She was there, right in front of him, with her long, silky, black hair; and her beautiful pale, lavender eyes. She never wore makeup yet she didn't need it…still she started wearing it now. She had longed to be in my arms so badly for so long that she grew tired of waiting, and she just…left for other arms, that would hold her like I never did. I wanted that pink-haired kunoichi that never recognized me as more than a friend, but that was long ago.

I know my best friend is happy with her now, why shouldn't he be? He has the cutest and kindest girl in town for him only… yet she is the one that doesn't look too happy. Her eyes seem cold and distant from everything and the naïve kindness that she showed disappeared. Those warm smiles disappeared and left along with her cute view of reality. I wanted to reach out to her, hold her in my arms, kiss her sweetly, tell her I loved her, and help her.

She changed so much… yet no one noticed… why? Aren't they supposed to know her better than I do?! He is her fiancé, the fiancé of my princess… why doesn't he notice her changes?! Why can't they notice the changes? What to do? She doesn't speak to me anymore, how can I be there if she won't let me near? She built a wall around her heart that locked me out… what can I do? What can I fucking do?!

Wait…she is walking up to me…what can I say… 'Lord'

-Naruto, Sasuke told me to call you. Are you ok? You seem kind of …down…

-Hinata-chan I am so sorry

-save it and also remove the suffixes… no need to be formal to an "ex-wannabe"

and there he came…my bakka of a friend… he came happy with a playful light in his eyes.

-Hina-chan, lets go dance, please!

-No thanks, cutie, I don't feel like dancing…-she smiled to him… there she goes again…with a fake smile in her face… I hate that… why doesn't anyone notice?!

-want something to drink?

-yeah, sure, sweetie can you bring me a soda, please

-sure, one second- there…he was leaving yet she grabbed his wrist and turned him around when he say into her eyes she leaned over and kissed him lightly… he totally blushed so he turned around, trying to hide his scarlet shade on his face. Does he even love her as much as I do? ...yeah…he does… the one that doesn't love him is her. He left, still hiding his face. She turned to me…

-So what's up with you?

-What do you mean? Nothing I'm just happy for my best friend…

-No you're not… I had known you for such a long time that I can see when you aren't happy. Are you jealous?

-Wanna know the truth? Yeah I am jealous, I know you waited a long time for me but still I love you.

-You didn't love me then, you love me now… Five years later… Did you think I'd wait for so long?!

-No…I know that but I also know that you haven't moved on. You changed… you didn't wear make-up… nor drink… nor go shopping so many times… You used to enjoy a simple life… why? Why did you change?

-I was naïve and stupid… now I like being girly, that brought me a lot of good things, confidence, power, strength, lots of things that I didn't have. That's why now I am the best kunoichi after Godaime-sama and now I am the successor of the clan.

-no… now you are a fake…

-what do you know?!! You don't know me!!-she slapped me…leaving a hand marked on my face, she turned around and I quickly grabbed her wrist and took her to the balcony.

-I know you, I do! You are the one that doesn't know you… you are the one that is blinded by the 'power' now. Yet I can't get you out of my head…

-Let me go! You are hurting me!!

-I won't let you go –still I loosened my grip a little, I couldn't hurt my loved one…

-You jerk! Leave me be… I'm getting married to Sasuke, your best friend, so have some respect for him and let me go!

-You know I won't… If you know me so well then you should know I won't let you leave…treat me like shit again… I can't have that… It tears my heart apart…

-I don't care… how do you think I feel?-she said that coldly but with a shakiness in her voice.

Finally I looked at her eyes… I had been avoiding contact with those eyes that looked through your soul to be able to see the reason of her shakiness… she was crying… her eyes were full of that salty liquid that I hated so much to see. So I ran my thumb over her smooth skin and remove that drop… I got closer… and closer until I hugged her. Surprisingly…she hugged me back and she held on tight finally letting out those tears that I saw that she was trying to hold back and her cries became louder but still hard to hear. I raised her chin, my hand under it, and made her see me… she blushed and that naïve blush and light in her beautiful pearly eyes that I lost sense of everything around me… It was as If I was drunk… even drunker than that night with Jiraiya and her weird ladies… I just felt this lust…passion… desire… love, take over me… I just pulled her closer and with my lips I claimed her… all of her.

When I recovered my senses I realized I had her… we were on the roofs of the buildings in Konoha, I had her picked-up 'bridal-style' and she looked happy…for a long time, she looked happy and smiled, just like she did before…every time I looked at her, smiled at her, talked to her she would smile and blush, before I thought she was weird and creepy but she had always been cute and refreshing. We finally reached my apartment and I opened the door… I didn't want to let her down yet I did, I laid her down on the couch and took my formal clothes off… engagement party…what a joke! I smirked at her, she just laid there like a fancy princess, like an angel… she was MY fallen angel. I couldn't resist, she seemed so tempting, with her closed eyes I walked up to her (not caring being in my boxers) and I just pinned her down on the couch. I could hear my heart pounding hard against my chest and I could see her thorax going up and down, with her respiration fast. She opened her beautiful white eyes and her look seemed full of lust. I found myself kissing her once again in this night, but this time passion overflowing.

Minutes later I could make her open her mouth, letting my tongue in and our lips still touching. I couldn't let my mouth out of that sweet heaven; it was too sweet, too sinful that it was addictive. She joined me and our tongues fighting each other made me shiver, It tasted so good…not only for first day in my life kissing her but having her under me, our bodies so close that if she left a moan you would feel her respiration and smell her sweet, ohh, so sweet breath, that I contained myself for so long to kiss. I liked to be able to tell her I loved her, not caring about the consequences of kissing her, or having her first time. Sorry for my best friend but her innocence will be mine, only mine, forever. I prayed for that whole night to freeze, in that moment, leaving me to kiss her, lick her, suck her soft neck, pleasuring her in anyway possible, together forever, no interruptions. After a long while she broke the kiss, I couldn't help to make an angry face, just when I finally would own her, she broke the kiss…I really became addicted to those lips that shivered the first time I kissed her, long ago.

She wose a little bit from my couch and she wrapped her tiny arms around my chest to pull me closer, when she did she was pressing her lips deep against mine. I was directly on top of her and she had her leg between my legs she gave a moan of pleasure when she felt a bump in my boxers. She then lowered her hands and started removing my boxers, still not letting go off my lips. After removing my boxers she threw them far, then she started unzipping her dress, I tried to help her yet I just got excited and angsty so I just ripped her dress off. So she was just laying down in only her panties, playful, she just took her bra off leaving only her black panties. She unlocked her lips from mine and started nibbling at my right lobe, then she lowered to my neck and then to my chest. She was killing me, she knew I was trying to hold on but I had little patience left so I just leaned over and whispered something that made her blush (not gonna tell you what it is you hentais!!) so she just took off her panties leaving us both naked.