Title: Rain

Summary: Kakashi loves the rain.

Rating: PG

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Rain was falling, drumming on every surface, a constant, pattering sound. Kakashi closed his eyes, letting the sound fill him, drumming through his veins, banishing all other thoughts. Kakashi closed his eyes, a soft smile creasing his bare face. He felt safe in the rain, no prying eyes seeking him out.

Suddenly, he threw back his head, and raised his arms as if he could embrace the iron-grey sky. Rain poured into his hands, droplets collected in his palms, dripping down his arms. Water slid down his spine, rolling down, soaking his already wet pants. Gooseflesh raced up and down his body from the cold, but he ignored it. His wild silver hair was plastered flat to his face, hiding his sharingan.

Taking a deep breath Kakashi inhaled the cool air. The moisture rushed into the back of his throat, refreshing, sharp. He shook wet hair out his eyes, squinting into the distance. Colors were muted by the murky grey curtain of rain. Shapes blurred and merged, it was like he was alone in this world, alone with the rain beating in his ears.

Kakashi was so lost in the rain that he didn't hear the window slide open.

"Kakashi," Iruka called out, "Are you going to stay out there?"

"Yes!" Kakashi answered, and Iruka could hear the joy in his voice. "Come out here with me." There was a hint of pleading.

Iruka paused doubtfully, when, abruptly, a very wet Kakashi flopped down on the roof, his head hanging upside down, inches from Iruka's face. Rainwater streamed down his hair.

"Please?" he pouted. Iruka paused a second more, then nodded. Kakashi's grin nearly split his face. Iruka clambered out the window and pushed himself out onto the roof.

"Happy now?" Iruka asked, a grin playing about his features.

"Very." Kakashi replied. "Here, you don't need this." Hands tugged at the hem of Iruka's shirt, pulling it over his head. Carelessly, he tossed it aside. Iruka shivered a bit as the rain soaked into his skin. Kakashi walked behind him, long arms pulling Iruka's body flush with to his. Humming quietly, he gently nuzzled the side of Iruka's neck.

"Still warm," he breathed softly into tan skin. Pale hands ran up and down Iruka's sides, fingers brushing barely warm flesh.

"Look," Kakashi whispered, "We're clean now, everything is washed away."

Kakashi slid his hands down the back of Iruka's arms, larger hands covered tan ones. Slowly, he raised Iruka's arms, letting him feel the rain.

"Feel it." He whispered again. "Feel it."

Iruka closed his eyes and let go, letting the feeling overtake his senses.

The rain poured harder.

Kakashi lowered his head while Iruka twisted up to meet him in the middle. It was a perfect fit as always, lips moving together. Kakashi tasted sweet rainwater and so did Iruka.

The rain poured on.