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Another who has read Kenner's books will immediately see the similarities but I did try to add my own twist and to deviate from her plot at least some.

So anyway here is the first chapter and I hope you enjoy. I look forward to writing this.


She was going to kill Jermaine. Where the hell did he get off setting her alarm for her? With a groan Kimiko pushed herself out of her bed and struck at her clock that was normally on her bedside table but her hand landed on the tabletop with a loud and painful slap. Cursing loudly Kimiko looked blurry eyed around the room and noticed that her alarm clock had been relocated far from her reach so that she'd be forced to get out of bed to stop the annoying beep that blurted from it. Grumbling at the injustice of it all Kimiko made her way out of bed and smacked the clock into silence. The noise faded into a low hum before disappearing completely along with the neon numbers that told her the time. Kimiko groaned again. That was the sixth clock this year that she had killed and it was only September. She was on the way to beating her record.

Stretching Kimiko walked out of her room to start the tea pot before climbing into the shower and thought about her college years as she went. It was hard to believe that just over four years ago she'd come to New York City to attend NYU as an undergraduate and now here she was twenty one and getting ready to start her first year as a graduate student. Too bad she didn't know exactly what she wanted to study just yet but luckily a favorite professor of hers agreed to keep her on until she figured it out. Switching on the tea pot Kimiko caught sight of a paper out of the corner of her eye and noticed the neat printing of her roommate and friend Jermaine, also a grad student but unlike her he had direction. Kimiko picked up the note and studied it.


Now don't be angry at me for waking you up. You need to get your butt in gear and I mean that in the nicest way possible. If you can meet me for lunch at 12:30 at Simon's on campus, I've got something to talk to you about. Otherwise I'll be in the library all day working on my thesis- you know that thing you should have decided on back in May.

Again, I mean that in the nicest way possible.


P.S- we're out of orange juice so please be productive and get some

Kimiko pursed her lips at the note, not mad but slightly annoyed. She knew that Jermaine was concerned about her never deciding on the direction of her graduate program but Kimiko felt that this was something she couldn't rush to decide on. Jermaine had always known that he'd wanted to study modern American History but Kimiko couldn't decide that so easily. She was pretty sure she wanted to study modern British Women's Fiction but at the same time the classics were so appealing, and there could always be something to say about Realism. Kimiko physically shook her head to rid her mind of these kinds of thoughts. It was too early to have thoughts like these and they never went anywhere productive. Kimiko glanced at the clock, just slightly after seven; she was doing good on time.

'Not that I have anywhere to be,' Kimiko thought as she walked toward the shower.


"Morning Clay," someone called as the blonde Texan moved into the office. Clay returned to the greeting with a wave and headed toward his desk, eager to check his messages. He was expecting a call from someone he knew in the New York office and was eager to hear from them. Upon arriving at his desk though he found no messages waiting on his phone or his email. Sighing Clay sank into his chair and massaged his forehead with his fingers. He might not be so anxious if Raimundo would just return his messages. It had been nearly three days since he'd last heard from his former college roommate and best friend and he was worried. He knew that Raimundo could take care of himself and was probably just ignoring him. Unfortunately that was a best case scenario.

Letting out another sigh Clay tried to get his mind off of Raimundo and focus on the case he'd been assigned. Normally Clay didn't just sit behind a desk, researching and pushing papers; he was a field agent and a damn good one at that. He liked being in the field and was liked in the field because he was also able to keep a level head. That was probably the only reason why he was at a desk and not in a coffin. Clay tried to rid his head of those kinds of thoughts and ignore the dull throb in his left leg. Casting a glance at his phone Clay considered calling Raimundo but decided to wait until his lunch break. From the way that everyone was scurrying around something big was up and he was out of the loop.

"Hey Frankie," Clay called as a lower ranking agent ran by. The razzed looking newcomer paused as he ran past Clay's desk looking completely scatterbrained and clutching papers to his chest. "Tell me what's going on here."


"I love tea," Kimiko hummed to herself as she drank from her mug. It was her favorite time of the morning when she got to walk around in her bathrobe and enjoy her favorite beverage. Jermaine always left earlier then when she'd wake up so the apartment was hers and hers alone in the mornings and Kimiko could prepare for the day slowly like she preferred to do. She was just thinking about breakfast when she noticed the large manila envelope on the floor near her door.

'Odd,' Kimiko thought as her eyes locked on it, 'I don't remember seeing that earlier.' For some reason seeing the envelope sent a chill down her spine. It was odd and out of place but for all she knew it was just something Jermaine accidentally dropped on the way out. But at the same time she knew that wasn't the case. Jermaine was so totally focused on his dissertation that he'd never leave something behind that might be of importance. The city bustled outside her windows as Kimiko stood still, her eyes turned on the envelope. Kimiko wasn't sure why but her mind suddenly shifted to her father. Four years ago Kimiko had left her home in Tokyo to come to New York and attend school, on her own. Her father had been insistent about paying tuition but Kimiko had refused all other help, she even stopped using Tohomiko as her last name and had started going by Tomney. Not even Jermaine knew her real last name and she considered him her best friend in the city. She wanted to make a name for herself without the help or stigma of the Tohomiko name.

'Why am I thinking about this now?' Kimiko questioned herself still not removing her eyes from the ominous envelope, though she had no idea why it was ominous. 'Because you haven't heard from him in a while,' her mind answered. Blinking Kimiko wiped these seemingly random thoughts from her head and set her tea mug down with a defiant 'thunk'. Walking over to the door Kimiko stooped and picked up the envelope, feeling the weight of it and convinced herself that it was a packet of notes that Jermaine had left by mistake. Flipping it over though she was corrected and saw her name printed out on the other side. Her last name stuck out to her because it said Tohomiko. Whoever sent this to her knew her real last name. She had a PO box at the post office where things sent to Kimiko Tohomiko and the mailboxes downstairs were for Kimiko Tomney. Sometimes when mail got switched up neighbors would slide letters under the door but this had no address on it, just her name, her real name.

Grabbing a letter opener from the side table Kimiko quickly opened the envelop and saw various papers stapled together inside. Walking back to her tea mug Kimiko gently fingered through the papers deciding that they weren't as menacing as they originally seemed. Pulling the whole bunch out Kimiko set the empty envelope on the table and picked up her mug again as her eyes scanned the front page. The mug never made it to her lips just fell to the floor with a crash that never registered in Kimiko's suddenly pounding ears.


A knock on the door caught the two occupants' attention.

"Yes?" the male answered as he and his female companion watched the door. It opened slowly, almost hesitantly and a head came through. "Yes?" the man pressed again his patients already being tried. The knocker seemed to understand this and cleared his throat quickly.

"I was sent to tell you sir that the package has been delivered."

"Has the tracker been activated yet?" the woman asked.

"Not yet," the lackey answered in a shaky voice.

"Then I do not want to be disturbed until then," the male snapped. Muttering apologizes the messenger disappeared.

"Annoyances," the woman muttered, "but a necessary evil." Her companion didn't answer, his eyes were instead focused on one of the many screens mounted into the wall. The woman's eyes flickered there as well but she didn't have as much interest as the man did. "Nervous?" she asked in a mocking voice. Hard eyes flickered in her direction immediately silencing her.

"Don't worry," she assured him after a minute of silence.

"I don't worry," he said in an even voice.

"All is going according to plan."

"The plan hasn't even been set into motion yet," the man countered.

"All in good time," the woman shrugged. "All of the players have yet to meet."

"You have complicated this far too much," the man said his voice still as even as ever.

"I enjoy the hunt," the woman replied without any emotion, her eyes flickering back to the screen. "And why are you complaining?" she went on. "Without me none of this would have happened." The man didn't respond and in the low light of the room it was hard to read his expression, though he hardly gave anything away.

'That's what you think,' the man thought silently. He allowed the slightest smirk. 'You've been nothing but my pawn all along.'


A half an hour later Kimiko was still in her bathrobe sitting on her bed and staring off into space. Her eyes wandered to the packet of papers she dropped onto her desk. Sighing Kimiko ran her hand through her still slightly damp hair and scratched her scalp. Picking up her phone Kimiko hit the first speed dial again and listened to dead air. Ending the call Kimiko dropped the phone onto her mattress and gave another sigh. She didn't need to call the office to know that her father wasn't there. She'd called his private phone, the number that only Kimiko knew. It was never off, it never went dead. Her father saw to that and the fact that she was only getting dead air now gave confirmation to an awful truth.

"God damn it!" Kimiko suddenly yelled and jumped up. She wanted to throw something but caught herself before she did something too destructive. Taking a deep breath Kimiko sank back down to the bed with her head in her head. "Damn it all to hell," she muttered. She fought back tears, knowing they were useless, and straightened. Standing again, more calmly this time, Kimiko looked around her room and began to catalog the things she would need in her mind as she moved to dress. She was on the clock so she couldn't afford to dawdle. For probably the fist time in her life Kimiko dressed quickly, grapping a favorite red tank top out of a drawer and her most comfortable jeans. She didn't have time to style her hair so she pulled it into two pigtails, one of her favorite hairstyles even now as a college graduate, and then grabbed her sneakers from her closet.

Not the most fashionable outfit in the world but she was choosing practicality over style today and God only knew what the day would bring. Kimiko then grabbed a plain black carpenter bag and began to shove things into. Again, it wasn't the most fashionable accessory in the world but it was durable and Kimiko didn't need to worry about throwing it around. Kimiko ticked off the things she needed in her mind as she stowed them away. After a moment's hesitation Kimiko reached under her desk and unplugged and packed up her laptop. She wasn't positive that she'd need it but she'd feel more secure with it. Lastly Kimiko double checking the papers she'd pulled out of the envelope and then shoved them back inside after pulling one specific sheet free. Grabbing her sunglasses off her dresser Kimiko headed for the door and considered leaving a note for Jermaine but then decided against it, not wanting to risk getting him involved.

Kimiko paused at the door and grabbed at black jean jacket from a hook and slipped it on. She then decided to check her bag one more time to make sure she had everything, worried that she may not be able to return to the apartment anytime soon. She then looked to the sheet in her hand and then wondered if maybe she should check the location on the internet, just to be sure. 'Stop it,' she chided in her mind knowing that she was just stalling, 'you've got to face this.' Putting on a determined face Kimiko gripped the handle of the door, swung it open, and stepped out.


"Are you sure that you would not like to join me in a morning work out Raimundo?" There was no response. "Raimundo?" Still nothing. "Raimundo!"

"What!" an annoyed voice snapped back.

"You were not answering my question," Omi whined slightly. Quirking a thick eyebrow in the direction of his childhood friend, Raimundo Pedrosa looked as annoyed as he sounded.

"How many times do I have to say no for you to get the message?" he asked his smaller friend.

"But I only asked you once today." Raimundo shook his head and cupped his chin in his hand as he leaned against the low wooden wall that divided different areas of Omi's tiny dojo. It wasn't much of a dojo really, more like a gym that held aspects of an old fashion martial arts school. Rai knew Omi would like to construct a real dojo but there didn't seem to be enough room in the city for such a pipe dream.

"Your skills will become rusted if you do not start practicing again," Omi told Raimundo in a commanding voice. Raimundo rolled his eyes again.

"Not interested Omi," came his tired reply. Since returning to New York a little over a month ago Omi had constantly asked Raimundo every morning to join him in his own daily exercise routine. "And it's rusty, not rusted," he added wondering if Omi still mixed up sayings just to annoy him.

"Aw just lay off of him Omi," a new voice added. Rai's green eyes shifted to one of the other trainers at the gym, a cocky hotshot named Danny that Rai couldn't tell if he liked or hated. Raimundo knew that half of the trainers in the gym wanted to spar against him and the other half were smart enough not to try. He was the only person that had bested Omi in a martial arts match but Rai contributed that to having known Omi since he was twelve so he could read him moves like a book. Raimundo's eyes went beyond Danny and out the large window that looked onto the street that was steadily growing busier. He'd grown up in this neighborhood and knew that it wasn't exactly a tourist prone spot. That's why the girl stood out to him.

Initially her ponytails had caught her attention but what held it was the look on her face. Her mask wasn't holding up too well and there was a bit of desperation hidden in her eyes. Very blue eyes, he realized, surprised that he could see them so far away. His eyes wandered up and down her form, sizing her up as he'd been trained to do with everyone, and noticed a piece of paper gripped tightly in her hand.

'Tourist,' he decided. 'Must be lost.'

"Like what you see?" a voice interrupted his thoughts and Raimundo's eyes snapped from the girl and back to Danny. The younger boy looked smug and Rai decided that for at least this moment he hated Danny.

"She looks lost," Rai commented to no one really looking back to the girl. Omi followed his gaze.

"Perhaps we should offer assistance," Omi suggested.

"Certainly!" Danny said with a tone that said he was going to offer more then just directions. Before anyone could act the girl surprised them all by turning and walking into the gym. The three were toward the back of the gym but in plain sight of the door and the girl spotted them after a moment of scanning the wide room quickly.

"I'll take care of this," Danny said with a smile. He then winked at them. "Time for the patented 'You need self defense lessons' plan to be put into action." Rai shot a look at Omi and had to suppress a groan of annoyance. He hadn't been back in New York for very long but he'd already heard about Danny's pick up line for girls. He'd pretend to attack them and then offer them free self dense lessons. So far, as Raimundo knew, it hadn't worked out. Before he could protest Danny was already sauntering toward the girl who was making her way toward the three.

"Why did you hire this guy?" Rai asked Omi glancing at his smaller friend. Omi sighed.

"He needed a job and is a good enough instructor," he paused, "when he puts his mind to it."

"You see too much good in people," Rai lamented. It was an old argument that the two often had but truthfully Raimundo would never want to change that about Omi. His attention was brought back to Danny and the girl when he heard a yelp and turned his head around in time to see the girl flipping Danny easily over her shoulder and Raimundo realized that the yelp came from Danny and not the girl. Raimundo was impressed, and he wasn't impressed easily, that this tiny girl was able to throw a man about twice her size. A glance at Omi told Raimundo that he felt the same way. The two continued to watch, enthralled, as the girl bent down toward Danny's head and said something inaudible to him. She then stood and glanced over her shoulder at Raimundo and Omi who both instinctively stiffened under her glance. It softened but still looked determined as she straightened the bag strap that stretched across her chest.

Rai continued to watch as the mystery woman walked over to where he and Omi waited and felt her eyes baring especially hard into him. They looked over at Omi as well but stayed locked on Raimundo longer than was necessary.

"Excuse me," she said when she stopped in front of them. Raimundo gave her a curious look as her eyes traveled between him and Omi. "I'm sorry about that," she said looking back over her shoulder where Danny was sitting up slowly.

"Do not be sorry," Omi assured her, "that was a most impressive flip." The girl smiled and Raimundo made a note that he liked her smile, not that it mattered since he'd probably never see her again. "Can I help you with anything?" Omi continued on.

'Here it comes,' Raimundo thought wondering which landmark the girl was on her way to.

"I was told I could find a Mr. Raimundo Pedrosa here," she replied surprising both Raimundo and Omi.

"I'm Raimundo Pedrosa," Rai answered straightening from where he was slumped against the wall. The girl's eyes immediately shot to him and Rai thought he could see a bit of relief in her eyes. She stuck her hand out to him.

"Kimiko Tomney," she said confidently.

"Raimundo Pedrosa," Rai repeated accepting her hand. They shared a strong hand shake as they sized one another up. Kimiko nodded, dropping his hand, and continued to look hard into his eyes.

"Is there anyway," she asked, "that I could speak to you." Her eyes fell to Omi. "Privately," she added.

"Um," Rai answered unsure, "may I ask why?"

"That something we can discuss if we are alone," Kimiko insisted. Rai sighed and looked over at Omi wondering what he thought. His friend shrugged and looked indifferent as if to say 'what could it hurt.'

"You could use my office," Omi offered motioning behind him. Rai gave a nod of thanks and then gestured toward the room. Kimiko nodded and walked past him toward the office. Rai followed sending Omi a questioning look. Omi responded by raising his palms to the air in the universal 'I don't know' gesture. When he was in the office Kimiko had already lifted the bag off her shoulder and settled it on the desk and opened it up. Rai watched her for a moment, stuffing his hands into his pockets and wondering what the heck this was about.

"Can you close the door?" she asked looking over at him and then went back to rifling through her things. Rai wanted to but he didn't question her, just shut the door soundlessly behind him. He continued to watch her as she pulled out whatever she'd been looking for and placed it on the best. She stared at it hard as if considering something, placing a hand on her hip and pulling her lower lip in between her teeth.

"Ms. Tomney?" Rai prodded when she seemed no closer to making a move or speaking. Her head shot up at that.

"Ms. Tomney?" she questioned. "I'm only twenty one. Ms. Tomeny is a bit odd don't you think? Just call me Kimiko."

"Sorry Ms," Rai apologized with a tiny grin. "I didn't mean to offend you. Its just the way I was raised." He watched her wave it off and then go back to considering the envelope she'd pulled out. "Can I help you with something?" Rai asked.

"I'm not sure," she answered truthfully as she folded her arms over her chest. She looked back to him. "I don't want to chance it by not coming to you."

"Meaning?" Rai pressed and she began to pace the short expanse of the room. "Ms, I mean," he caught himself, "Kimiko, are you ok?"

"I've had better days," she admitted.

"It's barely past eight," Raimundo laughed softly.

"I know," she stopped and looked at him, "how bad is that?" Rai was caught again by that smile and he smiled in response, surprised when her smile fell and she resumed pacing.

"You aren't going to be smiling when I tell you," she trailed off.

"Tell me what?" Raimundo answered suddenly apprehensive.

"I know it'll sound crazy, and you probably won't believe me but,"

"But…" Kimiko trailed off. Of course he was going to think she was crazy. Hell, she barely believed herself. He was going to hate her once she told him. Why did she care if he hated her? Sure he was good looking and he had a great smile but she didn't even know the man at all. But she could admit that she was so relieved when it turned out that he was Raimundo Pedrosa, the man that she'd been instructed to involve in the game. She'd been so worried that it was the idiot she'd flipped or the shorter guy. She cast a glance at Raimundo who looked strong and confident and knew how to take care of himself. That was good because she didn't need to have to baby sit anyone today.

Raimundo watched her study him with analyzing eyes and wondered what could be going on in this girl's head.

"Who knows if I won't believe you," Raimundo ventured trying to ease her obvious worry.

"I wouldn't believe me," Kimiko told him and then gave a heavy sigh. "But I don't have time to waste on this."

"Oh?" was all Raimundo could manage out.

"Mr. Pedrosa," Kimko started to say but he interrupted her.

"Raimundo, call me Raimundo," he told her, "or Rai." She nodded in response and then looked grim.

"I'm afraid I've got some bad news," she told him raising her eyes up to meet his and Rai felt his stomach bottom out, wondering if it was the impending bad news or her eyes that had such an effect on him. She looked away again. "I received a message this morning," she continued on, "and unfortunately I have to believe it. As much as I wish I didn't, I have to."

"Please explain," Rai pressed when she paused again. Kimiko motioned to the envelope she'd pulled from her bag.

"That was slipped under my door this morning sometime between when I turned on the tea pot and I took my shower," she explained and Raimundo had to banish the sudden image of her in the shower. "That was some time before seven thirty," she went on apparently not aware of his mind's little detour. "Inside was, a lot," she conceded. "Rules, instructions, the first clue, and," she paused, "the threat."

"You're being threatened?" Raimundo interrupted.

"Not so much me," Kimiko explained, "someone close to me. So I guess it is a threat against me." She looked at him in the eyes trying to see something there and then looked away. "Damn this is so unfair," she said more to herself though he could hear. "I don't anything about you. How the hell am I supposed to trust you?"

"I'm going to need some more information here," Raimundo said slightly concerned now.

"They're asking me to bring you in," she shook her head, "though I have no idea why."

"Into what? What are you talking about?"

"They have my father," Kimiko told him.

"They who?" was his automatic question when he should be asking her what the hell any of this had to do with him. Did she somehow know he used to be in the FBI and was sent to torment him?

"I don't know who," Kimiko admitted.

"Why are you telling me this?" Raimundo wondered.

"They told me to," she answered and held up a hand when he made a move to interrupt her again. "I don't know who they are but they have my father and," she paused, "apparently they have your sister." The air in the office was heavy after Kimiko finished talking. She didn't say anything, wanted him digest and hopefully accept.

"This is a pretty sick joke," he managed out. "Who sent you?"

"This is no joke," Kimiko said shaking her head, "I don't know who but I know they have my father. He isn't answering his phone and he always answers, without exception."

"There are a million reasons why your father wouldn't answer his phone," Rai told her and was about to list them off but Kimiko shook her head defiantly.

"You don't know my father, and something isn't right here. The note said," she handed the top sheet over to him, "that they had you sister too. That I should come find you and tell you that." Rai studied the printed note with steady eyes.

"Why should I believe you?" Raimundo questioned.

"I wish it wasn't true," Kimiko told him sincerely, "and maybe it isn't. Maybe it is just some sick joke but I'm not willing to take that chance."

"But again," Rai told her handing the sheet back over, "why should I believe you." Ok, the girl was intriguing but this was just going over the line. Her eyes looked sad, almost like she pitied him. She reached back into the envelope and pulled out a smaller envelope.

"I didn't open it because it had your name on it," she said handing it over. "In my instructions about finding you it said to give it to you. It would convince you." She seemed nervous as she spoke and he felt bad that she was going through whatever she was going through. But really it had nothing to do with him, right? Her eyes shifted from his face to the envelope in his hand. Rai finally paid attention to it. It was a regular postage envelope but it obviously held something other then a normal letter because it bulged awkwardly. Rai looked from the envelope and back to the strange woman that had walked into his life just minutes ago. She looked back earnestly and seemed to urge him on. Rai decided to humor her and ripped open the letter. He wasn't prepared for what he saw inside.

Kimiko watched his face turn white and for a moment she thought he might faint.

"Are you ok?" she asked concerned, stepping around the desk. He suddenly grabbed at her and caught her upper arm in a tight grip.

"You have some serious explaining to do," he told her in a dangerous hiss.

"I've already told you," Kimiko hissed back and tried to rip her arm from his grasp but he only tightened it.

"Where did you get this?" he snapped at her.

"What is it?" she asked and then added, "could you let go of my arm, you're kind of hurting me." Rai blinked and released her, muttering an apology. He stepped back and rubbed his hand over his face. Kimiko waited, wanting to give him time to process whatever was going through his head and tried not to rub the sore spot on her arm.

"Are you serious about this?" he asked her finally.

"Unfortunately," she said crossing her arms over her chest. His eyes raked her body and Kimiko let him, knowing he was sizing her up somehow, seeing if he could actually trust her.

"And you have no idea why this is happening?"

"Theories," she admitted looking grim. "My dad is," she paused as if trying to find the right words, "pretty well off."

"But if it was a simple kidnapping then why am I being drawn into it," Raimundo asked, "and why isn't their some sort of ransom note?"

"There sort of is," she told him.

"Details," he insisted.

"I'll tell you what I know," she told him. "Basically I was told that I my father was being held along with your sister. This was incentive to get me involved with this game that is apparently set up. If I want my father to live, and if I want to live too, then I have to solve the clues and play this game. And I have to do it within a certain amount of time. Any contact with the police or other authority figures will result in mine," she swallowed, "and my father's termination." Rai listened to everything that she said and wondered if maybe he was being pulled into some sort of reality TV show. But if that was the case then Kimiko Tomney was the best actor he'd ever laid eyes on. He was trained to tell if people were lying and was pretty damn good at judging it.

"I don't know who these people are," Kimiko continued on, "or why it's happening now, or even at all. But my father, he's pretty much all I have left." She looked back at him and he could see how earnest she was. "These people don't just want money, they want to torment me. I have no idea why you're being pulled into this and I understand if you don't want anything to do with this. I'll do it myself. I've done my duty in telling you and delivering that envelope, it's up to you now."

Raimundo leaned up against the door and took in everything she'd said. His eyes fell back to the envelope in his hands and ran him thumb over the outside of it. He looked up suddenly catching Kimiko by surprise.

"I need to make a phone call," he told her. Kimiko nodded mutely not sure why he was sharing that with her. She watched him fish a phone out of his pocket and punch a few numbers into the keypad. Wondering if she should give him privacy Kimiko went to move but Raimundo was already talking, very rapidly in a language she didn't understand. It sounded Spanish to her but she couldn't be sure. Rai was completely consumed with his phone call and didn't notice her as she watched him. Kimiko waited, nervous as to what he was saying, who he was talking to and felt like the heat in the room had gone up ten degrees as her tension mounted.

Sighing she slipped off her jacket and didn't noticed that Raimundo had ended his phone conversation and was looking over at her. For some reason seeing her without a jacket took him by surprise and he found himself admiring slim but strong looking arms. Kimiko looked up, feeling his eyes on her and for a moment their eyes locked. Kimiko fought down a blush.

"What was the call about?" she asked nervously not sure if it was an invasion of privacy or not. Raimundo realized he'd been caught so he swallowed and then answered.

"Calling home," he told her looking back at his phone, "seems like you were right." He looked so grim that Kimiko felt a huge amount of guilt settle into her stomach.

"I'm so sorry Raimundo," she told him and her sincerity touched him. Instead of answering her he opened the envelope she'd given him again.

"This is something I gave my sister the last it I was home," Rai told her pulling a silver pendant out. "It's a replica of the one I wear. My youngest sister was really upset that I was leaving again so I had this made for her. She never takes it off." Kimiko's eyes studied the small silver disk he held up and noticed the simple swirl carved into it. Her eyes darted to his neck and saw a chain that she guessed must hold is own necklace.

"So what does this mean?" Kimiko asked him. Rai locked her eyes with his own.

"I'm in."


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