Welcome to my first foray into Avatar: The Last Airbender fanfic! This will be my collection place for drabbles written for the Zutara100 community on Live Journal (link is in my bio). The plan is to write a hundred Zuko x Katara drabbles based upon the hundred themes listed at the community. I'm not sure which will take longer: me completing the challenge or Season Three finally airing... (I, at least, have nine drafts set to go!)

Thank you for reading. Your input is always greatly appreciated.

#001 - Beginnings
(May 2007; G)

That night, after he had finally collapsed upon a bed in the former Earth King's palace, his thoughts had raced so hotly that at first he wondered if his fever had returned. He shifted back and forth on his pillow, wavering between sleep and wakefulness, determination and doubt.

I betrayed Uncle. Uncle betrayed me.

I am my father's loyal son. Father doesn't care.

Azula always lies. Azula promised me.

I have chosen.

He touched his scar. The skin was thick and stiff, ridged and familiar. Her fingers had been soft...

He angrily pushed the thought away.

Grief had struck them dumb.

Resting on Appa's giant furry head and sheltering Aang in her arms, Katara didn't need to turn her head to know that the others were still awake. She listened to the sound of the Avatar's raspy breath and the surrounding, streaming wind.

Feelings pushed and pulled like salt currents beneath her steady calm. She was relieved—that they had escaped, that Aang had lived; she was afraid—of the new and suddenly uncertain future. There was sorrow when she thought of Iroh. And anger when she thought of his nephew.


Who she thought had changed.

Who had spoken the words I'm sorry.

It was a relief to find, once more, a target at which she could direct her fear and hurt. Zuko was not what he appeared. He was a terrible person. He was the enemy.

He was tall.

It surprised and unsettled her to think such a thing. Aang shifted and she quickly forgot, lifting her chin into the night sky.