Alternate Ending number 2

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"Uhhh…mmmm…um…" Kyou looked up at Tohru as she continued to let out small noises. She was kneeling to his right; her hands clasped just below her chest, and her large emotional eyes were filling with tears.

Suddenly becoming self-conscious, the neko quickly tried to wipe away his own tears while asking "Wh- what's wrong Tohru. Are you okay?

The beautiful girl beside him began to speak. "Oh Kyou-kun. Right now, I just want to give you the biggest hug ever. I want to tell you how you aren't hated, how you're liked and loved by many people. I want to tell you about how much I like you and why. But… I'm sure you'd just find it bothersome, so I won't."

Kyou thought about this for a moment, watching Tohru as she lowered her arms to her sides. She continued to look at him with gentle, caring eyes. Inwardly, he sighed and knew he'd probably regret this. A second later, he leaned in toward Tohru and… wrapped his arms around and held her close to his body.


Tohru's eyes widened as a tiny orange kitten appeared on her lap, rubbing its head gently against her stomach. The young woman scooped the cat up into her arms and held him tightly against her chest.

She cried softly, and Kyou used a furry paw to wipe away all her tears. For a while they stayed like that, but eventually Tohru ended their embrace, allowing him to POOF back into a human. She face away into the trees as Kyou got dressed, then let him help her up. Without a word, they began to walk to school, as if nothing had happened.

While walking along the sidewalk, still a ways away from the school building, Tohru let words tumble out of her mouth. "Kyou-kun… you know how when we first met, I told you why the cat was my favorite of the Zodiacs." He nodded. "Well, now I think I realize something. I never really liked the cat or anything. I think I just felt sorry for it." Kyou's eyes widened and he clenched his fist. "The poor kitty, the mouse played a mean trick on it and the cat missed the banquet. I think I was really just trying to comfort the spirit of the cat by saying it was my favorite." Kyou began to grind his teeth together as she went on, but her next statement made all his anger vanish. "But now that I know you, and we've become good friends…" She looked at the boy walking next to her and smiled. "Now I'm positive that I love the cat the most out of all the other Zodiacs."

Kyou's mouth dropped open as Tohru turned her head and faced forward, still smiling. After a moments thought, Kyou carefully reached his hand over to Tohru's. It just barely brushed her pinky finger, then moved onto the ring, middle, and index, until he could grab the space between her thumb and forefinger. Tohru looked over at him, and for an instant, they held hands and gazed into each others eyes and-

Ding Dong Ding Dong

"Ahhh! Oh no! We're late for school! Oh no oh no oh no! I can't believe I'm late. AHHH!" Tohru instantly sprinted at full speed up the steps to the school and swung one of the double doors open. She stopped herself just before going inside to turn around to look at Kyou, who was still standing in the exact same spot staring t where Tohru had once stood.

"Kyou-kun!" At her call, the orange haired neko jumped and looked at her. "You need to get to class too!" That snapped him out of his dazeand he ran up to join Tohru and they entered the school together.