Summary: Naruto is a blacksmith, and Hinata is the Governor's daughter. Naruto tries to force himself to love Hinata but things become complicated (and hot!) when Captain Sasuke Uchiha comes into the picture. Hinata has been captured by Pirates and Naruto set's out to save her only to find himself becoming infatuated with the pirate.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, I like to borrow the characters and make them do dirty things. lol .

Warning: SasuNaru boyXboy, Violence, Language in future chapters.

"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me . . ." Hinata Hyuga, a ten year old girl stood at the front of her Father's luxury ship, singing off into the distant fog. The sun was robbed of all its sunlight, and replaced with gloomy clouds and grey skies. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned around quickly, stunned.

"Quiet, missy! Cursed pirates sail these waters. You don't want to bring them down on us, now, do ya?" Iruka sneered.

"Iruka! That will do." Kakashi spoke loudly.

"She was singing about pirates. Bad luck to be singing about pirates with us mired in this unnatural fog. Mark my words." Iruka argued.

"Consider them marked. On your way." Kakashi made a small head gesture to his right.

"Aye, it's bad luck to have a woman on board, too. Even a miniature one." Iruka muttered as he walked away.

Kakashi approached Hinata and stood next to her, gazing off into the ocean.

"I think it would be rather exciting to meet a Pirate." Hinata said.

"Think again, Miss Hyuga vile and dissolute creatures, the lot of them. I intend to see to it that any man who sails under a pirate flag or wears a pirate brand gets what he deserves . . . short drop and a sudden stop."

"I thank you for your concern, Kakashi, but I'm afraid of the affect this subject will have on my daughter." Hinata's Father interupted..

"My apologies, Governor." Kakashi gave a slight nod.

"Actually, I still find it quite fascinating." Hinata spoke with a smile.

"Yes, that's what concerns me." Her Father replied and walked away.

Hinata gazed back to the water and saw a yellow umbrella dancing upside down in the water. She smiled until her gaze was brought to what looked like broken pieces of a ship. She looked further and saw a boy floating on top of the remainder of a ship.

"Look! There's a boy! A boy in the water!" Hinata yelled pointing down.

"Man overboard! Man the ropes. Fetch a Hook! Haul him aboard." Kakashi yelled to the crew.

"What happened?!" Hinata's Father ran out of his cabin to see a boy being pulled on the boat.

"It's most likely the powder magazine. Merchant vessels run heavily armed." Kakashi answered.

"Pirates." Iruka spoke up.

"There's no proof, it was probably just an accident." Governor Hyuga replied.

"Rouse the Captain immediately! Heave to and take in sail. Launch the boats!" Kakashi yelled.

Hinata's Father gripped Hinata's shoulders and pulled her over to the boy lying lifeless on the ship deck.

"Hinata, I want you to accompany the boy. He'll be your charge. Take care of him." Hinata nodded her head towards her Father and walked over to the boy. She kneeled down and moved his blonde hair out of his face. Suddenly the boy snatched her wrist partially sitting up, scaring both himself and Hinata.

"It's okay," She assured him. "My name his Hinata Hyuga."

"N-Naruto Uzumaki." The boy replied.

She smiled. "I'll watch over you, Naruto." Hinata said before the boy passed out.

A gold medallion caught her eye which was around the boy's neck. She picked up the necklace and gazed at the gold, a skull centered in the middle with scatted patterns around the piece. Her eyes widened as she glanced back at the boy.

"Your – You're a pirate."

Suddenly she was interrupted by Kakashi. "Did he say anything?"

Hinata quickly hid the necklace behind her back and replied, "His name is Naruto Uzumaki, that's all I found out."

When Kakashi walked away, she gazed back down at the medallion in her hand then she stood up. Something black was creeping in through the fog, it was hard to see at first until it came completely through the fog. A ship with torn, black sails floated along the water, sending an instant shiver down her spine. Her eyes became wide.

Hinata woke up in her bed, glancing around her room. She had had that dream so many times and yet, it still frightened her the same. She leaned over and opened the draw next to her. She felt around until she found the medallion, and pulled it out of the draw. She held it in her hand and moved her finger over the dust that had gathered around it to reveal a gold surface. She placed it around her neck and stood up in front of the mirror and gazed at the necklace. Suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Hinata! Are you decent?" Her Father called from outside the door.

Hinata quickly threw on her robe and placed pushed the medallion under her top.

"Yes, yes!" She called, and her Father entered with both maids carrying a large box.

"Still abed at this hour? It's a beautiful day." Her Father opened the curtains. Hinata tightened her eyes letting them adjust to the light beaming in through the window. "I have a gift for you." The maids opened the box to reveal a cream colored dress, with gold pattern's running through it.

"Oh, it's beautiful!" Hinata gasped taking the dress out of the box. Her smiled wiped off her face immediately when she saw her Father's nervous expression. "May I acquire as to the occasion?"

"Does a Father need an occasion to dote upon his daughter?"

Hinata smiled again and walked behind her changing wardrobe.

"Well, actually . . . I was hoping that you might wear it to the ceremony today . . ."


"Kakashi's promotion ceremony."

Hinata popped her head up from the wardrobe. "I knew it."

"Commodore, he's about to become; a fine gentlemen don't you think? He fancies you, you know."

As the maids were lacing up Hinata's gown her Father continued rambling on. The corset was becoming dangerously tight, Hinata could barely breathe. It only become worse by another tug, the bones of the corset were pushed into her skin, nearly cutting her. She let out a gasp.

"Hinata, how's it coming?" Her Father asked.

"I-It's difficult to say . . ." Hinata forced out.

"I'm told it's the latest fashion in London." Her Father said proudly.

"Well women in London must have learned not to breathe." With one last tug at the strings the maid finished tying the dress.

Another servant entered the room and addressed the Governor.

"Sir, you have a visitor."

"Ah, Mr.Uzumaki, good to see you again." The Governor made his way down the staircase.

"Good day, sir. I have your order." Naruto presented the sword to the Governor. "The blade is folded steel. That's gold filigree laid into the handle. If I may."

Naruto held the sword perfectly balanced and flipped it in the air, handing it gracefully back to the Governor.

"Impressive. Very impressive. Ah, now, Commodore, will be very pleased with it."

Hinata stood at the top of the staircase gazing at Naruto, like she hadn't seen him in ages.

"Ah, Hinata, you look absolutely stunning!" Her Father called.

Naruto's attention drew upward towards Hinata.

"Naruto!" Hinata spoke excitedly. "It's so good to see you. I had a dream about you last night."

"About me?"

"Yes, well, is that entirely proper for you to?" Her Father was not pleased by the look his daughter was giving the blacksmith.

"About the day we met, do you remember?" Hinata answered, ignoring the glares her Father was giving her.

"How could I forget, Miss. Hyuga?"

"Naruto, how many times have I asked you to call me, Hinata?"

"At least once more, Miss Hyuga, as always." Naruto replied with a slight blush.

"There. See? At least the boy has a sense of propriety. Now, we really must be going." Governor Hyuga made his way to the front door as Hinata followed behind him. Hinata stopped before the door and gave Naruto a dead on glare.

"Good day, Mr. Uzumaki." She said before walking out the door.

Naruto rushed out after Hinata but she had already gotten in the carriage.

"Good day . . . Hinata." Naruto sighed as he watched Hinata pull away in the carriage. He always felt something for her but he never knew what it was. She was his best friend, or at least was his best friend when they were young. He had a feeling that he should love her, and he did very much, the only problem was he wasn't so sure about his sexual orieantation. Besides, he was a blacksmith, and she was the Governor's daughter, what did he have to offer her?

So, what do you think? It plays out just like the movie but keep in mind that things are going to change especially when Sasuke comes into the picture which will be hyserical and very entertaining . . . hopefully.