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Sasuke was just about to dose off when a certain blond baka yelled.

"HAVE YOU HEARD?! THERE'S A NEW KID!" Naruto said, or rather shouted to the group.

"Geez Naruto, could you lower the volume?" asked an annoyed Kiba.

"Oh, heh, sorry," said Naruto while scratching the back of his neck and grinning sheepishly.

The only reply from Shikamaru was a snore and from Chouji, a munch from his BBQ chips.

"…" answered Shino.

"Hn." was Gaara's, Sasuke's and Neji's replies.

But Sasuke was slightly interested in this info, he heard there was a new kid coming, and he knew it was a girl. 'Hmm, I wonder is she's going to be a fan girl…' he thought. Sasuke shivered at that thought. 'I hope not.'

"Class, there's going to be a new student," Kakashi said. Well, today was a good day since Kakashi wasn't late, but all the pervert wanted to do was see if the new girl had -cough- a big chest -cough-.

Suddenly the door opened revealing a girl with her hair covering almost half of her face and eye, and her hair was unique, it was a dark purple with a tint of blue, and red black highlights. She was wearing a black shirt with four straps holding it up, and on each side, one strap was on each shoulder whilst the other straps were just loose and dangling on her upper arm (A/N: I know, the explaining isn't really clear, so if you want to see what the shirt actually looks like, watch the music video Blind by Lifehouse and the top is what the girl's wearing, or just go on my DA account, the link's on my pro). She was wearing baggy black pants with two chains, each with and item, the first one had a black wing and the other, and black wallet. Plus, her hair went to her mid back and she was wearing black shoes. She had eye liner on around her lavender eyes, which somehow reminded him of Neji's. The shirt also said 'BACK OFF' with two blood stains giving her a scary look along with her pale emotionless eyes. And she had a black backpack carelessly slung on one shoulder and a black, purple and red tattoo on her right upper arm (Think of the ANBU tattoo). She also had a huge rack, so she was stared at and was probably guaranteed to have a fan club by the afternoon.

Hinata's POV

"Ahem, well, will you state your name?" asked a very perverted Kakashi.

"Hyuuga Hinata," I said in a bored tone.

"Okay then Hyuuga, sit down in the empty seat between the kid with the duck butt haircut and beside the redhead," stated Kakashi.

I looked around the classroom still seeing most of the boys staring, since my shirt showed some of my curves. I saw some Gaara and Sasuke fan girls glaring at me; I glared back, but with more intensity and most of them sunk into their seats, except for Sakura and Ino. "Who does that fucking bitch think she is?!" Sakura angrily whispered to Ino. "I don't know, but it'll be fun to see her cry." Ino whispered back. They both smirked evilly. I sat between the redhead and the heartthrob, or so I've heard. Then I looked over at my nii-san, hm, typical, he's surprised at my change, like the rest of them.

Sasuke's POV

As Kakashi was reading his perverted book until the end of the Honors period of Math, which he was supposed to be teaching. Hinata didn't seem to mind, and she took out her drawing pad and started doing the obvious. While she was drawing an angel walking in the rain with her hair soaked and wings with the feathers falling off, I was staring at her. "What the hell do you want?" Hinata asked with a slightly annoyed tone. "Nothing," I said and quickly turned my head away from her, slightly embarrassed.

'God she must think I'm weird…Wait, why do I care what she thinks about me?'

'Cause she's really hot and you have a crush.'

'Who the hell are you?'

'Your conscious.'

'Well I don't want one, go the hell away.'


Sasuke was pulled out of his little mental war when the bell rang. 'Thank god.'

Hinata's POV

I pulled out my schedule. 'Hmm, right now it's 9:01, P.E.'s at 9:05, Reading at 9:58, science at 10:35, Social Studies at 11:03, Free Period at 11:39, Art at 12:21, Lunch at 12:50, Free Period;1:47, Health; 2:31, Class of your choice; 3:04,and then we leave at 3:45.' When I was at the locker rooms, I changed into my red and black baggy shorts, which ended at my knees, yet they didn't weigh a lot, and into my sleeve less not-too-tight-yet-not-too-loose black shirt with red, purple and black flames along the right side of the shirt. Then I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, except for the hair covering my left eye and I left some hair on the right side of my face creating a side bang. I walked out of the locker rooms, and when I was at the gym, I got bombarded by two slutty fan girls.

"Look bitch, stay away from Sasuke," snarled Sakura.

"Oh how nice of you to notice, I AM a bitch, but at least I'm not a god-damned slut." I nonchalantly said.

"A SLUT?!" Ino and Sakura screamed simultaneously.

"Yeah, I mean, look at what you guys are wearing, slutty short shorts and a pink or yellow tube top that doesn't even cover your stomach." I retorted.

People were starting to form a circle around us and our verbal fight and some were saying, "Fight! Fight! Fight!"

"WELCOME BACK MY YOUTHFUL STUDENTS!!!" shouted the creepy guy with monstrous eyebrows and a bowl cut, plus, he was wearing spandex and you could see all of him. And, he was going commando meaning he wasn't wearing underwear…Eww. -shudders-

Damn it, our fight's over, oh well, I could kick their little spoiled asses any day.

Gaara's POV

Hn, so she could sure stick up for herself, and she's a loner, plus, she's tough.

Anko walked through the door and then Gai suddenly bursts through the double doors.


"He does it every year…" mumbled Anko.

"500 laps on the track field!" exclaimed Gai.

Groans of protests came from the students, and I honestly don't blame them.

Hinata's POV

Sweet, I love running. As soon as the whistle blew, I was off. And the two royal bitches were running after Sasuke, but sadly, they were afraid of the possibilities of the heels breaking off of their stilettos.

Now, only four people were left on the track course, the Uchiha, the eyeliner kid, the Uzumaki, and me. I wasn't really tired, but my legs were. I'm pretty thankful my little sis Hanabi helped me in dexterity training, thus, I'm faster than her now.

Okay, now I was pretty much in front of both of them, there were four people running, WERE, but the blonde thought he smelled ramen and ran off the course…--' How lame… god no, they were catching up, but thank god that this was the last lap! The redhead, who I heard was named…Gaara? And then there was Sasugay, wait, no, it was Sasuke, yeah. Almost at the finish line… nooo! Gaara and Sasuke are right beside me! I ran faster, and when they saw my acceleration, they decided to go faster too. But too bad for them, I already made it! Ha! Beat that! I was sweating a lot, therefore, my clothes stuck to my skin showing my curves. As Sasuke got closer, he was really tired and fell on something soft when he was done. And yes, that something soft was ME. I felt glares directed towards me due to the fact that our position wasn't very child appropriate, he was on top of me, with our noses touching and I felt his breath on my lips. "Get. The. Hell. Off. Of. Me." I growled.

Sasuke's POV

"Can't… Too tired…" I panted, I bet I look pathetic right now.

'That's cause you do.'

'Shut up.'

She shoved me off, but when I was on top of her, I kind of groped her, wait scratch that, I DID grope her, and it was nice…and squishy, and soft…

God! That thought was wrong, geez, I guess I have to apologize… Damn it…

When I walked into the locker room, no one was in there except for a certain one…

Hina's POV

I'm pissed, that little perverted bastard was on top of me! I don't care if that was an accident, or an "accident" , I'm pissed.

I changed into my baggy black jeans with chains and I took off my top and was about to put on another when…

Sasuke POV

Oh my FUCKING God! There in front of me was Hinata, topless, but at least with a bra on, a lace, black beautiful bra…I was blushing badly and then I did the unexpected, I fainted.

Hina POV

Oh good god! That fucking peeping tom! I quickly slipped my black top on, slung my backpack over my shoulder and dragged a blushing Sasuke out of the locker room by his high collar. He was still unconscious and people had surprised looks on their faces, and some people were laughing, like Uzumaki Naruto. When I got to the nurse's office, I told her that he passed out, but then I had to wait there until he woke up. Oh the burden.


Yay, thanks for reading! By the way, these are the ages:

Hinata: 14

Sasuke: 15

Sakura: 15

Naruto: 15

Neji: 15




Temari: 16


Itachi: 16 (Yes, I know he's supposed to be older that Sasuke by 6 years)

And, that's all I want to list. Ninja away! xP