Hi everyone! It's me!!! …No one knows who I am… do you? T-T Oh well, you know me now. I love Fruits Basket…

(Note: I call it by its real name. Fruits Basket, not Fruit Basket. For those of you who don't think this is the real way to say the name, look at this. The original Japanese name is フルーツバスケット "Fu-Ru-Tsu Ba-Su-Ke-T-Te." The "tsu" symbolizes the 'ts' in 'fruits' so the title is actually 'Fruits Basket'. In your face Atsui-san!)

and my favorite pairing is obviously Kyou/Tohru. Seriously, I loved this pairing even before it became official! Any way… on with the story! Oh, one more thing. Sometimes I call Yuki "the pretty boy". I don't mean like a stereotypical ren'ai character, I mean like a boy who is as pretty as a girl (i.e. Yuki).

Disclaimer: I don't own Fruits Basket, that honor is reserved solely for Takaya Natsuki.

"Tohru-kun, aren't you coming?" Yuki asked. He was standing on the porch of Shigure's woodland home getting ready to leave for school.

"Ah! Yes I'm coming Yuki-kun." Tohru cried. She practically fell down the steps on her way down. She caught herself, barely, taking only a moment to straighten her uniform before grabbing her book bag as she ran out to join the pretty boy.

"What took you so long Tohru-kun?" Yuki asked curiously "You aren't usually the one to be late for school. Is something wrong?" The dark haired boy gave her an odd look as they began their walk to school.

"Ah… uh… no. There's nothing wrong, it's just…" she trailed off. Yuki gestured for her to go on. "It's just… I'm worried about Kyou-kun. He wasn't at breakfast; I didn't see him all morning. And when I checked his room it didn't look like anyone had slept in the bed. Ahhh! I hope Kyou-kun is okay!"

"Tohru-kun, you worry too much about that dumb cat." He practically laughed, but Tohru could tell it wasn't a real laugh. The pair was now walking on the trail that would take them out of the forested land and close to the school. "He probably just ran off to the dojo this morning to see Shisho, or something."

"Mmmmmm… do you really think so?" the brunette questioned, chewing her lip. "At dinner last night, Kyou-kun acted kind of weird…"

"I'm sure he's fine." Yuki responded with a fake smile "Plus, even if he got into trouble he could probably handle a fight against some preschoolers at least." The boy reassured her with a smirk. Suddenly a loud crashing sound came from the left side of the trail, the side Yuki was walking on.

"We'll see who can't handle preschoolers!" a voice rang out as a flash of orange and grey zipped onto the trail and towards Yuki. "Today's the day I'll finally beat you!"

Just as the blur that was Sohma Kyou reached Yuki, the pretty boy kicked out his foot straight into Kyou's stomach. The orange-haired loudmouth doubled over, but was instantly back on his feet, aiming a punch for Yuki's face. The brunette easily sidestepped the blow, and delivered one of his own, which connected bluntly with Kyou's jaw.

The angry neko flew back and collapsed onto the ground, clutching his mouth and muttering a string of obscenities under his breath. Tohru remained wide-eyed and panicked during the short fight. As soon as Kyou hit the ground she rushed over and knelt by his side.

Just as she was ready to console him, Yuki let out a cold laugh and cut her off. "How pathetic Kyou. You're getting weaker every day. If that was all you have to offer, I take back what I said. You'd be begging a group of preschoolers for your life. I can't believe I ever thought you were annoying. Why, you're so worthless you don't warrant my displeasure."

A dark look over came Kyou's features and he opened his mouth to retort " Oh yeah? Then-"

"Don't waste time trying to insult me. Frankly, I doubt you have the ability to. You actually expect to gain the respect of the twelve Zodiacs. HA! You'll never be accepted as one of us. NEVER! You stupid, stupid, cat." With that, the cold boy turned his back on his fallen opponent. Throughout Yuki's entire speech Kyou's expression became a little darker until at the end, he stood up before running into the woods at top speed.

When the sound of his footsteps faded, Yuki addressed the startled Tohru. "Come on, we need to get to school soon."

Startled by the angry tone her friend spoke to her in, her eyes widened. She opened her mouth, closed it, and then tried again. "Ah, but Kyou-kun ran away from the school. He looked really upset. Shouldn't we… shouldn't we go after him Yuki-kun?" The shocked girl blurted out. Before he ran away, she thought she saw tears in Kyou's eyes.

"I told you Tohru, you worry too much about that stupid cat. We need to go." With that, Yuki began to walk along the trail once more. Tohru quickly looked between the path to school and the path Kyou had forced through the brush. 'Oh no! What to do, what to do?' she wondered 'I need to go to schools I can graduate, for Mom. But Kyou-kun looked so sad… AHHH. Mom, please help me decide.' For just a second, she thought about what her mom would do in this scenario. Then, without hesitation, she ran into the forest searching everywhere for a head of orange hair.

After a few minutes of looking, she spotted him in a small clearing. He was sitting down on the grass, his arms wrapped around his up bent knees. As the brunette drew closer to him, she could see him shudder every few seconds. She stood at the edge of the clearing, taking in the scene before her.

Kyou-kun… proud, angry, strong-willed Kyou-kun… was curled into a ball, crying his eyes out. Taking small, tentative steps, Tohru drew closer to the weeping boy until she was standing right next to him. Kyou didn't react until she crouched down next to him and put a hand on his shoulder.

His head shot up, and the crazed look in his eyes made Tohru jump and fall back on her butt. She gasped and stuck her hands out to cushion her fall. Kyou stared at her for a moment as she breathed heavily in surprise, then moved around so his back was facing her. The worried girl straightened herself, and then inched closer to the dismal neko.

When she was once again situated next to him, he began speaking. "I'm tired of this." Just when Tohru was about to scream out an apology for bothering him, he continued. "I'm tired of this life I have to live. Tohru." At her name, the high school girl nodded vigorously, asking him to talk to her about it. He gave a deep sigh. "Everywhere I go, I don't fit in. The Sohma's, school, I'm even ostracized at the dojo. People don't see me, they just see the Cat. Even people who don't know about the curse despise me. No one can stand to be near me, I just cause trouble and sadness. My mother killed her self because she gave birth to a monster like me. Being kind to me hurt Shisho and he became an outcast because of it. I am so tired of being 'the stupid cat', so tired of being cursed…" he lowered him head into his arms and whispered the last part. "So tired of being hated."

Hey everyone! Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I just didn't know how to end the story. There were two ending that I really like, but I couldn't decide which one to use. So… I used them both. If it's not too much trouble, please leave a review and tell me which ending you liked better.

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