Red and Black
Chapter One

Red, she set's my soul afire
Black, my world if she's not there
Red, the color of desire
Black, the color of despair!
- "Red and Black", Les Miserables

- - -

Link stared into the murky, almost bottomless, waters of Lake Hylia, and wondered if this was really the best way to do this. He took a deep breath and sighed as he thought about it. There were thousands of other ways he could end his life, was drowning really the best one? He sighed again and shook his head, realizing that thinking about it was silly. It really didn't matter one way or the other, now did it? After all, he would be dead in less than an hour. He would be free from this mortal coil that kept his heart bound to a woman that he could no longer love, or even find.

The image of her flashed into his mind's eye and he felt the sticky, cold hands of loss and fear begin to twist his heart. Tears started in his eyes, but Link pushed them back and tried not to think about why he was doing what he was. Five years had passed since he saved Hyrule, and nothing in his darkened soul had changed since then.

He had tried to forget about her, tried to love someone else, but every time he got closer to another woman, his heart ached for her again; for her own, unique spark. He had tried to love Zelda, and it tore him into shreds. He had tried to love Ilia, but she also ripped his heart into pieces. Link had even tried to find love and satisfaction in taverns and brothels, but he soon discovered that there was no company in the world that could ease his troubled soul.

And after five years of torment and haunting memories and dreams, Link had decided it was too much for him. The sensations that swept his body into turmoil were only false illusions of memories… she was gone. There was nothing that could change that, and so he was going to change the only things he could.

Midna destroyed the mirror five years ago today. Link would join the mirror in perpetual darkness, and his heart would be waiting for him when he arrived.

He looked down at his feet, making sure his iron boots were tightly fastened on his feet. They appeared to be fine, and so he looked back into the water of the lake, knowing his fate lay somewhere at the black bottom. Link sent out a few silent prayers, one to protect Zelda, one to protect Ilia, one to protect Hyrule, one of thanks for his great life, and one of thanks for meeting Midna and being able to spend such wonderful time with her. It made the whole ordeal seem more peaceful than he could have imagined.

Link took a deep breath and, finally stepped into the depths of the deep lake. The water felt cool and refreshing as he slowly sunk to the bottom, refusing to struggle against gravity. He had forgotten how wonderful the lake felt on his body, and he wished he had gone for more swims in the past. It may have eased the pain.

His lungs began to ache.

A fish swam by him, barely noticing the sinking human; it seemed far too intent on catching a renegade bug. This little scene eased Link's mind, he was glad that the world didn't care about him. When he died, it would continue to turn the why it always had. He was just a man. Nothing more. Nothing less.

His muscles were beginning to slow.

The lake was growing cold and dark now, and not a single point of light slipped into its blackness. It surrounded him like a blanket trying to keep out the storm and torment inside of him. Link let his eyes close and he listened to the nothingness.

Warmth spread through his veins.

It seemed almost beautiful to die like this. An end fitting of a hero. The valiant knight couldn't save his heart, and so he cut it out and drowned it in his tears. In the lake of tears the fish feasted until their bellies burst with lore, and the valiant knight became the whispers of legend.

Fatigue slipped into his body and will slipped into the rolling waves. Finally, his lungs and heart collapsed in their coffin of flesh.

Link was dead.

Should we wake him up…?

Of course you idiot! Why wouldn't we?

Because he looks so peaceful…

Sometimes, Enlil… your stupidity astounds me.

Girls, behave. We have a hero in our midst.

Ahn, now you're being silly. He's dead.

Enki, you know as well as I do that he isn't truly dead. That would be impossible.

We were lucky Lanayru brought him in enough time.

That is true… we couldn't resurrect him without his body…

- - -

AN: So, here it is. It's much darker than some of my other pieces, but I like the poetic feel of the first chapter. I'm sorry it's not as long as I'd like it, but I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. Please let me know what you think, I don't intend this story to be of epic proportions, so enjoy! Lots of love!

PS: Red and Black is the song that spawned this whole story, because the colors were colors I always equated with Midna. Les Miserables is an absolutely beautiful book and musical. If you ever have the chance to see it, I recommend it.


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