It had been forever since she had been tangled in his sheets. Shizune had almost forgotten how warm Genma was all the time. Almost forgot the way Genma smelled and what wearing one of his shirts and a pair of his boxers to bed felt like.

But tomorrow she would be crashing on Raidou's couch, instead of on Genma's futon. The day after tomorrow she would sleep at Aoba's, in God knows what, then would repeat the cycle. But those who move in to apartments with bad plumbing must suffer.

Shizune felt Genma stir next to her.

"Morning." Genma grumbled.

"Good morning yourself." laughed Shizune, slowly taking in Genma's appearance that rivaled even death.

"Never said it was good." protested Genma.

"You're just saying that because you're not a morning person." retorted Shizune.

"You feel cold." stated Genma.

Taking one of her small cold hands in one of his large warm ones. Shizune felt herself being pulled closer to Genma's body heat. Shizune felt Genma's body become less tense as she gently kissed his shoulder.

"What was that for?" questioned Genma.

"I haven't decided yet." responded Shizune,

"You know you really aren't a morning person." affirmed Shizune

"If you think about it, I never said I was." retorted Genma

"I guess you're right." laughed Shizune

"I love you." said Shizune, burring herself deeper into Genma.

"I know." was his only reply.

"Genma this is the part where you say "you love me to", remember" alleged Shizune.

"I'm not a morning person keep in mind."

"Oh, I remember."

Thinking back ,Genma had never been a morning person or claimed to be. The memories of childhood missions had become all too familiar. But Shizune didn't think she would rather wake up with anyone else.