned the kiss before they rejoined the others.

Jack watched Artemis and Holly walk a little ways away from the group. He watched as they laughed at something, then to his utter shock he saw Holly kiss Artemis on the lips. What was even more shocking was that Artemis kissed her back.

They joined the others then and he felt he must have been goggling at them because Juliet stepped on his foot and whispered, "Stop it Jack, you'll make the others suspicious. Artemis and Holly will tell the them when they feel like it."

"You know?" he whispered back.

"Yeah, I was the one that told Artemis that he should tell her."

"But Artemis barely has friends," Jack said. "How could he fall in love with a girl? Especially an elf."

Juliet grinned evilly, "Well you kind of did, didn't you?"

"What are you two whispering about?" Mulch asked.

"Nothing." Jack and Juliet said in unison as everyone turned to look at them.

"It's time to go up." Foaly said. "Keep in touch, ok?"

The humans nodded and went into the shuttle.

Half an hour later they arrived at the surface. They all went over to the Fowl Bentley that had been parked in a part of the shuttle port and got in. This time Artemis actually engaged in a conversation with Jack.

He interrupted himself as they pulled up in the driveway to say, "Ok what's our story? Why did we come back early?"

"We ran out of supplies." Butler said, "And we missed the twins."

As if they had been listening and waiting, Benjamin and Nicholas ran out of the house shouting.

Now the summer really begins. Thought Artemis. But this time he thought it he was smiling.

The End

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