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Summary: Ren's lucky to have two guardians

My Guardian Angel

Ren has many demons. His Father is one. He himself is another. Due to all the trouble he faces, Ren is lucky to have two guardians watching over him.

Bason may be Ren's guardian ghost, but Yoh is his guardian angel.

Bason protects Ren physically, saving his (pathetic) mortal shell countless times. It was, and will be, Bason that saves Ren from Death.

But it was Yoh that saved him from a fate far worse. Yoh saved his mind, his soul.

Yoh is Ren's light. A light that will lead him out of his cursed life and onto new, better things. Yoh saved Ren from demons that Bason couldn't even see. It is Yoh that calms Ren's anger, Yoh that leads him back into the light. Ren admits, that without Yoh, he would have been lost in his own darkness.


Of course, he'd never tell the older teen that. Ren looks down at the brown-haired boy on the futon next to him and smiles. A smile that will never be seen.

He moves closer to the other's warmth, using his tired state of mind as an excuse. He snuggles up, back to back with Yoh and closes his eyes blissfully.

Fifteen minutes later, when Ren is sound asleep, Yoh cracks open his eyes. he turns over and slings an arm around his friend's waist, bringing the other boy flush against his chest. He falls asleep with a content expression on his face.

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