I got up, slowly from the bed

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xSecond Partx

I got up, slowly from the bed. My fingers were aching to tough her soft silky hair. She was there, in front of me. Her eyes closed, her eyelashes long, her adorable face in an expression of calm. I lowered my head and got up, my heart aching. It was too much for me. But I have to let her go. She's like a bird, I can't keep her caged, and she already has a life… I can't destroy all that she worked so hard for.

Now I was standing, still in front of her. Her pale neck, her shoulders, her chest rising and falling with each sweet breath, her sweet addictive lips… Her slender and soft arms over the blanket, cuddled in a corner of the bed, almost like a little girl. Her hair falling on her back and clinging weakly on her shoulders. I cursed myself for being so weak. I cursed myself for knowing I can't hold her again, for knowing this is a once in a life time situation, and it won't happen again. Almost like a dream, that you have once and then… you go back on with your life… for it was just a dream and it didn't change anything in life.

I rubbed my eyes, its funny, they are stinging. Wait… I wiped my eyes to find drops… I chuckled softly. I was crying. I had her; I had her once and not once more! I won't be with her again. I will have to restart my life, to reset all feelings… to shatter all hopes. I turned my head from her direction and headed towards the shower.

I could hear her shuffling; I turned to see her eyelids fluttering. I kept on going my way, and opened the door to the bathroom. I entered and closed it, sliding down and raising my legs so my knees were at the height of my chest. My head on my knees my eyes closed as I felt the sliding wetness of my tears.

"Naruto?" I chuckled softly at hearing her melodic voice.

"Yeah?" I choked out avoiding any crack in my voice. I heard her laugh.

"May I join you?" I cocked an eyebrow.

"At?" I asked confused.

"You'll take a shower… right?" I sighed and smiled weakly.

"Yeah…" I heard her giggle.

"Baka, now, open so I can shower with you…" she said. I could listen to her voice and I'm sure she was smiling.

"Um… I kind of want to shower alone… if you don't mind" I tried to tell her, I wanted to avoid seeing her adorable face, her cute eyes, her seductive lips, her smile…

"Naru-chan… are you embarrassed?" I laughed softly.

"Yeah" she makes it easy for me to lie…

"Don't be! Not like I didn't see you last night, by the way, you were an animal!" she said giggling. I smiled and walked towards the shower and turned the tap on. I bet she is horny… that must be why she's saying this… I walked inside the tub and got under the water, letting it wash away everything. "Naru-chan" she said as I heard the door open and she poked her head in. "Haha, I found you" she said with a smile that clutched at my heart. "May I join you?" I nodded weakly, a fake smile on my lips.

She walked inside her hips swaying. I chuckled. She can be so seductive at times. She flashed me a smile and winked at me. I cocked an eyebrow and grabbed her wrist and pulled her in, when she was close enough I lifted her up and laid her down when we were in the tub. She stood on her toes and kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my cheeks and finally my lips. I wrapped my arms around her and deepened the kiss. I trailed kisses towards her neck and her chest. She giggled softly. This possessive side of me came to bloom as I found myself kissing her and nipping her at a certain spot on her neck. "You're mine" I growled, she simply nodded and moaned in pleasure. This somehow was able to boost my male pride and make me feel better about stealing Sasuke's wife-to-be on the night of their engagement and taking her virginity before him. When this came through my mind I stopped. She looked at me and pouted, confused and angry.

"Why did you stop?" she asked me. I stared at her and looked down.

"I already took what interested me… Leave, I don't want anything else from you. I don't want you in my sight! Leave!" I growled angrily. She stared at me shocked and obviously hurt. I heard my heart shattering even further. Have you ever grabbed a piece of glass and a hammer and hammer the glass and when you see small pieces then smash it again so there will only be pulverized parts? Well… trade the glass for my heart. She left the tub and ran towards the room, she didn't look back. All I saw when she ran were tears falling… well… I could be wrong… they could've been just the drops of water. Hell, now I'm trying to make myself feel better for breaking her heart… AGAIN… God… I'm the worst. I should've just let her be and marry him… that way she would've forgotten me sooner… I cursed myself as I felt extreme pain in my chest, as if needles were being dug in it. I smiled. I deserve this pain; I bet I caused her worst.

I walked outside the tub, knowing she had left for I had heard the door slamming. I grabbed a towel and dried myself, walking towards the bed I found a letter.


Just so you know… I'm yours… I'll always be. Thank you for yesterday… I think the cruel words will make it easier to move on… at least I'll know I can love again, though you'll always own most of my heart.

Love, your princess.

I sighed and chuckled to myself. 'I'll always be yours as well. Farewell my doll' I thought as I laid the letter down and placed it on a shelve, inside a book. I plopped down on my bed and sighed.


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