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Chapter 11:

Oh. My. Carlisle.

-in the woods-

Bella wandered aimlessly into the woods. Her foot caught on something, sending her to the ground. A pair of warm hands caught her before she hit the ground.

"JAKE!" Jacob snickered and slowly helped Bella stand up.

He pulled her into a quick hug but Bella pushed him away. He looked down at her hurt.

"Bella-" But Jake didn't have time to finish his sentence because at that moment Bella raised her hand at his face.


-back at the beach-

Edward was about to chase after Bella when Alice's hand stopped him.

"Just wait."

Edward shrugged and waited a moment until he heard Bella shriek "THIS IS FOR MY FUTURE MOTHER MORON!" and the resounding sound of a slap.

Alice began to laugh uncontrollably when Bella came out of the woods.

Rosalie looked at her shocked.

"Did you just….Did he…..Did you…." Rosalie stuttered at Bella. Bella looked up at her with murder written all over her face.

"Yes. I did. I slapped him. And I'll do it again if I feel like it! No one, I repeat NO ONE, messes with ISABELLA MARIE SWAN WHEN SHE IS WITH THE CULLENS! Especially when they're rude to Esme!" She punched the air above her.

The Cullens stood there staring at her. Emmett began to clap and cheer.

"GO BELLA! This one will be fun to have as a sister!" Bella turned to face Emmett and gave him a death glare. Emmett actually gulped and backed away slowly.

"You're not off the hook yet Emmett!" she hissed at him, Emmett was ready to run. Edward stepped forward to calm Bella down. She turned and glared at him too. "You're not off the hook either EDWARD ANTHONY MASEN CULLEN!" Edward actually whimpered and backed away.

Jasper was cowering behind Alice in fear.

"Too…much…..emotion!" Alice was patting his head reassuringly.

"Now, now, Jasper….It's okay. OMC! BELLA!!" Alice shrieked and pointed at Bella's hair. "YOUR HAIR! IT'S, IT'S….PINK!" She shrieked and tried to hide behind Jasper who tried to hide behind Alice who tried to hide behind Jasper……and this went on for awhile.

Everyone watched this short routine for awhile before turning back to Bella.

"Uh, Bella?"

She was shaking with rage.


Emmett was far away from Bella, ready to run into the ocean if he needed to.

A cough interrupted their spat and everyone turned to face the cougher.

"Ahem." Aro cleared his throat. "I do believe we have more important matters to attend to at the moment."

"No, not really…" Rosalie retorted back to Aro, annoyed. She looked back at the angry Bella and remembered what was going on. "Oh yeah. Whatever." She turned to walk away. Emmett was anxiously pacing the beach, never taking his eyes off the Volturi.

Caius turned to face Bella before he spoke.

"Are you prepared to die Bella? We have more important things to do than go kill a measly human."

"EXCUSE ME?!" Bella shouted in rage at Caius. He took a step back, startled.

No one was prepared for what happened next. Bella actually lunged at Caius who yelped and fled, Marcus watching Bella with wide eyes, also ready to run.

Aro was slowly starting to do the disco again for no apparent reason.

"We'll ju-just g-go now. If you don't mind that is."

"Not at all." Bella snapped at Marcus. Marcus ran off in the forest, coming back a minute later to drag Aro away. Aro's voice could be heard in the distance.

"But we didn't open presents yet!"

Bella brushed off her hands and clothes and faced the Cullens again.

"Anyway……." She looked at Edward's shocked face. "What's wrong Edd-Edward?" Luckily, Bella stopped herself from calling him Eddie before she would have been thrown back into the ocean.

"Oh. My. Carlisle."

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