Black Diamond

Summary: Their words were separated by an age old war that left hers broken and on the brink of extinction. His world holds the key to her people's salvation. But In a world where Witches are slaves to humans, the young Witch finds herself in the royal palace as the servant of the King, who is bound by his duty to his people to let her world fade. Will the love these ancient foes share be enough to save an entire race of beings?

Chapet1: captured?

The Kingdom of Agastha deemed one of the most prosperous kingdoms in the entire world. Its subjects always satisfied with their royals and grateful for the peace that the kingdom gained with a strong army. The kingdom's kings were all said to be wise, caring, strong, and brave men. With the passing of the old king comes a new age set forth by the crown prince now King.

However, the kingdom's peace seems to some almost too perfect and it soon proved to be. Before the late king died, there had been a terrible insurrection between the kingdom and a race of people who had the ability to do amazing things, things that no normal man is capable of. These people known as the devils own servants, worship old, false gods and pray to the moon, sun and some the very stars. Mortals know them as witches, but they call themselves by another name; a clan name, the Silver Alliance. The Alliance is composed of three main clans and various smaller factions. During the late King's time, two of those clans the, The Solar clan (those who worship the sun) and the Esther Clan (those who worship the stars) joined forces and attacked the humans. The Lunar clan never showed up in the war. It was said that the Lunar Clan had feared fighting the humans for they were the weakest of the three major clans. The humans had luckily won the fight thanks to their king but suffered immense fatalities; including the King whose war injuries led to his death. The late kind left his people a parting gift, a rare stone with the ability to bind witches magic and will to a mortal. The stone's abilities could be harnessed into object that enable the witches powers to be transferred to any master.

The new king trained a special faction of his army for the sole purpose of finding and restraining the witches; members this faction was titled Witch Hunter. The few remaining witches are either in hiding or captured as slaves. A few make attempts to rescue their captured comrades but fail because bound witches cannot leave their master's vicinity without permission. If they do the stone kills them. Recently there is a group of witches who have managed to somehow set a large number of slaves free. The group is composed of nine witches calling themselves ' Sailor Scouts' Their leader is said to be strong and ruthless. The rumors say the leader of the Sailor Scouts is unmatched in combat and in her magic; they claim that she is able free witches from the stone with a simple spell. That at this very moment this great leader is being held in the great court with the strongest bindings in the kingdom could very well mean the collapse of the Witch rebellion. Face covered in blood, long silver hair rained over a pale furious face. She looked up at the amused face in front of her with her own hate filled one and began to device an escape plan.

"So the pitiful young king has finally decided to do something about this damsel in distress... I'm sorry to inform your lordship but I don't find you attractive enough to sleep with you... But I'm sure I can make the perfect slut available for you with a little spell and potions." The young silver haired woman smiled looking at the man whose guards were holding her on her knees shackled and bound so that there was barely any bare flesh sticking out. He did not seem bothered by her vulgar insult.

"How dare you witch...? You are speaking to the king. Show some humanity you worthless bitch." One of the guards yanked her head backwards by pulling her hair. It hurt. She did not let it show.

"Your king is as blind as you dogs who follow him... He is nothing more than a dog that fears the shadows like the rest of you fools. When the truth comes out you condemn it." She scuffed at him.

"Is it so hard for you to accept something better than your meaningless existence?" The young maiden said looking at the king; challenging. The king smile ceased as he held her gaze. He rose from his throne, descended the steps placing himself a mere seven paces from her.

"You should be begging the king to make your death swift... The fires from which you rose will burn you to the hell you came from." The young maiden flipped over and landed on the man who had said this to her. The hall broke into panic and the guards started to fall back for a moment as the young girl whose eyes were filled with hate and rage pinned the guard beneath her and began to suffocate him with her thighs.

"Do not speak of my birthplace with your filthy tongue. The hell you speak of... Death itself would be less painful if ever you do call it a that... The home and people I came from, inspired tales your mythological heaven..." The young maiden screamed onto of the guard who was covering as he watched her silver eyes and silver hair glow with her rage. Time seemed to freeze in light of the strange phenomena. The guards got a hold of themselves, punched her off of their comrade. The young girl landed two steps closer to the king her mouth bleeding. Silver blood.

"Your just condemned yourself to a painfully slow demise." One of the guards said looking at her with anger.

"Your highness, forgive our intrusion. We will take care of this immediately. I shall announce her burning first thing in the morning." The same guard said. The young girl looked at him with a smile.

"In the morning. Why not do it now. Why wait. If you let me go for a moment I will escape and put a plague upon this kingdom." The girl said. There were murmurs from everyone in the room. Her gaze stayed steady on her opponents, faltering for only a brief instance to the lightening sky. She had only three choices, escape before the sun rose, get killed before sunrise, or wait for sunrise and what the humans would find out.

"You seemed eager to die. Shall we grant her wish king?" Another guard asked. The girl looked at the king who held a polite smile on his face.

"Don't you find our young friend too eager to die...?" The girl glared at him.

"Not really. The devil works in strange ways." A man with short blond hair said. It was the same man who had hit her down. The young girl was starting to notice his temper in the few hours he had been questioning her.

"Yes well I've never met a devil who wanted to be out of here before sunrise... Does the rising sun bother you my little witch." The king asked. The girl placated her attempt to look calm.

"Why would you think so...? Is asking for an early death so hard to understand; I will die as you have decreed, time will only make me lose this bravado I have consummated for myself." The king smiled and nodded.

"I suppose I am a curious soul. Or a smitten soul for I want to gaze upon your face under the sun's light." The girl looked mad. She sighed and calmed herself down. It looks like she had to escape. She surveyed her surroundings for a possible escape route; she was looking around when she caught sight of him watching her. She looked into his and instantly noted the abnormality of them. They were a dark midnight blue but they pulled her in she blinked and he was smiling, he had moved? when she was not certain, she hadn't even seen him do so and on top of that the sun was now fully in the sky. What had he done to her? She turned around furiously tearing her gaze away from him to catch the first gleams of light streaming into the room.

The girl didn't wait. She still had some time, she could make it, but only if she moved fast. So she dashed for the closest window she could find. Her sudden action had taken the guards aback, so their guards were down. A small rosy stick like object with a small gold crown studded by a red ruby appeared in the air in front of her. She took a hold of it and was about to say something when the lights of the sun reached her foot. She was right in front of the window. The object vanished, and she collapsed to the ground convulsing from what seemed like agonizing pain. It took a moment for the King to realize what was happening, she was beginning to react to the restrains like most witches did and she was undergoing subtle changes in appearance. Her hair was no longer silver, but a golden yellow, her strange previous garments changed into a disturbingly short dress with blue, green, orange, red and silver colors in stripes.

The young girl started to cream and roll over on the floor. She shouted and cursed and her tears became mixed with blood. It was a horrendous sight to bare witness to, and those who did were unmoving.

"What's happening to her your highness?" One of the guards asked looking at the young girl on the floor screaming her soul out.

"What usually happens to witches when you put so many restrains on them. They are killing her. Take them off, all but the hand shackles." The king said. The guards nodded and looked at the young girl with grins and hate filled eyes.

"What do you want us to do...? We could send her to a witch hunter. The Verciese maybe." One of the guards suggested. The young girl looked at him to remember his face for she knew who the Versiese were and that they did.

"I don't think we want to kill her...What is your name?" The king demanded of the girl who stared on defiantly.

"I would not tell you were my life dependent on it." Her voice when she spoke sounded scorched and she sounded as if it caused her great pain to breath let alone speaks.

"Well I didn't want to command you... But... I command you to tell me your name." She bit hers lips against the sudden unbearable need to speak forth her name. The shackles that kept her powers under his control will not allow her to disobey a command or lie or even cause any harm to him. She was his puppet so long as the shackles bind her.

" Se..S...Ser..ena." Her strength was unquestionable, the king and the watching guards all knew that had it not been for the number of shackles they had on her previously she would have managed some form of escape.

"Serena... That is a very fitting name. Zoicite do you know the whereabout of the others?" The man with the short blond hair and the bad temper shook his head.

"No your sire." The man called Zoicite said. The king nodded and looked at the witch.

"Things have been boring of late, don't you agree?" As he spoke, he continued to stare at her.

"What are you suggesting your highness." Zoicite said looking at the king with a raised brow,

"Just that I might be in need of a personal slave. I'm sure she'll try to escape if we put her in a cell or in a torture chamber. Her comrades might even attempt a rescue. But if we keep her under the watchful eye of someone who can keep her powers under control we might just learn more about who our little friend and her group is up to and why she is stronger than the usual witch" The king spoke. The room erupted in gasps. Serena erupted in laughter catching the rooms full attention.

"If you dare make me into a slave. I will slight your throat in your sleep... I'm slave to no man, especially a dog ." Serena spat the words at the king before her.

"So honored to know you think me brave. I think I'll keep you especially close and I assure you I will not offer you the opportunity to slight my throat in bed. Though you would like that wouldn't you?" Serena's face turned red. From anger or embarrassment she herself could not decide.

"In your god forsaken dream you good for nothing perverted moronic, sadistic, evilest, beastly mortal." Serena's face steamed and puffed up as she yelled to her heart's content.

"Quite a descriptive vocabulary. though is evilest a viable word?" The King turned to look at the rest of the guards in the room who laughed.

"Your are truly a fool and your people savages. I can't believe the Great Goddess would condemn her own to such a hell. As if the curse wasn't bad enough now we must live..." Serena shut her mouth immediate and bit her lip closing her eyes at the same time. She opened one eye and looked at the King hoping with all her might that he hadn't caught on to that little part of her angry speech. The cruel grin on his face told her otherwise.

"What curse, is more terrible than I. I most know for I'm deeply wounded by this new fact." The King said with a frown, he held his hand up to his eyes and wiped away an imaginary tear. Serena looked startled.

She knew that she couldn't tell him even with the truth spell on her. She was forbidden to speak of her curse at least as long as she is under it. But this would be the perfect chance for her to test the limits of the truth spell she is currently under. If these restrains are the same ones normal witches wore, she would be able to work her way out of them in half a month, but if not then she has to know how long and how she would free herself.

Come on Serena just tell him a simple lie...Something believable.

" The curse turns me... hhh...ugh...ghhh...ghhhh..." The words refused to come out, her throat constricted as if they were stuck in there. She coughed to clear her air ways then stared up eyes wide. The spell was strong.

There's no way these mere humans can have such a spell. This is almost at mother's level of magic. There's no way. I'm just exhausted. Yes exhausted that's all. Serena let out a sigh of relief, she was about to try again when she heard a chuckle. Serena looked up at the King in front of her and his index finger pointing at her. She could see something, it was very faint, almost clear, but it was there. What she saw Serena realized was his magical aura. She hadn't noticed it but the King had magic. Serena's eyes grew wide as she realized that he was the one who had strengthened the spell on her. He was that strong.

"About time you took notice. I was starting to think that my powers were too below your what you are used to." She did not tell him that his power is amongst the strongest she has ever felt.

"... So as you can see lying to me wouldn't be easy, especially to my face." Serena just wanted to wipe of the smudged smile on his face. The guy was too arrogant, and he was too proud, not to mention he smiles too much for her liking.

"So the royal bloodline has witch blood. I bet you most have had a terrible childhood, your mother being a witch and all; it must have been hard navigating the courts with all those nasty gossips, but I guess bearing you the child of the man who enslaved her would be far worst. Did she kill all of the other women your father tried to take in so that her poor unwanted child could rule. Almost makes me sympathize with you. Tell me did you know that your own father raped your mother? Did you remind her of him? A father's blood you truly is running through your veins." Serena was suddenly caught off guard, and the shackles around her ankles and wrist tightened. She felt an immense wave of power wash over her, try to suffocate her. Serena managed to look up and saw the King standing up anger painting his once smiling face and his lips moving as he chanted a spell. Serena smiled inwardly. He was still at the chanting level, too bad. Serena thought of a spell and the air around her became harsh. The room was engulfed in a hard wind, the King's spell became loose and Serena took that opportunity to attack, but she had underestimated him. The king quickly regained his status and sent a stronger wave in Serena's direction, she was about to try and get a final blow when she blacked out; just like that everything just went black her sight, her sense of smell, sounds, everything just ceased to be. The King's spell was too strong for her, and she was low on energy.

The wind slowly died out, some of the guards had been thrown clear across the room, others were on their knees on the floor. Only the King was standing up, and even he had to hold onto his throne to keep his footing. The room was incased in a ghostly silence as the guards watched their own king's spell under the young witch get stronger by the moment.

"Your highness!" A shout came from one of the guards who was on his knees. The King snapped back.

"Get her out of my throne room." The king ordered before exiting the room. The king rarely used his powers and when he did it was against witches or to protect the people. Seeing him like that made most of the guards weary. The few who knew him well knew of his powers and the reason for his sudden loss of control. The young girl had ventured into dangerous territory when she had started speaking of his parents and the fact that she guessed so close to the truth made things even worst.

" Where shall we dispose of her body General Malachite." One of the guards who had been too terrified moments ago came up to the pale yellow haired man who was making his way into the throne room.

"You fool, the King had made it clear that he wanted her alive and well. Take her to the infirmary and keep quite about this, as far as any of you know, she's his honored guest." The guards nodded. The man who had asked what was to be done about the young girl looked at her laying body with disgust and looked at his general with pleading eyes. Malachite sighed and shook his head.

"What a disgraceful bunch of cowards. Off with you." With his one remark all of the guards left, all but the two other guards who had arrived moments after him and the one the king had called Zoicite.

"Malachite are you sure that he would want her to stay." One of the four remaining men asked. He had long brunet hair tied back in a ponytail by a green head tie.

"Nephrite. The king just lost his temper. In the past fifteen years he has been in total control of himself. Besides I agree that she is hiding something from us. I think there's more to learn here. We can't let her die before leaving us with something we can use against the remaining members of her group." Malachite said. He lifted the passed out girl and flung her over his shoulders as if she were a jacket. He turned to face his companions.

"Malachite is right. She could use magic even under the restrain." A man with long wavy yellow hair said looking at the girl over Malachite's shoulder.

"Right Jadeite... Now if you will excuse me I'll go and get this young Witch some help before she dies." Malachite left. He walked down the long corridor of the palace. He was grateful that it's too early for the servants to be up and too late for most of the young trainees to be in the palace grounds. He took Serena to the infirmary used the palace slave witches. The nurse there was a witch who served the King's nurse maid.

"Annabelle she needs your help. And please do not let anyone else look after her. Someone shall come for her when she awakens. If you need of anything just ask for it." The young witch nodded her head. She was a mute who was always smiling. If only she wasn't a witch then, things might have been so much happier for her. Malachite left and went to attend to his daily duties.

LATER ON:::::::::

Serena was in the infirmary still asleep. The young witch nurse Annabelle was washing her bloodied wrist when she noticed something on her charge's forehead. Annabelle moved the damp sun-gold hair from Serena's face and saw the golden crescent moon on her forehead, Annabelle ran a hand over the crescent moon.

Serena jolted upright. Her eyes were fully aware as she took in her surroundings. She saw the woman; her sand brown hair spilling over the ground where she was bowing. Serena sighed her secrete was known to this woman.

"Do not bow to me. I am a slave like you, you do yourself wrong by bowing to me. I came this way to free you when I got captured. I should have been more cautious... So are you okay?" Annabelle lifted her head from the floor only enough to meet eyes with Serena. She did not respond, instead she looked away nervously at the walls then back at Serena.

"If it makes you feel at ease, we can talk pathologically. I told you I'm just like you." Annabelle nodded and Serena smiled.

'I felt your pain and fear, it was so tangible I could not overlook it. Were you to be burned?'

'No... I didn't know about that lie until I sensed your energy this morning. I should have suspected because something strange took place earlier. I really wanted to warn you, but I am without voice and with these restrains I cannot do any spells. I'm sorry.' Annabelle relaid.

'Don't think anything of it... Just promise you won't bow to me or act formal, I need a friend in these lands. Do that and I shall come back to get you out of here just to spite them. Serena thought and got up. She looked down at her freed wrists seeing the bruise marks, they were deep, purple, the skin felt raw. She sighed standing up only to realize the shackles weren't the only things they had removed. She was bare, she grabbed the blankets off of the bed she'd risen from, wrapped them around herself and headed for the door.

'Please Princess you can't leave.' Annabelle was standing her hands clasped together with eyes wide open and brimming with tears.

'Yes I can and it's Queen. Mother passed a year ago.' Serena though looking at Annabelle confused.

'They'll kill me if you escape... They'll think I let you go.' Serena didn't want to stay, but she knew that Annabelle was telling the truth. She would have to hold off escaping for later..

'Fine but I will require something of you later... Now if you'll excuse me I have to go get some food.'

'Your binders Queen.' Anna picked the manacles up and ran our after Serena who stopped long enough to take the bindings out of Annabelle's grasp and walk away.

"I give you my word that I will not run away if it causes you harm, but my wrists hurt and I can't put these damn things back on. I'll go eat and be back here before that egoistic King finds out that I'm out of here." Serena winked speaking her promise out loud.

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