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Chapter 5: Sunday with Emmett

--Bella's PoV, Sunday, 9:45 A.M.--

I groaned, leaning back into couch cushion, willing the soft polyester to swallow myself into the world of 'what's underneath the Cullen's couch cushions'. Emmett sat down next to me, watching me with a perplexed and amused expression.

"What?" I snapped, folding my arms as he continued to watch me. He shook his head. I squinted at him through the fading sunlight, suddenly annoyed that the rebellious rays now hid his face from my view.

"Is something bothering you?" He asked, in a somewhat brotherly manner. I shook my head. Watching the nearly motionless trees of the forest quiver slightly through the glass wall.

"Other than the fact that you're watching me like a piece of meat…No, everything's fine." He snickered quietly beside me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the slight orange tint of my eyelids, watching the color suddenly fade to gray, and then to black.

"Hey!" I yelped once I realized that Emmett was currently covering my eyes with his hand. He snickered, hoisting me over his shoulder while still covering my eyes. "Where are you taking me?"

"Just be quiet and patient." Was all he said. Begrudgingly I obliged, attempting in vain to fold my arms across my chest. I was silent now, waiting for Emmett to bring me whenever. My brow furrowed as I concentrated on the sounds around me.

Twigs snapped under his heavy feet, so we were obviously outside…

He shifted abruptly, startling me. "Sorry," He mumbled, immediately followed by the creak of a door.

I frowned. "Emmett-"

"I'm putting you down now, don't worry." He chuckled quietly as I stumbled shortly after he had set me down.

"Why did you-" I trailed off, blinking at the bright red tank like truck before me. "You brought me outside to look at my truck?" I gave him a quizzical look, gesturing to my car. He frowned.

"Yes Bella, I brought you out here just to look at your car." He shook his head. "No, I thought I ought to give you something to do with everyone else is gone."

I nodded.

"I see. So was there a point to this exactly?" I asked, turning to face the bulky vampire beside me. He rolled his shoulders back as he let out an annoyed sigh.

"Of course there was Bella; all you need is some patience." With that, he stepped away from me and toward one of the many shelves in the back. Unknowingly, I began wringing my hands, watching him with curiosity while he reached out before him. He whistled a tune to himself as he looked over a shelf. "I think this is it." Was all he said as he pulled out a dusty box.

He looked down at it, as if having second thoughts about showing this to me. I craned my neck as I walked over, trying to get a better view. He sighed through his nose before he turned to me.

"Do remember last year, when Rosalie, Jasper, and I gave you that new car radio?" I winced at the memory of that night, painfully remembering the short time later, when Edward left… I nodded slowly, pushing those thoughts away.


He shook his head and looked over at my truck. "Come on." He said, walking over to it, and leaving the worn box on the table below the shelves. Like a curious puppy I trailed along behind him. He opened the door gingerly and then turned, waiting for me to come closer. I gave him a confused look, staring at him until he gestured to the inside of the cab. He pointed at the radio-less gap in the dashboard.

"Oh, that…" I gave a nervous laugh, averting my gaze. "Well," I coughed in embarrassment. "I went through a bit of a rough patch…."

"You could say that." Emmett chuckled beside me, his broad shoulders shaking. He shook his head and dashed over to the small table, bringing his secretive box with him.

He drummed his fingers on the bottom of it, as if contemplating on whether or not to give this to me now. After a moment or two his sighed, bringing his head up to look at me. His eyes darted over to my radio-less truck quickly and then back at me.

"After seeing what you've done with the radio we gave to you, I think it's about time you get this back." He held the box out to me, willing me to take it. Hesitantly I reached out for it, trying to figure out just what it was before I took it. I held it in my arms, evaluating the weight and other things, and then I looked up at him, as if asking his permission to open it. "Well go ahead."

I stared down at the blank packaging behind reaching up and slowly opening the lid. I frowned, not knowing what to expect. A dead rat? A live snake perhaps? James' head in bubbled wrap?

I blinked down at the object almost blindly, smirking to myself. The lid fell to the floor, forgotten, and I willed myself not to cry. My eyes were probably wet and glossy when I looked up at my future brother-in-law. He blinked, taking a step backwards, looking uncomfortable.

Without thinking, I practically launched myself at him, wrapping me arms around him, trying not to squish his gift. Emmett stiffened, obviously unsure of what to do exactly.

After a few moments of hugging an immobile rock, I finally felt Emmett shift, reaching out with one hand to pat my back gently.

"I didn't mean to make you cry." He said as I pulled away, wiping at my eyes. "If I'd known that giving you back your radio would make you cry, well…" Emmett turned around, running his hands over the work bench, as if looking for something. He turned back to face me a short moment later. "Actually, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do."

I tried not to laugh at his expression.

"I mean, no one's ever really cried in front of me. What am I supposed to do? Do I cry with you? Hug you? Try to talk or beat some sense into you?" I almost snorted as he said this. "Rosalie's never actually cried, so I wouldn't know what to do exactly… Although there had been that time…" His face fell, along with his shoulders.

For the first time I saw another side of Emmett, the more emotional, or more what did I want to say? Caring? Nothing I came up with truly seemed to fit this side of Emmett. From where I stood, he looked exposed, as if showing of all and any weaknesses he possessed.

I set my radio down gently onto the bench seat of my truck, and then looked back at Emmett. He stood in the same position I had left him, his brow now puckered as he tried to figure out what to do. I laid one hand on his shoulder in an attempt to tell him that someone was there.

He brought his head up, looking me in the eye for a moment, revealing the more innocent and confused child in him.

It immediately faded. His expression hardened into a strain look of content, and then he stood to his full height.

"I have to do something real quick." He muttered, starting to walk toward the side door. He looked back at me, almost about to smile. He withheld it. "I'll put your radio in when I get back." I nodded, and he left.

Sighing in exasperation I sat down on a medium sized tool box, setting my chin in my hand, glancing around the room. Part of me wondered what Emmett was doing, while another part wanted to practically interrogate him the moment he set foot inside this very garage. I looked around some more, noticing some things for the first time.

A row of picture frame sat on one the work bench selves, and I got up to get a closer look. The first one held a picture of Rosalie and Emmett on what looked to be their first wedding. (Or perhaps one of their later ones, it was always hard to tell with these two.) Emmett was dressed smartly in a tuxedo, one arm wrapped around his new wife almost possessively. Rosalie in turn, was wearing a rather flowing dress that did somehow show her figure, despite the lack of a true waist in the dress. What got to me was their eyes. While Emmett's eyes were squinting as he beamed proudly, Rosalie's eyes looked close to tears. She smiled as well, but she looked like she could collapse into heaving sobs at any moment.

Moving on to the next picture, I found one that made me laugh quietly. In it, a small boy version of the hulky Emmett sat proudly with what I presumed to be his hunting dog. He held a hunting rifle in one hand, and fairly oversized quail in the other. His smile was wide as he looked at the camera, this picture presumably taken by his father or another close family member. My brow furrowed as I wondered.

What had Emmett's family been like? Were his parents happy together? Was he? Did he have any siblings, or any other relatives he had been close to? What about Rosalie? From what I had heard, her later life hadn't been the happiest in existence.

I set the photograph down as I mulled it over. In the corner of my eye I saw a rather posh looking notebook tucked away into one the workbenches built in selves. My curiosity getting the better of me I reached forward and gently pried it out from under other papers and what not.

An old yellowed paper fell from the crisp pages of the book and slowly floated to the floor, hitting the granite in silence. I bent over and quickly snatched it up, startled when I heard the thud of Emmett's footfalls just outside the side door to the garage.

Thinking quickly I pushed the paper back into the front cover of the book. I took the radio out of the box, replacing it with the book, all the while praying that Emmett or Rosalie would not notice its disappearance. I set the lid back on the box just as Emmett reappeared.

"What are you doing?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. I shrugged at him, hoping that my blank mask of contentment did not reveal any fear. He watched me for a moment, and I gave him a small smile until he shrugged. "Alright…"

Emmett came over to my truck, noting that my radio had been removed from the box and set on the bench seat. If this struck him as odd, he didn't show it. He picked the box up from the seat, and I held my breath as he placed it on the work bench, obviously not noticing the difference in weight.

"Well," He said as he spun around to face me, now smiling widely. The familiar glimmer of happiness was back in his eyes. "How about that radio? What do you say we put it back where it belongs?"

I smiled widely as he said this, nodding a bit. I would never truly understand why putting my radio back in the car would make me as happy as it did. He clapped his hands together, coming over to rejoin me by my vehicle.

"Alright, let's do this…"

I spent a few hours in the garage with Emmett after that, smiling and joking as he rewired the car radio, showing me which wires went where. He explained why a certain wire had to be wrapped around another, and why installing a radio in a car as old as this was difficult.

My future brother as told me how he came to be what he was, how he originally came across his wife and new family, and all about where he came from. He told me how Rosalie had initially showed him most of what he now knew about cars. How certain makes and models were more efficient than others, and how the look could create a different appeal to some people.

"Take you can your truck for example," He said as he worked under the hood, replaced the motor oil. "What is it about your car that appeals to you?" My brow furrowed as I drummed my fingers along the dashboard. I eyed the once radio-less hole.

"Besides the color?"

"Yes, besides the color." Emmett chuckled.

"Well, I liked the looks of it. How it looked like one of the vehicles you see after a car accident with almost no marks on it. It seemed like a fitting car for me." Emmett nodded as I said this. "Then again, I didn't have much choice in the matter."


"My dad bought it for me as a homecoming gift last year." I ran my finger along the outer rim of the steering wheel. I heard Emmett wipe his hands against each other, and then chuckle again.

"You should be all set now. Try turning it on, rev the engine for me." I complied, turning my key in the ignition. I waited for the initial bang of the engine starting, but found the sound decreased by at least ten octaves. I blinked, almost uncomprehending before I stepped out of the open door.

"Woah, what did you do to my truck?" Emmett smirked, but his smile faltered.

"I just tweaked your engine so that it doesn't sound like a tank that's about to blow." He almost frowned. "Why? Do you not like it? Should I not have changed it?" I shook my head.

"No, I do like it and all; I was just surprised is all." I smiled reassuringly. "Thanks. Maybe now Edward will stop trying to convince me that I need a new car." Emmett let out a booming laugh and shut the hood with a resounding thud.

"Well, I'm glad you like it then." His gaze fell on the clock on the nearby wall, and then he looked back at me. "It's getting late, I should make you food or something shouldn't I?" I closed the door to my truck, letting it bang behind me.

"You really don't have to do that, I can cook." I said, not wanting to become a burden.

"Bella," He rolled his eyes. "There's not much for a vampire to do in life, and the least I can do is cook for you. It's not like you would be a burden or anything."

"Wait, I though Edward was the mind reader." I shot back, smiling. Emmett's smile widened.

"On the contrary my dear Swan, there may be more to me than you know!" I laughed at him, following him out the door. When he wasn't looking, I grabbed the box off the bench, and chased after him through the yard, letting the shadows of the night swallow what they could into their depths.

Emmett went to the kitchen as soon as we entered the house further banning me from that area of the first floor. Rolling my eyes I started up the stairs to my bedroom, informing him that as he cooked I was going to shower.

I opened the door to my new bedroom and smiled. Everything was just as I had left it. My bag was no longer sitting on the floor by the foot of my bed, and I assumed that Alice had taken the liberty of unpacking it for me. I crossed the room to the closet that was conjoined to Edward room and slipped inside it.

Esme had regretted to inform me that my bedroom had once been used as a mere storage or guest area, but I told her I didn't mind, and a simple bed had been more than enough. A few boxes lay untouched on the shelves of my closet, and I found a step stool in the corner of the walk-in. I dragged it over to where I needed it and pushed aside two of the most ill used looking boxes. I placed the box I had brought in from the garage and placed the other storage containers back where I had found them, along with the step stool.

Satisfied, I grabbed my bag of toiletries and entered the bathroom, preparing for my shower.

As I showered, I caught whiff on an odd scent. I shut the water off, reaching for my towel. I brought it to my face and smelled it, but soon found that it was not the source of the smell. My brow furrowed, and I quickly wrapped my towel around my abdomen. The scent was oddly metallic, and surely it was not the food Emmett was preparing.

I pushed aside the shower curtain, still wondering what the smell was before me stomach twisted into familiar nauseous knots. I hurried out of the room to keep from retching, stabling myself on the opposite wall. Emmett's voice drifted up the stairs as he sang along with the radio.

Anger boiled within me, sure that it had been Emmett who had defaced the bathroom mirror. The front door opened and shut, signaling that everyone else was home.

Extremely annoyed I stormed done the steps, grasping the banister tightly with one hand and holding my towel together with the other. I glanced down at my feet every few seconds, trying to make sure I did not end up sailing down the stairway. Clutching my towel with as much strength as I could without bursting a blood vessel in my hand, I paused at the base of the stairs, just below the archway leading into the living room. I growled simultaneously just in time for Emmett to come running out of the kitchen toward me.

"Bella, are you alright? What's wrong?" He started, pelting me with question after question. I opened my mouth to form a coherent answer, only to be interrupted by a flash of color.

I suddenly found my face mashed into Edward cold chest, breathing lint and what not up into my nasal cavity. There was a gentle rumble in deep within him, and it took me a moment to realize something.

He was growling.

Almost immediately this action was followed by the sounds of scurrying feet, darting around in anxiety and panic. I pulled my face away from Edward's shirt just in time to watch Esme dash over to the large glass wall and press a series of buttons. Metal shutters slowly sealed out any light as she then ran over to Carlisle.

All around me the sense of panic began to grow, along with something else. Fear was it? Or perhaps a mix of every emotion from anger to sorrow to annoyance and back again.

Two unrecognizable figures flew up the stairs –Alice and Carlisle from what it looked like- and the silence began to settle around Edward and I. He never let go of me once the entire time.

Esme shot me a nervous glance as she ran to the front door, securely locking it. She paused, looking out the small glass window that had yet to be covered.

"Edward," I whispered, looking up at his face in fear. "What's going on?" He stroked my wet hair, and looked me in the eye. I felt my brow furrow at his expression. It was like the one he had donned when he got on the plane a year ago, going after James. It was one that had haunted me ever since. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I recognized the true meaning behind it.

Judging by the look on his face, it was as if we only had a short while to spend with one another.

As if one of us was going to die by the end of the night.

"What is it?" I hissed again as Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie flew up the stairs as well. Esme remained on the lower level, locking every door and window as she went.

Edward kissed my forehead and then my lips, attempting to reassure me. Unwillingly I pulled away, looking up into his face, still clinging to my towel.

"Edward, tell me." I said as Esme too shot up the stairs. I stared at my beau for a long moment until his face with shown resignation. He sighed out of his nose before taking my free hand.

"If you truly must know, then come with me." I nodded numbly, following him up the stairs slowly. He spoke again after a silent moment –save the hushed voice of his family. "Don't leave me side."

"What could you possibly-" I stopped short as we entered the bathroom I had just showered in not ten minutes ago. I blanched we I saw what had originally sickened me. The cause of the horrid scent sat before me, displaying a message I had not truly read over before.

Edward's arm snaked around my waist, holding my closely as my eyes darted across the letters splayed across the mirror.

The ones you hold so dear,
Are marred only by their fear
And yet as the time
Falls from the mind…
Save your breath,
For one last death.
And the flame,
Shall be the blame.

To my right Alice turned to face me after reading this death note, her pretty face masked with pain.

"It's written in blood."

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