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'Holy. Shit.' Was all that registered through Deidara's mind at the moment.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck! I must be back in my normal body!' 'Hehe, yup.' 'You're not making things any better, ya know.'

"Well, etto. . . This is a bit awkward," Sai said while he strolled right into the room.

Hinata's eye twitched while she quickly snatched the sheets and pulled them over her body for modesty. "Get. Out."

"Well, well, Hinata, aren't you interested why you're back to your normal form?"

"Fine. Just make it quick," She huffed. (and puffed and blew the house down) (--Jk,jk, I'm bored.)

"You remember that porcupine quill?" He said with a pregnant pause afterward.

"Go on," She nodded briskly.

"Well, what was in there wasn't the antidote."

"What the hell? That was just a huge waste of ti-" Hinata was cut off by Sai.

"Have some patience, hime."

Hinata's eyes narrowed when Sai used the pet name, and Sai just smiled a mocking smile.

"We injected the antidote while you were sleeping."

". . . You could have just said that in the beginning, you know," Deidara interjected.

A vein popped in Sai's head. "Shut up! It's called suspense, I read it in a book once."

"Is that all you base things on? Books? You do realize that there is a world outside."

"Both of you." Hinata said, and Deidara and Sai turned to her.

"Get. The fuck out." She said with her fist clenched.

Deidara neared Hinata and cupped her cheek in his hand. "Goodbye Hinata." And he kissed her lips softly. And hauled his ass out the door.

As for Hinata, she sat there. First in shock, then in anger. "You're damn lucky that I'm naked right now, or I would chase you down those fucking halls!" Hinata shouted while her cheeks burned red.

Sai sweat dropped while Deidara smiled to himself and quickened his walking pace.

"You too!" She furrowed her brows and Sai left while saying. "See you."

'Like hell he is.' 'Gee, Koku. What a way to wake up.'

Hinata got up and stretched. 'I'm so exhausted.'

The room was rather empty except for the bed, old lamp, and wardrobe. 'Heheh. Hey Hinata-chan, if you step inside, maybe you could discover Narnia.' Koku joked.

Hinata chuckled.

She opened the double doors and she found...

Only one article of clothing, and that was a pitch black cloak with red stitching and red clouds everywhere.

'Are they fucking serious?' Koku growled inside my head. 'What if there's a sudden strong wind and that cloak flies up and shows people your-'

Hinata interrupted with an embarrassed look on her face. 'Koku... Please stop... This is getting awkward.'

And like a stubborn child, he just harrumphed.

'Well... I guess this is all the clothing that there is in this barren room.' Hinata thought and went ahead and put on the cloak.

'I have to say, Koku, the clouds look awfully familiar, don't you think?' 'So it wasn't just me...'

Now that she had some clothes on, she sat on the bed and started to plot some schemes to get out of the room.

There was that one window, but upon close inspection, she could see that here was a thin string that if it were broken, then it would set off some sort alarm or trap, and she couldn't break the window because it would be too obvious and people would hear the shattering.

'Hmm, what to do, what to do....'

She looked at the vent. It was WAY too small for her 17 year old body. 'Nah.'

Then there was a sharp knock at the door, and a female voice was heard on the other side.

"Hey Hyuuga! Hurry up in there, Leader-sama is waiting for you!"

Hinata swung open the door. "I'm already done."

In front of her was a woman maybe in her late 20's with bright blue hair and a white origami flower in her hair.

She gestured for Hinata to follow her down the corridors.

Although she had many questions running through her head, she kept quiet and her face was wiped of emotions.

The halls were pitch dark and were only lit by the flickering candles that hung on the wall.

Hinata wasn't really paying attention to where they were going, so she was a bit startled when the woman spoke.

"We're here, and by the way, my name is Konan."

And before Hinata could say something, the woman left in a whirl of paper flower petals.

'Well... I've seen weirder things.' Hinata thought before facing the door.

She put on a stoic face and opened the door.

And then her face was set into shock when she saw who was behind those doors.

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