Greetings everyone. It's Captainkodak1. Rich and I are pleased to present our new story.

This is a story of two worlds and those beings that inhabit them. One of these is our world. The world we inhabit. The world we see and feel. This is the world outside of the screen. The other world is the world of the internet, the world of programs, firewalls, passwords, an electronic micro-civilization that lives and breathes on the other side of the screen. We have created this world. Because we created this world, part of us lives there too on the other side of the screen. Now both worlds are in danger. Kim and Ron take the ultimate step. They must enter the digital world and become part of it. They must travel the internet as they try to protect both worlds. This is Team Possible – DataStream.



Eighteen pompoms shook in the airs as nine voices yelled out in unison. Eight skirts twirled as the cheerleaders spun and froze into position. Kim stepped out in front bringing her pompoms up over her head.

"M – ID- DLETON - Let's go Middleton!"

Kim stopped and turned around.

"Okay everyone that was great. Take a break and then we will work on the new routine."

Dropping her pompoms in a pile, Kim stepped over to the cooler where the bottles of water for the cheerleaders sat on ice. She pulled one bottle out of the ice, twisted off the top and took a long slug of the cold water. Turning around she watched as the football team practiced on the field. She had her eye on one particular player with the number 7 on his jersey.

The team was running a scrimmage with the defense against the offense. Kim watched as the ball was hiked. Ron took the handoff and started up the field. One player made a diving lunge but Ron literally leaped over him. Another made a grab for Ron but he came to almost a complete stop allowing the player to pass in front of him. Ron sped up and continued down field. Kim blew a kiss to him as he approached where she was. He was just about in front of Kim when he winked at her. She was about to wave at him when she heard the smack of shoulder pads. Her instincts borne from dodging Shego's plasma bolt allowed her to jump into a spinning cartwheel out of the way. Mack "Mack truck" Brown had caught Ron as he was distracted and drove Ron into the ground along the sidelines. Kim winced at the impact and turned to check on her boyfriend.

Ron lay on the ground groaning slightly. Kim knelt at his side and removed his helmet.

"Ron, are you okay?"

Ron's eyes rolled around for a second then focused on Kim.

"KP! Boy did I ever feel that!"

Mack stood off to the side as he pulled his helmet off. Bonnie came bouncing over to him and gave him a kiss.

"Mackie honey, that was an awesome hit! Hey K, bet your boyfriend learned how if feels to get hit by a real man."

Kim turned with fire in her eyes when Barkin stormed up screaming.

"BROWN! What the heck were you thinking? This is a scrimmage, not an assassination attempt. Five laps."

Mack turned to Barkin.

"Come on Coach, it was a good hit. It's about time he learned to take a hit."

Barkin glared at the player.

"Mr. Brown, I would bet that Stoppable has been hit harder by some of the freaks he and Possible deal with all the time. Some, I am sure would send you screaming for your momma. Now it's seven laps for back talking."

Brown's composure dropped as he started his laps. Bonnie turned to Barkin.

"Mr. Barkin, that is not fair. You just are protecting that loser. Besides it's K's fault. She distracted her little pet."

Kim jumped to her feet and started to open her mouth when Barkin interrupted.


Kim snapped her mouth shut but glared at Bonnie.

"Rockwaller, two laps for talking back. Possible, one lap for distracting one of my players."

Kim started to argue but decided discretion was the better part of valor. Ron stood up and put his arms around her waist. She leaned back into his touch.

"STOPPABLE! Keep the PDA off the field. Hit the showers, you are done for the day."

Kim patted Ron on the shoulder pads as she turned to do her laps.

"See you after practice."


Kim walked over to the bleachers where Ron was waiting for her. She sat down and picked up a water bottle from her bag at her feet. Kim passed him another water bottle from her bag. They both took sips from the bottles before settling back against the bleachers. Tara and Hope waved at Kim and Ron as they gathered their belongings and walked off the field. The MadDogs were on their way to the best football season they had ever had. The Cheerleading squad with the Pep Puppies backing them up had a good shot at the regionals.

Kim and Ron sat side by side, as they always had. The two had settled back into the simple friendship that they had before, but now there was something deeper. Kim still had her Ron Night, and Ron had his Kim Night. They had one night a week that was to be the serious date night. The rest of the time was devoted to just hanging out together. The media had finally let them alone a couple months after the prom. Team Possible had been the big news of the summer. First, they had saved the world again and second they were now seriously dating. Now Ron was a star running back, and he was dating the head cheerleader. The couple who had turned the food chain on its ear was redefining the term again.

Kim stood and grabbed her bag.

"Let's go Ron. We don't have that much homework so maybe we can ride around in the Sloth before heading home."

Ron pulled her to her feet and turned to grab both their bags. He held out his hand as she took it and they headed for the gym.

"Sound's good to me KP. Why don't we ride by the park? I'll meet you at the Sloth after you get cleaned up."

Later, Ron pushed open the door for Kim and they headed out to the parking lot. They had just about reached Kim's car when they heard yelling.

"There they are!"

Kim and Ron turned to face a number of people with cameras with quite a few teens. They were swamped in an instant with autograph books and questions. The cameras snapped frame after frame as the two of them signed book after book or on occasion some other item. The Nakasumi Toy Company had started producing a boxed set of action figures of Kim, Ron and Rufus. Now several of these boxes appeared before them for their autographs. After a few minutes, they were able to sign all the autographs and pose for pictures. They finally were able to get in the Sloth and head for the park.

"That is getting annoying." Kim stated as she sat back in her seat. Ron made the right hand turn out of the school parking lot and accelerated up the road.

"Yeah" Ron said blushing. "Our mail certainly has become interesting."

Kim just nodded and sighed. They may be famous to some people but there were others with less than complimentary opinions. The hate mail had increased over the past few weeks and the fact that the two of them were now dating just added fuel to the fire. The hate mail fell into two main classes. The first group contained attacks for what they did. The second contain the attacks on them personally. Ron got the hate mail for being Jewish and Kim got it because she was a girl. There were hate letters about how they dressed, how they talked and just about every aspect of their lives. Both of them went through the mail together and categorized it into those that would receive a reply, those thrown away and those that to be turned over to the police. However, they did not have to worry about that right now. They were free for the afternoon.

Ron drove toward Middleton Park. The sun was shining and the day was warm. They rolled down the windows and let the air flow through the car. Kim sat back in her seat and let the wind blow her hair back. She reached across with her left hand and laid it on his thigh. Ron glanced to the right quickly, then lowered his right hand and patted hers. The traffic was light for a Friday afternoon and soon he turned the Sloth into the gate of the park. He pulled into a parking space, rolled up the windows and turned off the ignition. Getting out of the car and he stepped around to open the door for Kim. She took his hand and they entered the park.

"Com'n Kim let's go over here."

Ron pointed over to the playground.

"Ron all that is over there is the kid's playground." Kim said as she pulled them to a stop.

"I know KP. There's just something I would like to do."

Ron laughed that childish laugh of his as he pulled Kim on with him. Kim giggled and followed him as they entered the playground. All around there were small children playing on the various pieces of equipment. Ron pulled Kim toward one piece of playground equipment and stopped in front of it. Kim stared down with wide eyes. They were standing at the seesaw. Her thoughts went back Erik pushing her on the swings while Ron sat ignored on the seesaw. Kim turned to look at Ron, his face smiling and expectant. Kim let out a laugh and gave him a playful shove in the direction of the other seat. She took her seat and pushed up so Ron could get on his end. She bobbed her end up and down a couple of times then both started into the rhythm of going up and down. Ron watched as Kim's hair flew up and down on the rise and fall of her seat. Kim saw Ron smiling back and the two just watched and laughed at each other as they went up and down, remembering many times the two of them had played on that seesaw.

"Hey you two, that is supposed to be for the little kids. I do not care if you two do save the world. Either leave or I'll get a ranger."

Kim and Ron stopped quickly as a large irate mother scolded at them. Kim hopped off quickly, so fast that Ron's end slammed to the ground spilling him head over heels backward. Kim ran over to Ron, grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet.

"Excuse us." Kim said blushing and giggling as the two teens ran from under the glare of the woman. Rufus blew a big raspberry at the women as they passed by.

The two teens burst out laughing as they raced from the play area and headed up the hill toward their favorite spot in the park. Ron sat down under their tree and pulled Kim into his lap. She snuggled down laying her head on his chest enjoying the few quiet moments the two of them had. Later they stood and walked hand in hand back to the car.

Kim curled her arm around his and pulled him closer to her.

"Thanks Ron. That was fun."

Ron patted her arm and gave her a kiss on the side of her head.

"Thanks KP; I just thought it would be something neat to do."

Kim smiled back at him; this was the friend she remembered. He had really stepped up to the line with the Diablo mission, but this was the Ron she had known all of her life. This was her Ron. Now he was stepping up at school and even more on missions. He held the door for Kim as she climbed in. He stepped around the car, got in the drivers seat and headed the car for her house.

Mrs. Possible was in the kitchen cooking supper when she saw Kim and Ron riding up the street to the house. She had been elated when Kim and Ron had walked up onto the porch after the prom. Watching through the peephole she had seen Kim kiss Ron in a certain fashion. Mr. Dr. Possible's blood pressure would have gone through the roof if he had seen his only daughter kissing any boy in said fashion. Over the summer the relationship had deepened between the two. Mrs. Possible had noticed the change over the summer, before they had been all over each other constantly, now they were back to like they were before, friends but also something more.

The door to the garage opened as Kim and Ron entered the Possible home. The two teens entered the kitchen and Kim went up to give her mother a hug. Anne turned to Ron as Kim returned to his side. Her mother's eye caught the ease with which she took his hand, as if it was second nature. A smile crossed her face.

"Staying for supper Ron, we are having meatloaf, mashed potatoes, string beans and dessert." Mrs. Possible glanced at her daughter knowing what Ron's answer would be.

"Sounds good Mr.P."

Kim grabbed Ron's arm and pulled him toward the stairs to her room.

"Let's get as much of this homework done as we can before supper."

"Ah, KP, the mouse ears channel has a marathon on this afternoon. All the greatest episodes of Real Heroes."

Kim grabbed Ron by his ear.

"Your DVR is recording everything show no doubt. Now it is time to study."

The two teens climbed the stairs to Kim's room.

"Door open, Kimmie-cub." Mr. Possible shouted from the living room.

"Yes, daddy" Kim called back.

Ron tossed his book bag on Kim's bed and sat down on the rolling chair next to it. Kim had gone behind her screen. Her cheerleader uniform flipped over the top and soon she came out dressed in her peasant blouse and the matching pants.

Kim growled, "Argghhhh" as she fell on her bed next to Ron's book bag as she placed hers next to his.

"You save the world several times over and still your dad doesn't trust you having a guy in your room."

Ron opened his book bag and took out two textbooks.

"Latin or History?"

Kim rolled over to her bag and opened it.

"Latin, let's get the worst over with first."

The two teens pulled out their workbooks and started to work. Rufus crawled out of Ron's pocket and dozed on Kim's pillow.


The Pentagon

Sgt. Gerald Kelley sat at his console monitoring the internet connections with the servers at the Pentagon. These were the public connections. The command systems were mostly separate from the public systems behind powerful firewalls. However, there was still a chance that someone would try to hack into the main systems that could hold classified information. He had a boring job but it paid well. He mostly just made sure all of the systems were up to date and operating. Kelley pushed back from his workstation to grab a cup of coffee and a doughnut from the table behind him. He sat for a moment munching on his doughnut when an alarm sounded on his terminal. He spun around spilling the hot coffee in his lap.

"Yeouch" he screamed as he pushed his chair back to his station. He tapped quickly at his terminal and blanched. Someone had broken through the first firewall and was attempting to break through the second. The sergeant slid his mouse over on his screen and clicked a font that sounded an alarm to the other programmers and monitors. The compromising connection was severed before the intruder could break through the code of the second firewall. He attempted to trace the ICP of the intruder but somehow there was no address available. Whoever had attempted the break-in had covered their tracks well and had disappeared.

Major Drummond, the senior officer on duty came and stood beside the sergeant staring at the screen as the sergeant attempted to trace the intruder.

"Report" he ordered.

The sergeant sat up and began typing at his console as he made his report. "Major at 16:34:30, an intruder made it through the first firewall. Somehow, they were able to disengage the alarms. We were not aware that a breakthrough had been made until they had found the second firewall and attempted to breakthrough that. At that moment, another alarm was activated. I immediately started a trace on the intruder, but apparently the noticed the trace and broke the connection. At that point, I instigated a shutdown of the connections from alpha 1-2 to beta 2-4. By that time the intruder had disappeared, all my traces came up with nothing."

Major Drummond nodded and stood.

"Ok, Sergeant, well done, file the report and slowly reopen those connections."

"Yes, Sir." The sergeant saluted.

"And sergeant?"

"Yes, Sir?"

"Go change your pants."

"Yes, sir!"

Major Drummond walked back to his office and closed his door. He sat behind his desk and picked up his phone. Dial a number quickly; he waited for the other party to answer. A voice responded and the Major began his report.

"General, this is Major Drummond. They tried again sir. They were able to make it to the second firewall and were on the way to breaking though. We were unable to trace the intruder. That makes the fourth time that they have attempted the breakthrough."

The Major sat listening for a moment as the voice at the other end spoke at length.

"Yes, Sir, I think we need to activate the project."

The Major grimaced for a moment as he listened.

"Yes sir, I will make the call. I will report back to you when they go active."

Drummond hung his phone up and pulled a set of keys from his pocket. He stood and left his office in the computer section. He walked down the hall past the different computer rooms. He approached the room where the computer banks were. He tapped his security code onto the pad at the side of the door. The door slid open and he entered the room. He turned, walking past a number of computer banks he approached the far wall and a non-descript door with a code designation. A small numeric pad at the side of the door came to life as he entered another code. A panel slid back to reveal a palm reader. The Major placed his hand on the pad and a green bar of light scanned his hand. The door slip open and he entered what appeared to be a small closet. Inside the closet was a simple chair and computer terminal. Beside the terminal was a small notebook with the name Project DataStream on it. He sat down and opened the notebook. Inside were simple instructions.

"To activate Project DataStream, type the two initials of each of the primary parties and press enter. Then enter your service number and security code."

He tapped the space bar to activate the screen. Three small boxes came to view in the middle of the screen, he typed in the code, moved the cursor to the next box entered his service number, and then his security code. He sat for a moment then pressed enter. The screen went blank for a moment then displayed.

"Project DataStream activated."

The major stood and left the small closet and headed back to his office. On the screen of the terminal the words, "Project DataStream activated" began to blink.


All across the nation the commands of the various military units, as well as the various offices of the FBI, CIA and the National Security Agency received notices on their command nets.


This is a priority one message

The following US citizens are now under Special Protection Orders. All military units and Law Enforcement organizations will consider any and all requests by the following parties to be Class A-1 security matters and direct requests from the President of the United States. It is also ordered that the following citizens and their families will be protected at all costs in men and material. The parties are:

Possible, Kimberly Anne

Stoppable, Ronald Eugene

Load, Wade Alvin

End of message


"Would you like another piece of meatloaf Ron?" Mrs. Possible asked as she stood over her creation with the knife and fork.

"MMppfff…please" Ron attempted to swallow the food in his mouth as he attempted to answer Kim's mother.

"Left or right hemisphere?" Mrs. Possible asked.

"Hmmm…." Ron made a show of thinking. "Gimme some frontal lobe there. Maybe it'll give me some brainpower."

"Ron…that will not help you." Kim giggled as she glanced at him.

"Let's hope something will help." stated Mr. Possible from his place at the table.

Mrs. Possible cut the piece of meatloaf as Ron passed his plate. She laid the piece on his plate and picked up a spoonful of mashed potatoes.

"More potatoes?" She asked.

"More, more." Squeaked Rufus from his place beside Ron. His whiskers were coated in mashed potatoes.

"Sure Mrs. P, load me up." Ron said as he nodded.

"Sure, why not, he just eats more than any of us." Dr. P deadpanned.

"Now, dear, Ron is almost a member of the family, he a growing young man and he needs all he can get." Mrs. P scolded her husband.

"And I hope we keep it at "almost a member" for a little while yet." He replied.

Kim and Ron stopped eating for a moment as they both turned beet red. They both stared at the head of the table where Mr. Possible sat with a smile on his face.

"Now, James, what have I told you about teas….." Mrs. Possible started to say.


Kim groaned and laid her head back for a second. Tonight was Friday night, their main fun night. She was so not in the mood for a mission.


Kim pulled the Kimmunicator out of her pants pocket and activated the device.

"What's the sitch Wade?"

Wade was typing rapidly on his computer. "Kim, Ron, your ride will pick you up in a minute. They will bring you to my house."

"YOUR HOUSE!" The two teens chorused.

"Yeah, this mission is uh… different and will start from here. Don't worry about changing. I have new… mission wear for you here." Wade answered as he tried to smile.

Kim and Ron looked up at the front door when they heard a car horn. They sighed as they pushed back from table, folded their napkins and stood up.

"Be back as soon as we can. Later mom, later dad." Kim kissed each of her parents in turn and grabbed Ron's hand. The two jogged for the door. Ron turned and ran back to the table. He put two pieces of pie on two napkins for dessert.

"Can't leave the best part of the meal behind." He said grinning.

"Ron, let's jet." Yelled Kim.

Ron joined Kim as they ran out the door. Ron passed Kim her pie. She accepted his gift giggling. Both of them stopped and stared out into the street. There was a car waiting there, but what was with the car surprised them. Fully armed soldiers had cordoned off the street; more were jumping off trucks packed on the street. Wheeled Light Armored Vehicles were sitting in front of and behind the car waiting for them. When the two of them came out of the house, a squad of soldiers jogged up and flanked the teens. An officer in battle dress approached the two teens and saluted.

"Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable. Please let's be on our way."

He turned and gestured back to the waiting car. The soldiers formed a cordon around the two teens as they walked down the drive and entered the car. Other soldiers spread out in a skirmish line surrounding Kim's house. The car pulled off into the darkening sky.


The motorcade approached the low-slung ranch house built into the side of a hill on the outskirts of Middleton. Another squad of soldiers was waiting for them as the car stopped. A sergeant opened the door and gestured for the two of them to step out an head for the door. Kim stepped up to the front door and rang the doorbell. The door opened and Mrs. Load welcomed them.

"Kim, Ron, it's so good to see you. Wade said you were coming. He is in his room. Ya'll go on back there. Go down the hall, it's the second door on your right."

Kim and Ron entered the home and walked the hall. They reached the door and knocked.

"Wade?" Kim asked.

"Come on in Kim." Wade called.

Ron opened the door and entered Wade's room. There were no windows. Wade's room was actually three rooms together with a bathroom. The first room appeared to be his bedroom. The second room was his computer room. The door to the last room was closed. Wade leaned back from his computer.

"Come on back. Close the door please."

Kim and Ron entered and closed the door behind them. Wade stood up and pulled out two chairs for them to sit on.

"Have a seat. I am talking to Major Drummond of the Pentagon now. He'll explain your mission, if you want to take it."

The two teens sat down and faced the screen. A dark haired man with major leafs on his shirt collar was on the screen.

"Greetings Team Possible. It is a pleasure to meet you. I wish it could be under better circumstances. We need your help. There have been several break-in attempts here at the Pentagon. We need you to find out who is trying to break-in, why they are trying and then stop them."

Kim looked puzzled. "Major, we haven't heard anything on the news. How did they even get past your security?"

The Major nodded.

"Well, Miss Possible, they attempted to break in through the internet. A number of other governments have contacted us. Someone trying to hack into their systems has also hit them." Major Drummond explained.

"But, Major, Wade is the internet expert. Why call us in until you have found out where they are?" Kim asked.

"Wade will explain a project he has been working on that we think will enable you to help us. After he talks to you and if you are still willing to take on the mission, tell him and he will contact me. Whatever your decision I thank you." The major disappeared as the screen went blank.

Wade stood up and handed Kim and Ron two bound reports.

"Come on in my lab."

Kim and Ron stood and joined Wade in his lab. Kim noticed two super suits hanging on a hanger in a clear enclosed closet. One was blue like her old suit but there was a larger one trimmed in yellow.

"Badical, new super suits, I bet that yellow one is mine!" Ron went over to look in the case.

Wade walked over to his closet and opened it. A large laser unfolded and started to hum. Kim and Ron then noticed two circular plates on the floor in front of the laser. Wade turned to the two surprised teens.

"Kim, Ron, welcome to Project DataStream. Have a seat. I have a lot to explain and little time. Those two new super suits are part of the project. One for each of you. Kim, of course, the blue one is yours. Ron yours is the yellow one. Instead of Kimmunicators each of you will wear a headset that will contain earphones, microphone and a small screen that will unfold over one of your eyes."

"OK Wade, but what about that laser?" Kim asked.

"Well, Kim, this is the second part of DataStream. Now I want both of you to read the report I just gave you. Then tell me what you want to do."

Kim and Ron opened the reports and started to read. Soon their faces turned to complete surprise. Kim looked up at Wade and he nodded. She returned to her reading. Ron pointed out something on one page. They continued reading for a few minutes. Kim finished first then Ron. Both teen closed their reports. They stood and walked to the back of the lab and talked in whispers. They turned, opened the cabinet and pulled out the new super suits.

"Where do we change?" Kim asked clutching her new suit.


Kim and Ron stood in the room inspecting each other. Kim noted that Ron filled out his suit rather nicely. He was not buffed but "spankin" came to her mind. Rufus peered out of the pocket on the thigh pocket. Ron glanced at Kim thinking she looked better in the new suit than she did the other one.

"OK, guys, here are your headsets." Wade gave them each a small headset. They placed them on their heads and waited.

"Stand on the metal circles." Wade ordered.

Kim and Ron stood on the two circles and turned to face the laser. Rufus waved at Wade from the pocket on Ron's leg.

"This will not hurt. You might feel a little funny when you get there, but you will be able to talk to me through your headsets. Here we go."

Kim and Ron saw the laser start to glow. Then, a red beam of light covered them.

Wade watched as the laser first scanned his friends then started to fire. Kim, Ron and Rufus appeared to freeze in time. The laser fired rapidly, each beam seeming to vaporize a part of them. They slowly disappeared from sight and soon they were gone.

Wade looked around the empty room. He sighed as he turned off the laser and stared at the two empty spaces where his best friend had stood moments before.

"Good Luck guys."

Wade turned and started back to his computer.


Greetings from CaptainKodak1 and Lionheart. We hope you like the newest endeavor. We came upon this idea right after Rich did the picture of Kim 2.0. It has taken us awhile to get everything together so that we could do the story. Kim and Ron are in for an adventure.

Unlike the Lotus Bloom, this will not be an illustrated story. Rich will be using his creative ideas to help me write this story.

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