A.N.- This story takes place after the 'Ultiment Enemy', and after 'Flirting With Disaster', but obviously before 'Phantom Planet'. In short the people who know that Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom are Sam, Tucker, and Jazz (and his many enemies). Valerie likes Danny Fenton hates Danny Phantom, and Vlad is not Mayor yet so its also before 'Eye For an Eye'. As for the Teen Titans (which I'm not as familiar with) its after the thing with Ravens Dad trying to take over the world…

Anyway enjoy!

(edit) I went through and did some spell checking. However I am not going to be redoing the chapters. When this is finished I may rewrite it. We will see. Please enjoy the story! :D

By: GhostAnn

Chapter One: Who You Ganna Call?… TEEN TITANS!

Amity Park- Monday, afternoon:

The Mayor of Amity Park headed down a corridor of City Hall, humming slightly, as he sipped at his fresh cappuccino. As he came up to a large red door he pulled out a golden key. With a simple twist, the door opened, revealing a large and simple office. In the near middle sat an oak desk where the Mayor decided to set his coffee. As he was about to settle into his chair the floor shook. He blinked and looked to the closed curtains of the room's large windows, still rattling from the incident. He slowly walked toward them, curiosity strong, only to stop as there was a large "BANG!" and the ceiling exploded above him.

A white haired green eyed ghost dressed in a black jumpsuit sporting a DP emblem fell through, landing on the wooden desk and sending all its contents flying, including the mayor's cappuccino. The man watched in horror as the caffeinated drink soared through the air and collided with the wall of the office. The ghost boy shook his head and shot up through the ceilings gaping hole with a quick "Sorry!" and was gone.

The mayor was silent for a moment before he walked red faced to the desk and found the phone. Pressing a button labeled with a frowning marker, he yelled into it, as a woman answered. "Yes?"

"I want Phantom gone now!"

"What?" The woman asked confused.

"Inviso-Bill! That pest that keeps causing damage! I want him caught!"

"Mayor we've already diploid-

"D-don't get started with excuses! Call the Justice League, call the FBI, call Elvis! Whatever it takes!"


He hung up sharply and pouted. "My capo..."

Titans Tower-Friday morning:

Beast Boy grunted as he carried the last of the bags to the T-car. He let out a frustrated "Gurr!" as he tried to stuff it all in the back. Panting he fell against the still cracked open trunk.

Cyborg walked over and placed his hand on the trunk and it quietly clicked shut. He smiled triumphantly and Beast Boy sulked. "You have to have the right touch man." Cyborg said happily.

"You gotta have the right touch!" Beast Boy mocked as Cyborg walked away. Then whistled innocently when the cyborg glared back at him.

"Alright fall in guys!" Robin said as he entered the garage. Starfire and Raven joined Cyborg and Beast Boy in front of the boy wonder. "We're going to Amity Park. To catch a ghost."

Beast boy razed his hand interrupting Robin before the speech even got rolling. "Well how exactly are we going to do that?"

"Yeah, and why? Aren't ghost, you know, other worldly?" Cyborg said.

"Look, the mayor of Amity Park told me this ghost is a major pest to the city. A being, who has no cares for others, and causes billions in city damage weekly."

"So we have to stop him." Raven summed up.


"Excuse me." Starfire said. "I know that this Bill of invisibility is very disliked and we must stop him, but I still do not understand. What is this... ghost… of which you speak?"

Beast Boy smiled darkly. "Well you see ghost are spirits- people who have passed. They were once normal- happy little people- just like me and you. Till one day..." Beast Boy stopped looking very shady and dark. "Do you know what happened to them?"

"Beast Boy." Raven said in warning.

Starfire shook her head, totally entranced in the story. Beast Boy smiled and said in the darkest and spookiest voice he could muster. "THEY DIED!"

Starfire yelped. "You mean-"

"Yes!" Beast Boy cut her off. "And to this day there out to cause fear and -


-OWWW!" Beast Boy rubbed the back of his head where Raven hit him.

"Knock it off, you suck at telling stories and I don't need a freaked Star for this trip!"

"Oh, what a horrible fate, those pore Jumblertozents!* There soles are trapped in pettiness and now they must roam the worlds forever!"

"Star, ghost- spirits- are nothing to be afraid of." Robin said confidently. "I'm sure that this 'ghost' is nothing but a fraud."

"Why can you be so confident?" Starfire asked.

"Yeah. We've faced stranger things." Cyborg said.

Even Raven was skeptical. "We haven't even been to the city yet. How can you be so sure it's not the real deal?'

Robin rolled his eyes. "Please, ghost?" He climbed into Cyborg's car.

"You'd be surprised." Raven said as she followed the others into the car as well.

"So... this Park of Amity?" Starfire said leaning forward in her seat. "What will it be like? Will we make friends? Do they have the mustard?"

Robin laughed as Cyborg got in and buckled up. "I imagine Amity Park is a lot like Jump City Star. So making friends is almost guaranteed. And I'm positive they have mustard."

Starfire clapped settling back into her seat. "Joyous!"

"Glad you're happy." Cyborg said then took on an air of authority. "Okay! Here are the rules! No soda. Absolutely no food. No eruptions of any sort! This is my car and I rule! Got it, good." Cyborg almost looking like he'd cry. "Please, just don't destroy my baby."


Everyone turned to look at Beast Boy who had a soda held up to his mouth. He looked at them his ears falling in shame. "Uh..." He tossed the soda out the window. It sputtered spinning on the cement of the Titans garage, splattering all over the outside of Cyborg's car. Beast Boy visually shrunk, "Hee, um, oops."


"Hee. Hee. I'm sorry. Really."

"It's okay. Its only on the outside you can wash it." Robin said, trying to prevent a fight.

Cyborg just growled and sat in the driver's seat. Sighing, he let out an angered breath. "Everyone buckled?"

Starfire nodded eagerly, that she was, and Beast Boy just grumbled a low affirmative.

"We're ready." Raven said dully. "Can we go now?"

Cyborg revved the engine and all his rage and anger just washed away as the sound filled him. "OH YEAH! Now that's what I'm talking about!" He yelled as the car pealed out of the Teen Titans Tower, leaving it and Jump City in a cloud of dust.

Amity Park-Friday afternoon:

"Wow. There are a lot of people here." Sam observed as she Tucker and Danny found their seats in the Amity Park City Hall auditorium.

The Mayor had announced the town meeting a couple of days ago, stating "If you're wanting to see an end to the ghost attacks please attend."

So naturally everyone came. Danny sighed. "I have this horrible feeling this has something to do with me."

Sam was about to comment when the Mayor took the stage and began to speak. "Citizens of Amity Park! We have come here today to discuss our continuous ghost problems! Starting with this Inviso-Bill character."

Danny swallowed. He knew it. It could only go downhill from here.

"His name's Danny Phantom!" Paulina Sanchez shouted from the crowd.

The Mayor paused. "Oh, well, yes, anyway." He paused, smiling as flashes blinded him from all view for a few seconds. "I have totally disregarded my ghost advisers Maddie and Jack Fenton's right to have any say in the mater and called in some help!"

"WHAT!?" Maddie yelled outraged from the front row.

"I know! I love me too! Any way I'm positive that our town guest will cease the foolishness of Phantom once and for all! Plus I'm having the Fenton's personally train them in the use of ghostly weapons!"

"OH!" Jack squealed with delight. "More people I can talk mercilessly on and on to about ghost!"

Maddie didn't share her husband's enthusiasm. "What if we don't trust these 'guest'?"

"Oh, I don't think trust will be a problem."

"Who are they?" Someone shouted form the back clearly annoyed.

"The Teen Titans!"

The whole building erupted with surprise. The Titans? In Amity Park?

Danny blinked in confusion. He had no idea who the Titans were. Sam tensed though. "Danny. This isn't good."

"What? Who are they?" He asked.

Tucker and Sam looked at him as if he were an idiot. "The Teen Titans." Tucker said. "How do you not know about them? They're only the best crime fighters known to man!"

"Well, not the best." Sam said. "But they're not far off."

"Uh. Hello. Does it look like I keep up with the latest super heroes? I can barely keep up with my home work!"

"He's got a point." Jazz said leaning forward from behind them.

"Agh!" The three yelled in shock.

"Where did you come from?" Danny asked, ignoring the continuous ranting of the Mayor now.

"Well this is a town meeting and I knew you wouldn't miss it if it were ghost related. It wasn't hard to find you ether." She held up the ghost tracker sticking out her tong.

Danny glared at her. "Well yippee for you!"

"Come on Danny. You know I just want to help."

Danny sighed. "Well, okay." With this he looked at his sister impassively. It couldn't hurt. "Besides what can normal crime fighters do to a ghost?"

"They'll be at your house." Tucker pointed out. "And you are only half ghost. They could figure it out."

Danny felt his heart stop, he was right. This was impossible!

"TUCKER!" Sam yelled, and then quieted when she realized she'd drawn attention. "Stop talking like that you'll scare him half to death! No pun intended Danny..." She said.

"Sorry." Tucker whispered.

Sam placed a hand over one of Danny's and he jumped slightly from the unexpected contact. "Don't worry Danny. Everything will work out. It always does."

He relaxed slightly, not noticing he'd ever even tensed. "You're right." Smiling he rolled his hand and closed hers into his. The two noticed though and began to blush separating immediately. Jazz and Tucker shook their heads and shared a secrete smile.

"Sam's right dude. We've got this in the bag." Tucker said.

"Yeah." Jazz agreed, amused with how clueless her brother was.

On the road in the T-car:

"Are we there yet?" Beast Boy asked again, slightly annoyed.

Cyborg ignored him though and continued staring down the road. Beast Boy waved his hand in front of the car lover's face. "Hello!? Are we there yet?"

Cyborg's eye twitched in frustration. Beast Boy, however, was ignorant of this fact and continued to wave his hand in Cyborg's face. Cyborg snapped at the aggravating thing and Beast Boy pulled back in shock. "I am driving! Leave me ALONE!"

Robin, who had been sleeping, shot up in shock and rubbed his eyes. "Are we there-

"NO!" Cyborg yelled.

Robin stared wide-eyed at his friend for a moment before he just shrugged and went back to drooling on his shoulder.

It was dark by the time Cyborg nearly passed the exit to Amity Park. "We're here!" He said as his car cut over the grassy divide slightly.

Everyone was awake now, trying to see their surroundings. Raven rolled her shoulders, her nick popping. "Ug, I have a crank in my nick."

Beast Boy laughed, but stopped when the girl glared at him.

"Oh! What is that?!" Starfire asked pointing ahead to a neon lit building the word Fenton displayed proudly on its side.

"That's our stop." Cyborg said.

"You've got to be kidding me." Raven said dryly.

Robin looked at it with surprise. "We'll it may be a bit... eccentric."

"Or a lot." Cyborg said as he pulled up in front of the house.

Beast Boy jumped out of the car the second it stopped. "Well, I don't know about you all but I'm tired of being in the car!" With that he took for the building.

The other Titans followed with less enthusiasm. "This is going to be interesting." Raven said as she watched Starfire fly up behind Beast Boy, who instantly rang the bell.

"GHOST!" A cry came from inside the house and the Titans all shared a similar look of confusion.

When the door flew open there was a large man wearing a bright orange hazmat suit. He looked over each of them scrutiny then paused on Starfire. "I knew it!" He pulled out a gun aiming it at her. "Maddie! Ghost! Quick get the Fenton Thermos!" Then he pulled the trigger.



This, the very first chapter is done…

*This is a word I made up for Star to say, I guess it means ghost, but really its just a bunch of letters I through together…

(edit) Ps... I understand that the Mayor's reaction to the cappuccino and his ignorance and disregard for the advisement of the Fentons a the town meeting are unrealistic to what a mayor would do in real life. However, this is a story based off the world of Danny Phantom, and Teen Titans. Trust me. It's in character. So... sorry if it upsets you, but I think it fits.