By: GhostAnn


Amity Park: Monday Morning

"Thanks again…" Robin said.

"Oh, pish posh, no need to thank us." Maddie said smiling at the human boy wonder. "You saved us remember?"

"Well…" Robin smiled looking back at his team as they talked with Danny and his friends. "We couldn't have done it without you. Plus, I'd probably still be all ghostly if you guys hadn't of been here to reverse that ray."

Maddie shook her head. "No sweetie we just sped up the regeneration, and made sure your cells weren't damaged, maybe saved your life… not sure really. The ray didn't kill you, it only temporarily enveloped you with ghost energy. Your core was still human."

"That's probably why that ghost controlling gizmo stopped working on you." Jack said. "As the ghostly energy left your core the waves could no longer reach your mind."

Robin frowned. "So I would have turned back to normal?"

"Well if the radiation didn't kill you first… yeah." Maddie said a bit uneasy. "I'm glad you didn't really die Robin."

Robin laughed, relief in his voice. "So am I."

"Robin! Hurry up! We got to go! Kid Flash said he'd only stake out the Tower for a week. It's been that plus, like, three days."

"Alright!" Robin hollered back. "Seriously, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton. Thank you." With that he jogged back to the T-Car. There he squared up with Danny. The two shard an intense stare for a moment before Robin smiled and shook his hand.

Danny looked at his hand as Robin left something in it. It was a small yellow device. "What?"

"I wanted to thank you." Robin said. "If you're up for it, I'd also like you to be an honorary member of Teen Titans."

Danny blinked at him shocked. "Really!?"

"Cool!" Tucker said looking over Danny's shoulder at the device.

Robin smiled turning to Valerie who was laughing as she talked with Starfire and Beast Boy. "Hey!" He called and she looked up to him as he tossed her a yellow communication device as well. "You too. The Red Hunter would make an invaluable member."

She stared at him shocked. "R-real- Thank you!" She blushed looking down at the device.

"Come on, let's roll out!" Robin ordered as he hopped into the passenger seat of the T-car. The other Titan's said their goodbyes and got in. As they drove off Robin looked down to the center console, where a harmless looking thermos sat. He grinned to himself, they had done something unbelievable during their strange trip to Amity Park.

Danny sighed walking back to his house, Sam and Tucker right behind him. "Hey guys…" Valerie said, causing them to stop and look back at her. "What now?"

Danny thought on it a moment. "How about… copious amounts of junk food and video games?"

Valerie smiled walking up with them. "You guys are such nerds."

"You know you love us." Tucker teased.

"And as long as you don't hurt Danny, we'll be okay." Sam said, a slight threat lingering under her voice.

The four friends, laughed making their way into the house, for the moment, completely care free.

The End

Oh! Hey look at that. You didn't have to wait for 3 years for me to post the final peace to this story!
I have a strange feeling of relief in my chest now that it's all over. I know the ending wont please everyone... but at least its done now...

and you can all stop threatening to kill me if I don't finish it... lol