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Chapter 1: BeastBoy's Special Delivery.

Inside a laboratory, an unkempt man in a ruffled white lab coat was quickly preparing himself for something. He was placing something inside a large cardboard box, and carrying his package somewhere. Although the cardboard box itself seemed rather unimportant, he was carrying it with the utmost care, as if it meant everything to him.

He gently placed it on a small pedestal, before moving in front of a nearby terminal, and placing his hand on a lever, ready to pull it down. Before doing so, however, he took one more glance at the box.

'I'm sorry I will not be able to be there for you. I'm not even sure where I'll send you. But hopefully, it'll be somplace better than here. So long as they are around, you're not safe. Not safe at all...' he thought to himself.

Almost as if to prove a point, a door on the far end of the room was beginning to get pounded on. "Damn! They've come!" the man said, before pulling down the lever he was gripping forcefully. The pedestal the box was on began to glow a bright blue color as it began charging energy. 'Please...work!' the man begged mentally, his eyes continuously darting back to the door, which by now was coming close to its limit. Whoever's muffled yells were coming from beyond that door were getting louder, as the door began splintering, getting ready to fall forward.

The pedestal was completely covered in its bright blue light, which was now starting to rise to cover the box in its glow, as the box vibrated slightly from the energy output. Once the box was completely enveloped in the light, the light compressed quickly, before completely vanishing in a flash of light.

A second later, the door being pounded on burst forward, wood shards and dist flying everywhere. Through the noise, a single gunshot sounded through the air, and the bullet that produced the sound pierced through the man, exiting his body and hitting the terminal behind him, the hole it created spitting sparks and jolts of electricity.

The man groaned, a few droplets of blood dripping from his mouth, as he fell forward to the ground. His vision was swimming, and beginning to dim, even as he sensed people swarming into the room, doing unknown things to his materials. However, none of that mattered to the man, whose gaze lingered on the pedestal he had set the box on. As his breathing slowed, and his moments grew shorter as his life faded away, he thought only one thing, before his eyes would close one final time, never to open again...

'Please...be safe...my child...'


"Hold down the fort while we're gone, okay, BeastBoy?" Robin said to his green skinned cohort.

BeastBoy waved his hand through the air idly. "Yeah, yeah. I'll stay here while you do your errands or whatever. But why am I the only one who has to stay behind?" he demanded.

"Because you remember what happened last time we took you to the supermarket." Raven said simply.

"Hey, that guy was trying to take the last issue they had of my favorite comic book! And I saw it first!" BeastBoy insisted.

"Yeah, and now that guy can probably never look at squids and gorillas the same way again." Cyborg said snidely.

"Hmph." BeastBoy scoffed, crossing his arms and looking away.

"Do not worry, friend BeastBoy! We shall not be away long!" Starfire said happily.

"Yeah, yeah. Go on." BeastBoy said, still not looking at them, while the other Titans left for their errands, leaving BeastBoy to do whatever he wanted to do.

So, naturally, he was bored within a short while.

"Come on, come on!" BeastBoy said, pressing buttons rapidly on his video game controller. "Ah, dude..." he said, as he botched up his character's signature throw and instead received an uppercut to the chin, depleting his life, and losing the game. "No fair...the computer cheats!" BeastBoy complained. "Oh, well, might as well go to the roof and enjoy the view or something..." he thought. Then he stopped for a second. "Me, enjoy the view? Dude, I must be bored..." he said, before continuing towards the elevator to the roof.

Once up on the roof, BeastBoy stood at the edge, looking towards the city. "I wonder what Cy and the others are doing right now?" he wondered. "Probably having a good time, doing something exciting while I'm not around..." he grumbled. "Dude, nothing exciting ever happens to me. I want something exciting to happen right now!" he said, gesturing his finger downwards to emphasize his claim.

As if to answer his demand, a suddenly bright light appeared right in front of the entrance to Titans Tower, at the base of the tower. The bright light glowed for several seconds, before vanishing, leaving behind a cardboard box.

"What the heck?" BeastBoy said, before turning into a hawk and flying down to where the box was. "It's a big box." he said, pointing out the obvious. "Well, I asked for it. Guess I'll take it inside and see what's in it." he said, picking it up. "Oof! Heavier than I thought." he said, readjusting himself to get a better grip on the box, while he took it inside.

Once inside the common room, BeastBoy placed the box down in the center of the floor. "Now, let's see what's in this ol' box, shall we?" he said, placing his hands at the folds on the top, before pulling them back and opening the box. Inside was...

A girl, about BeastBoy's age. She had long blue hair, and her eyes were closed. One would describe her clothes, except for the fact that there were none on her body, as she was completely naked. Even more striking than that fact, was the fact that she appeared to have white cat ears and a white cat tail, beginning from where the base of a spine was. Upon seeing this catgirl, lying naked in a box, with her eyes closed, BeastBoy's natural reaction was to...

Panic. "Whoa, dude! There's a girl in here! Her eyes are closed! Is she dead?" he began yelling running around wildly, waving his arms, in a very interesting fit of panic. "Oh, no! If she's dead, the police'll find my fingerprints, and they'll try for murder! Ahh, I don't want to go to jail! I'm not a bad guy!" he said, still freaking out.

"Mew..." came a quiet voice from inside the box.

At that sound, BeastBoy calmed down instantly, walking back over to the box. He sighed in relief when he saw the slightest stirring in the box. "Good, she's not dead. She's just a naked girl with cat ears in a box..." he said, not realizing the oddness of that statement. "Wait a minute...naked?" he shouted. Instantly he covered his eyes in embarassment. "Geez, how long have I been staring at something I shouldn't have?" he said, feeling around blindly for something to cover the girl with. In his blind feeling around, his hand tapped the white cat ear of the girl, which twitched instantly. "Huh?" BeastBoy said, uncovering his eyes for a second. He tapped the ear again, and it twitched again, much like a real cat's would. "It's just like a real cat...what's going on?" BeastBoy wondered out loud.

"Mew..." the girl said again, and this time, her eyes began drifting open slowly.

'Oh, crap! If she sees me, she's gonna be ticked about me seeing her naked!' BeastBoy thought frantically, unable to move. The girl's eyes opened further, revealing their deep blue color, as she began sitting up, causing BeastBoy to attempt to back away, but only managing being able to fall back on his behind.

When the girl was sitting up inside the box completely, she yawned and stretched a little bit, before opening her eyes fully, and looking around slightly. BeastBoy could see her white tail swishing behind her as she looked. After a few seconds of looking, her eyes landed on BeastBoy, who was unable to keep an incredibly guilty look on his face.

'Oh, crap. Here it comes...' BeastBoy thought, bracing himself.

What he got was completely unexpected. The girl's eyes lit up. "Master!!" she squealed happily, before leaping agilely from the box she was in, and landing right on top of BeastBoy, knocking him fully to the ground.

At that moment, the door to Titans Tower opened up, and Robin came in. "Okay, BeastBoy we're ho--!" was all he was able to see.

One by one, each of the returning Titans froze as they saw the scene in front of them, with BeastBoy lying on his back, while a completely naked girl with cat ears and a cat tail kneeled on top of him...



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