This fanfic takes place on an episode 17 event of BKI (Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto), where Akizuki is even more now deciding to leave Kaku behind than when she fainted the first time. Well, I only based a few lines and the event of her being turned down and trying to prove herself, but I toke off after using that that. The character pairing is Akizuki x Kakunojou (or Akinojo as I like to call them).

I will be writing this alongside my HanaxRukia one, so don't except one to get neglected over the other, it is still being updated. I will also write a short one for Hijikata in BKI, as I feel he deserved a better ending. In that respect, I might make one for Okita too, as his death he did not want in vain.

I hope my writing skill isn't too bad, but Im sure I can get better the more I write and read.

Akizuki had walked off again as usual when in thought. It made Kakunojou feel as if he was closing her off, and was keeping many secrets that he would not share, no matter how many times she were to ask. Pressured by her own will and the man owning the inn, She carried the little sac of food in her hands, worried about how Akizuki would react to seeing her follow him this time, yet also worrying that she might be left behind. Kakunojou ran part of the way, than decided to slow down as not to alarm him too much into being angry. She found him standing alone as he always did.

Although Akizuki could feel her presence, he decided to pretend he didn't notice, and maybe she wouldn't ask any questions. He was feeling stressed, bothered by the fact that he did not even seem to fully notice what was going on when Kakunojou was unconsciously walking towards the red sword back in the temple. If only I did not bring her with me...This seems to be turning out for the worst... Akizuki said to himself. He would have continued his thinking but was interrupted by the voice he resented to have with him at the moment.

"...Akizuki-sama..." She said, a look of desperation on her face in fear of him snapping, but she wanted him to know she was still there. "Akizuki-sama...I brought you something to eat." She said, her tone getting quieter, and looked at the ground in a sort of shameful way.

He stood as he had for while longer, than turned around to walk in her direction. He could deny many things, but his hunger was bothering him. Akizuki sighed, and accepted the wrapped food brought for him. He was not one to be rude, although he did like to make his point, and make it clear to anyone and everyone when he feels he has to. Putting aside his words for the little time, he sat down across from her on grass and began to eat, closing his eyes and saying nothing.

Kakunojo started to feel uneasy, she felt something, anything that he is about to say after he finishes his meal, would not be good, or at least for her. She waited for him to finish eating. Akizuki stood up as he swallowed the last bite, and was quiet for another few minutes, but appeared to have something on his mind.

"...As I thought, it was a bad idea to bring you along" said Akizuki, getting that off his chest.

Kakunojou sat silent for a moment, looking at the grass in front of her. I knew he would say something like this...its as if I get in the way...and he doesn't want me around anymore. But I

"But, I want to come...My destiny, no our destiny, is so much alike...and I want to know more...there are so many things I don't understand yet!" She said, raising her voice with being lost.

"Why do you want to get involved? What I'm doing is more dangerous that an adventure of self-discovery for those who do not know their should find a safer route, chief"

"But I AM involved...I have been ever since I started my troupe, since Sousetsu began writing the plays, ever since-"

"Stop it!" Akizuki yelled, feeling confused. He refused to show his expression other than anger...was it anger?.

Kakunojou fell silent, shocked at being yelled at for the first time. She felt herself despising her uselessness, wishing she was as strong as him...although she was strong at times, she felt like a mere object in his way. Kakunojou opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out till seconds later "I am just...a hindrance, aren't I? I get in your way, always...have to save me-". Akizuki was thrown off guard by her statement, but let her continue. "-but...what if, you teach me...teach me how to use this sword? I want to be able to fight I won't be a hindrance...will you let me accompany you if I am worthy?" said Kakunojou, feeling a slight watering develop in her eyes. She couldn't think of any other way to fix it, as a samurai, he might be more respecting his peers who are able to stand up to him other than with words, and started to feel afraid of losing her connection with him.

Akizuki felt a pang of guilt from her words, and emotions that clashed with each other including his feelings of companionship with that of losing another person he might fail to protect, with his own anger towards himself. Unforunatly, they mixed and forced him to show his loyalty by the possibility of scaring her away.

Kakunojou tried to read his face, but his confusion upset her as it still seemed to wear a semi straight expression, that changed into some sort of rage. "...I refuse to back down now, I'll challenge you, as useless as I might be to you, and in battle so far" Kakunojou allowed herself to grow very serious, and looked into his face with an expression that he could not ignore as honorable swordsman. Kakunojou toke the reaction to be an acceptance to her challenge, and presumed a ready position. Akizuki did not feel he would need to unsheathe his sword, but let his hand lay to the side just in case. The two stood in their pose, hardly moving until Kakunojou decided to make the first move, attacking to the right with speed Akizuki failed to know she had. I haven't really seen her fight, I guess I should not underestimate her just because she is not a master, that can be a deadly mistake, he observed to himself quickly, while drawing his blade and blocking her attack. She was fast, but still no match for him. Kakunojou made another attempt, and tried to switch her strategy, but they all seemed to fail. It seemed like forever, Kaknojou decided to make one more attempt. This time however, she stood back into her starting place quietly, trying to focus herself into concentrating. Akizuki wondered exactly was going through her mind, she seemed to calm down. But just as he was wondering too deeply, Kakunojou charged at him, just barly, but managed to lay a blow to him as he parried at the last moment, which seemed to activate his earlier confusedness in the rush. Akizuki was surprised, but more disappointed in himself for not clearing his own mind before sparring. Kakunojou suddenly grew guilty for almost hitting him, but if she was not serious, he would not acknowledge her. Using such as reassurance, She backed off, feeling somewhat proud and grew a content smile, waiting for a response.

"...I will not have you come with me...your skills aren't bad for someone who does not practice often, but that might not be enough to save your life."

"than...please, Akizuki-sama, teach me!" She repeated, using this as her last line in hope that he might change his mind, frowning. Kakunojou was resolved for his approval enough to draw her sword, but waited for an answer.

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