What You Do To Me

The lights were on, and the curtains were drawn, yet it was still light outside. But Juliet knew what she would see if the curtains were drawn back. Him. Watching her from his own house, a forlorn look on his face, disguising the true evil that he was. She paced the house anxiously. He had been expecting her for dinner that night. He would be angry that she hadn't came. Again. It wasn't her fault, she couldn't sit there anymore, pretending things were fine between the two of them. As if Goodwin didn't exist. She couldn't play that game anymore.

That night she was supposed to be seeing Goodwin. A bit pointless really because they both knew he would interrupt her and Goodwin. He was always there, ruining her life. Telling her that if he couldn't have her, no one else could. He would stare at her, looking through her thin robe, knowing all to well what she and Goodwin were doing. He could see right through her in a way that no other man could. Even clothes weren't a protection from him.

Juliet wasn't normally a violent person, but when he was there at that moment, leaning casually against the doorframe, a smirk on his face she wanted to do nothing more than punch him. But of course, that wouldn't bother him. He was willing her to do it with his eyes, telling her to punch him. He knew that if she did that, then she would have to tell Goodwin everything. Goodwin. He never seemed to understand or even realise what was going on between her and his boss then, as they had conversations without words. Of course Goodwin wasn't as clever as his boss. No one was. The man was a genius. An evil genius.

It annoyed Goodwin every time his boss turned up on his doorstep. Yet he took it all with a pinch of salt and a smile and listened to everything his boss had to say even if it was complete rubbish, not realising that she was standing, fuming behind him. Finally when she got sick of his smirk she would tell him to leave it and then almost slam the door on his face. Then it should have just been her and Goodwin. But he would show up every night, more than once.

She sunk back onto her sofa, opposite the curtains. She had no doubt that he was there, now, watching her, wondering why she hadn't showed up for dinner yet. It was quarter past eight. The meal would be there, still warm, straight from the oven, deliciously mouth watering. He was a very good cook. In fact he was probably the only man on the island who could actually cook something. Goodwin could make pasta. But that didn't really count.

She walked absentmindedly over to her mirror, brushing her blonde hair with her fingers, before pulling a face and slumping back on the sofa. Things hadn't always been like this between the two of them. They had been friends…lovers. She had once enjoyed his company, his laugh, the private jokes they shared. The kisses. The love making.

But she had Goodwin now. Someone who let her be own her person. Goodwin would have let her leave the island. Goodwin knew that the work they were doing was pointless. Goodwin wasn't a controlling egomaniac. Goodwin was… just Goodwin.

She wandered into the kitchen and made herself a sandwich; she was barely hungry, she ate it to have something to do. She wondered what he would do with the food he had made. Would he throw it away? Or would he eat it himself?

He had been making it that afternoon, she could smell it when she stepped outside to talk to Adam, about the next book club meeting. It had wafted its way out of the open window, tantalizing and delicious. Adam had commented on it, and she had realised that she was supposed to be eating it. She had looked over at his house and had been surprised to see him there. Watching her, a look of malevolence on his face, eyes narrowed, mouth pressed tightly together. She had no idea how long he had been standing there, but it made her uncomfortable, knowing that he was watching her. It had scared her slightly, so she had made her excuses and rushed back into the house.

When she had gone to draw on the curtains he was still watching, his eyes locking onto hers, looking deeper then anyone else could. She had quickly pulled the curtains on, and then she had fallen to the ground. Crying.

She wouldn't be surprised if he knew. He seemed to know everything about her, every memory, fear, every sensitive spot. He'd managed to ruin their amazing relationship, out of selfishness and greed. He couldn't let her go home and be with her sister. Who was probably dead now. The thought bought tears to her eyes. He had never shown any sign of keeping his part of the deal. Instead she had been here for 2 years, always wondering what had happened to her sister.

She wiped the tears away. She had cried enough today. Goodwin was expecting her later, but she didn't want to go if he was just going to follow. She couldn't leave the front door without him seeing. Besides perhaps it wouldn't be such a bad thing not to sleep with Goodwin tonight. Because she knew the next morning she wouldn't be sleeping with Goodwin, but him.

She hated that he could control her like he could. Making her hide away in her house. Making her want him even though she had Goodwin. Every morning he would come to her lab and announce his arrival casually, knowing all to well what was going to happen between the two of them. She couldn't help herself. When she was angry with him he was suddenly extremely attractive. And it didn't help either that he could make her do anything with one touch. But at that moment she had to have him, all thoughts of Goodwin out of her mind, and it was him, his name that she moaned over and over again, not Goodwin's. There were brief times when she craved that they were back together as if nothing had happened, so she didn't have to be sneaking around. But those moments passed quickly.

But of course when it was all over, Goodwin's face would come back to her, and she would realise what she had just done. It would bring her back to earth with a bump, and where before she had wanted him, she now wanted him to just leave. When he didn't she would tell him she hated him, but he would always laugh it off. They both knew the truth. So he would stay always touching her, playing with her hair. She shuddered to think of what would happen if Goodwin would walk in. Although that would probably make his day. Giving the game up to Goodwin.

Juliet almost did that on her own anyway. She would dream about him at night, and wake up calling his name. As far as she knew, Goodwin didn't know. And she thanked God that both of them didn't know. She would never hear the end of it from either of them. She wished she had never come to the island.

That morning she had decided not to go to work. She wondered if Ben had been there looking for her. Well she wasn't going to sleep with him again. No more angry sex. Just love making with Goodwin. Although that would probably change, the next time she got angry at him. He let her do it, knowing that there would be a 'reward' at the end for him. Stupid manipulator.

Why couldn't she have a relationship without cheating? When she was with him, she had kissed Ethan, and now she was with Goodwin she was sleeping with his boss. Her boss. Her ticket off of the island. The ticket that she would never have. He was never going to let her go.

It was almost time to go see Goodwin. She would be followed she knew, but she couldn't think of way otherwise. She got changed in her bedroom, glad that the curtains were on. She had a feeling that he would have gladly watched her get changed. She always kept the windows and doors locked when she slept, to make sure he couldn't get in. But she was sure that somehow he got in. When she woke up in the morning, things would have been moved, and she would have the feeling that she had been watched.

One night she hadn't locked the doors and windows, they had slept together. He just came into the house like he owned it. Like he owned her. Well tonight she was sleeping with Goodwin, not him. She could always climb out of the window. That would be strange, it was something she hadn't done since she was a teenager and had crept out of the house to meet her boyfriend, without her parents knowing.

But if she left the lights on, he was sure to come around to her house sooner or later. Well she could always have some fun with him. Mess with his head like he did with hers everyday. She smiled to herself as she gathered up cushions under the covers to make them look like her body. She opened the window and then wrote a note on a pad of paper that she kept by her bed. Quickly she pinned it to the cushions and then ran through the house turning off all the lights, before coming back to the bedroom and climbing out of the open window. She wished she would be able to see his face when he found the note. Well it was too bad then, she was going to be on a date with Goodwin.

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