Team Possible Datastream
By Captainkodak1
Chapter 4

Kim and Ron followed the ICP through the grey hallways to a transport that took them back to the area near the Pentagon site. Passing back through a security point, they entered what appeared to be a residential area of the site. There were several single doors inlaid in the walls with single touchpads. As they past one door it opened to reveal a program in an officer uniform. Kim leaned over to whisper to Ron.

"I think we are in a secure housing area."

They followed the ICP down the hall past a number of doors until it turned and gestured to one it was standing at.

"These are your quarters. If you are in need of anything just touch the communication pad inside the door."

Kim placed her hand on the pad and the door slid open. The two of them entered the room as Rufus flew into it as well. Kim and Ron looked around. The walls were a dark grey and there were little light in the room. Ron shook his head.

"What a dump."

Kim looked around and noticed a pad on the wall and touched it. The room came alive with light. Swirls of light traveled across the walls. The far wall changed to become clear and they were looking out over the area they were in. Ron looked around and saw the room was a fair approximation of an apartment. Kim walked over and looked out over the city still rubbing her arm. Ron came up behind her and began to massage her shoulders.

"Arm hurt?"

She nodded.


Ron pulled her to a seat on the bed. Gently he guided her until she was facedown on the edge of the bed with her arm hanging over the edge. Ron started with smooth stroke along her shoulder and upper arm. Then he started to concentrate on each muscle. Slowly he worked his way up and down her shoulder and arm. After a few minutes he bent over to see the most magnificent smile on Kim's face. It was the look of utter contentment. He bent over and whispered.

"Having a good time?"

Kim answered with a purr.


Ron pulled a strand of Kim's blue hair out of the way and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"Well, let's see if we can't get some sleep. I wonder how you change clothes in a place like this."

Ron pressed the switch on his visor. The microphone and eyepiece extended and Wade one appeared in the view screen.

"What's up Ron? I see the two of you are in your quarters."

Ron looked down at Kim who had turned on her side and propping her head up with her arm was watching him.

"Well, uhhhhh, this may seem to be a unusual question but how do you change in this place. And how do you get something to eat and drink?"

Wade smiled at Ron.

"Okay for the first question. There are closet stations in the wall there. Each is marked with your name. Just step into the closet and the screen will close behind you. A small screen will display inside the closet with a number of choices for clothing. Just choose what you want. Now you really don't eat in this world as you replenish your energy levels at energy ports. But there is an energy drink dispenser in along the other wall. You can choose your flavor. Now both of you get some rest. I need to get some updates ready for both of you and scan for Drakken and Shego. If something comes up I call you. Wade one out."

Kim stood up and shrugged her shoulders. She had activated her comlink and had listened in.

"Well, let's get comfortable."

Kim crossed the room and entered the closet area with her name on it. A shimmering opaque screen appeared behind her and just to her right another screen activated with a list of clothing. She made her choices and was amazed to see her battle suit derezz into a light grey t-shirt and grey sweatpants. The screen behind her shut off and she stepped back into the room. Ron was coming out of his closet. He was wearing a grey tank top and a pair of grey boxers. They looked at each other and giggled.

"Apparently grey is a popular color around here."

Ron pointed to the far wall.

"Let's at least get something to drink."

Both of them crossed over to the drink dispenser and selected a flavor. Kim sipped at her's while Ron took a big gulp. His eyes crossed as his hand went up to his head.

"Whoa, I would not recommend doing that. Sort of an overload there."

Both of them finished their drinks and made their way over to the two beds. Kim wrapped her arms around Ron for a moment before she stood on her tiptoes and gave him a kiss. His hands pulled her close as one hand cradled her back and the other cupped the back of her head. Kim pulled back.

"As much as I am enjoying this, we both need some rest."

Kim crawled into her bed as Ron got into his. Kim touched a control on the wall and the lights went out.

"Be beep be beep"

"Be beep be beep"

Kim's arm appeared from under the covers of Ron's bed and picked up her headset. She sat up and ran her fingers through her blue hair before setting her headset on her head. Pressing the commswitch on the headset she activated the screen and mike which folded into position.

"Go Wade."

Wade's face appeared in the screen.

"Hi Kim. You guys ready for another day?"

Ron sat up beside Kim rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Can't a guy get a little sleep around here?"

Kim picked up Ron's headset and stuffed it on his head and activated the screen and mike.

"Okay Wade, sleepyhead here just joined us. What's up?"

Wade gave the two the same look the real Wade gave them back in the real world.

"OOOkkkayyy. Both of you need to recharge your energy levels, then change back to your battle suits. Two archive bins are ready in the room. Go ahead and upload your new permissions and subroutines. There is also an email for you Kim from your mom. She called earlier and wanted to tell you something. I gave her your new email address for this mission."

Kim nodded as she stretched.

"Okay Wade. Give us some time to get ready. We will contact you when we are ready."

Both of them cut off their headsets and headed for their individual closets to change.

Kim was waiting by the energy dispenser when Ron came out.

"What took you so long?"

Ron shrugged.

"Well, my ability to operate technical stuff apparently came with me. I'd rather not talk about it, but I will say that the atomic wedgie that cheerteam gave me after walking in on all of you was mild by comparison."

Kim closed her eyes and shook her head.


Ron stepped over to one of the archive bins that were in the room. Kim stood up to the other one and they both accessed their individual bins. Their outfits changed slightly after they downloaded the files from the bins. A small icon appeared at the edge of Kim's eye screen. She touched the screen and it opened the email from her mom.


Wade said to send this email to this new address. He would not tell me what is going on, so I will not ask you. I suspect something special is going on but as long as Ron is with you I know everything will be okay. I just wanted to remind you that you were supposed to meet Monique to go shopping for prom dresses. Your dad wanted to remind you that the two of you were supposed to go out to get your computer for school. Also, I checked your calendar and you have a big cheer team practice coming up, if this mission last much longer you might have to let me know so the team can make other plans. Also young lady, I was cleaning your room and found some very interesting underwear under your mattress. You and I are going to have a little talk when you get back. Love from your dad. The twins say they are working on the Sloth so be careful next time you get in it.


Kim groaned and put her head in her hands. Ron looked over at her.

"What's up KP, anything wrong at home?"

Kim hid her face in her hands.

"Mom found my special things."

Ron looked perplexed.

"What special things?"

Kim gave Ron a saucy little smile.

"The special little things I bought on that last shopping trip with Monique."

Ron's face paled.

"O-h-h-h boy! What did she say?"

Kim shook her head.

"Only that we would be having a little talk after this mission is over. I almost forgot about cheer practice. If this mission lasts long I'll have to make other plans."

Wade's face broke in.

"It's already been taken care of Kim. Mr. Barkin has already been informed of your situation. He has clearance for this and has been cleared to give a cover story for you. Everything else has been taken care of for the time being. Right now I have a search pattern logged into you headsets. You should be able to search the grid in this area and look for Shego and Drakken."

Kim looked at the map then at Wade.

"Wade, this is quite a bit of area. How are we going to cover all of this?"

Wade smiled at Kim.

"Just get down to the main level and onto the street. Your transportation is ready there."

Kim and Ron stepped out into the street and looked around.

"Well, Wade said our transportation would be here."

Their headsets beeped and Wade's face appeared in their eye screens.

"Okay, your transportation is ready. Just pull your rods from their storage places and hold them in front of you with both hands, squat down and the rest will happen on it's own."

Kim and Ron pulled their respective rods from their holding places, held them in front of them and squatted down as instructed. Two motorcycle like vehicles formed around them.

"These are light cycles, one of the fastest ways to travel around the local net. They operate pretty much like motorcycles, but a little easier since the operating modes have already been downloaded into you. That way we don't have to train you. They have a small screen that you can see as you ride. A search pattern has been loaded into the cycles Sub-Routines. Just follow the pattern and see if you can find Shego and Drakken."

Kim winked at Ron and bent over her cycle. She turned the throttle and sped off. Ron followed behind her. They followed the search pattern for most of the morning. Ron scraped his cycle a couple of times but nothing too bad. They did not see a single sign of Shego or Drakken. Kim pulled to the side and shut down her light cycle. Ron pulled up next to her and did the same.

"It doesn't look like we are going to find them around here. Why don't we take a little break?"

Kim nodded.

"Yeah, I'm about ready for one myself."

Kim touched her headpiece as the screen and microphone unfolded.

"Wade, we have searched four of the five sectors and still haven't seen either one of them or even signs of either one of them. Ron and I are getting a little tired and are thinking of taking a break. Any place around here that we can relax a bit and get something to drink?"

Wade nodded and their screen on their cycles beeped.

"Why don't you just head for this place. It's pretty popular; who knows maybe you can ask around and see if anyone has seen anything. So far it has been quiet, no more break in attempts. You must have scared them off for a little bit."

Kim snorted.

"Scared them off? That is not very likely. Shego is probably just nursing a grudge and waiting for whatever plan that Drakken has. We'll head for this place and see what happens. What is the name of this place?"

Wade typed a little on his keyboard.

"It's called the Progress Bar."

Kim and Ron pulled up in front of the Progress Bar. They both had a little discussion about the name. Seeing that they were only 18 in the real world they would not be able to go into a bar back home. Wade assured them that no such thing as alcohol existed in this world. The place served power drinks of different kinds and also served what passed for food in this world. It may taste like the food back home but was energy. They stood up as the light cycles derezzed. Placing the rods back into their storage buffers they turned and entered the establishment.

The two looked around after they entered. It looked a lot like some of the dance clubs they went to back in the real world. There was a dining area and a bar on one side. The other side appeared to be a dance floor where several people were dancing to the beat of the music. A DJ like figure stood behind a elevated console. Ron placed his hand on Kim's back and guided her to one of the tables. They sat down for a moment then Kim's hand touched the table top and a screen appeared on the tabletop. She noticed that it was the menu for the restaurant. The two of them selected what appeared to be sandwiches and a drink. Kim touched her headband and called Wade.

"Uhhh, Wade. I just thought of something. How do we pay for anything?"

Wade shrugged his shoulders.

"No need for money here. Both of you are already running in the system and the system makes sure programs don't crash by lack of power. All you have to do is place your hand on the screen by the menu and approve the choice."

Kim placed her hand on the screen and it beeped. A small thank you note appeared on the screen and told them their order would be ready soon. Within a few seconds, their order rezzed into being on the table top. Ron giggled and reached for his sandwich.

"That is so cool."

Both of them ate their sandwiches and sipped on their drinks. Their eyes went to the dance floor where several others were dancing. Ron noticed a slight smile on Kim's lips. He stood and her hand.

"Want to dance?"

Kim smiled.

"Thought you would never ask."

Kim held onto Ron's hand and pulled him out onto the dance floor. They faced each other and began to dance with the music. It had been awhile since both of them had been able to dance with each other. Missions always seemed to pop up when there was a dance at the school. Ron loved the way Kim's hair all be it blue swirled around her head as she danced. Kim always watched Ron close when he danced. He may be clumsy at times but he was one of the best dancers she had even known or seen. One dance after another seemed to pass. They didn't realize it but they had acquired an audience as they danced. That was until a large male program approached Ron and pulled him out of the way. He stared at Ron as he reached for Kim.

"Cutting in. C'mere you, let's dance."

Ron's eyes flashed as he grabbed the man's arm.

"I didn't hearing the lady say she wanted to dance with you."

The man whirled and threw a punch at Ron's head. To Kim's amazement, Ron's hand flew up and caught the punch in midair. It stopped without Ron even straining. His face turned grim.

"Now let's play nice."

Ron shoved the man back sending him flying across to the dance floor into the raised platform. There were a number of screams as the dance floor cleared except for Kim, Ron, the man and some of his friends. The man stood and reached for the disk on his back.

"Bad move little script. Now you are gonna pay."

He spun and hurled his disk straight at Ron. Kim gasped as Ron's disk seemed to appear in his hands to block the other disk. Ron flicked his wrist and sent his disk to strike the other man in the chest. He was smashed back into the raised platform again and slid to the floor. Ron's disk returned to his hand and he put it back on his back. He picked up the man's disk in his hands and snapped it in two and threw the remains at the feet of the incredulous man.

"Now, I am being nice. Try anything again and somebody's gonna get hurt."

Kim ran up to Ron and grabbed his arm.


He turned and took her into his arms. Then they noticed everyone whispering. They kept hearing the word "TRON".

The big program swallowed and stood up. He picked up the remains of his disk and approached the couple. He looked down and shuffled his feet.

"Hey. Look. I am really sorry about that. I didn't realize who you were. Believe me, you are the last program I would ever want to tackle. I have heard about you but never thought I would actually get to meet you, Tron. The upgrades look good on you. Thanks for what you did back then. Everyone still thinks you two are real heroes."

The man spun and walked quickly from the floor. The crowd parted as Kim and Ron left the dance floor and headed out the door. They walked quickly up the street and around the corner. Kim's hand flew up to her headset.

"Wade, were you monitoring us? What is going on? Who is this Tron and why does everyone think Ron is him?"

Wade's face appeared on Kim's screen.

"They must be mixing Tron with Ron. As for whom Tron is, years ago in your parents time there was a problem with what was then called 'Arpanet'. There was a large program taking over other programs and gaining control over them. Tron was a program/person that stopped him, he sorta saved their world back then."

Ron primped his hair with his hand.

"You hear that KP, the Ronster is a hero! Ahh-booo-yah!"

Kim rolled her eyes. Wade continued.

"Uhhhh, that's not all Kim. Tron had a girlfriend with him that helped him take down the program."

Kim shrugged her shoulders.

"Okay, well they will think I am her, no big!"

Wade pulled back from his screen.

"Ahhh, Kim her name was…. Yori."


Ron shriveled where he stood.


Kim and Ron rode their lightcycles down another path looking for Shego and Drakken. After the altercation at the Progress Bar they had ridden to another section to restart their search. They had not gone far when their headsets beeped. Wade's face appeared in their screens.

"Kim, Ron. My scanners have picked up something that might be Shego. It looks just like it did before, yet something is strange. There is something else traveling with it."

Kim pulled her cycle to the side and stopped.

"Could it be Drakken with Shego?"

Wade shrugged his shoulders.

"That's what I thought but there is something else. Two more signals have shown up on my scanners. These two seem to be following the first two. It must be a glitch in the scanners. I am sending the location to your units. You need to get over there as soon as possible to see what's going on. I'd check the first two signals first."

Kim nodded.

"Right, on our way! Let's ace this place Ron."

Kim shot off down the road with Ron right at her side. They traveled for a few minutes then stopped and dismounted their cycles. They derezzed back to the rods and the two teens stored them in their buffer. Kim motioned for Ron to follow her. The two of them quietly moved down what looked like an alley between two structures. Kim checked her screen and backed up against the wall behind her. She touched her finger to her lips signaling Ron to be extra quiet. Ron nodded and moved to her side. Kim glanced around the corner to see the same figure as before except this time there was a blue figure with it. It had to be Drakken. Kim motioned to Ron and made a counting motion with her hand. They would attack on the count of three. Ron nodded and pulled his disk from his back. Kim pulled her disk from her packet on her leg. With her other hand she started to count down when she made a fist they both jumped into the open.

"Okay Drakken just what do you think you are……"

They had to dive to the side has Shego threw her green disk at the two of them. Ron rolled to a knelling position and threw his disk. Shego dodged his disk and called her's back to her hand. Before she could throw it back at Ron Kim's disk knocked it from her hands. Shego did a number of handsprings back and while doing a spinning twist in the air she called her disk back to her. She landed on her feet and ran off down another alley with the blue figure disappearing down the same alley just in front of her. Kim and Ron chased the two up and down several of the alleys and streets and were getting closer with each turn. Kim's headset beeped and she answered the call.

"Now is really not the time Wade!"

Wade's voice came over her headset.

"I just wanted to let you know the other signals are closing on you."

Kim dodged another disk bolt.

"Thanks for the info, but right now I just about have them……OHHHFFFFF!"

Kim ran into something coming around the corner. Ron was so close behind her he tripped over Kim and fell into someone else with whomever Kim had run into. All four figures ended up in a pile of bodies, arms and legs.

"Watch it you, can't you keep out of someone's way."

"Shego, quit playing we need to find them."

"Kim are you okay."

"Ron! You didn't have to trip over me."

There was a moment of extreme silence as all four figures jumped to their feet.



" the Buffoon"


Then all four voices said in unison.


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