Spells, Charms, and… Babies? Oh My!

Chapter One

Harry looked up as Hermione sat across from him. From his place he could see her flaming cheeks and the tears threatening to pour from her eyes. He sighed, hoping that he wasn't going to be in the middle of another 'Ron v. Hermione' war. Putting aside his quill, he looked at her seriously.

"What happened?" he questioned carefully.

Hermione looked at him with wide eyes and sniffled, "Nothing… I can't… I can't tell you Harry."

Harry arched a brow, "I thought you could tell me anything. We're friends right? You know you can trust me."

Hermione looked anxiously from side to side. She bit her lip in agitation and then shook her head. Harry wanted to smack his head against the wooden table he was seated at. 'Women,' he thought with annoyance. He loved both his friends but Ron and Hermione's relationship (or lack thereof) was driving him insane. Why couldn't they just get over themselves and admit how they felt about eachother?

"Look Hermione," Harry started seriously, "whatever it is, I'm sure it isn't that bad. Just tell me so I know how to help you."

Hermione looked at him with a strange twinkle of hope in her eye. Harry nodded with encouragement. The green eyed boy looked at the distressed brown eyes of his friend. He leaned forward to create a better sense of privacy. Hermione sniffled a bit before she leaned in to whisper in Harry's ear.

"Harry," Hermione murmured, "I think I'm pregnant."

Harry sat back with a distinct 'thump' against the chair. He felt as if he'd been hit with one of Fred and George's new experimental practical jokes. Scratch that, he felt as he'd been blasted with 'expeliarmus' a million times. Bloody hell, when could this have happened?

"Are you sure?" Harry murmured, "I mean you do know how you… you get… that way don't you?"

Hermione snorted in irritation, "Of course I know, you idiot! … I'm sorry, it's just… I don't know what to do."

Harry gulped, he had not been prepared for this. This was Hermione, for crissakes! She was the perfect grades, perfect behavior, etc, Hermione! What the hell was she doing getting pregnant!?!

"Who… I mean… ah…" Harry stopped, he honestly couldn't think of what to say.

"Ron is going to be crushed," Harry decided on absent mindedly and mentally punched himself for his stupidity.

"Do think he knows?" Hermione asked paniced, "I did act paniced around him. Who knows what he must have thought. Oh, Harry, what am I supposed to do?"

Harry sighed and rubbed his temples, "Uh, you should tell the father. Who is he by the way?"

Hermione looked at him as if he was a toddler suddenly explaining the history of quantum physics.

"You must be joking…" Hermione almost laughed with a strange hysterical sound in the back of her throat.

Harry gulped at the slightly insane energy coming off of Hermione. He lightly scooted his seat back a few inches. Hermione's tears finally over came the rims of her eyes and slipped down her cheeks. She flicked them away with annoyance.

"Who is it, Hermione?" Harry repeated it quietly.

Hermione shook her head impatiently, "Don't waste time acting stupid Harry."

Harry blinked, "It isn't Ron's is it?"

"No, of course not, it's Voldemort's…" Hermione glared, "OF COURSE IT'S RON'S YOU DOLT!"

In an instant the two were kicked out of the library. Silently, they trudged back to their common room. Harry looked at Hermione, who stared absently ahead crying silently. He sighed, he really should have just stayed in bed today.

"When did this happen?"

Hermione sighed, "Well, we've been serious for months. We just like our privacy. The first time we… you know… it was a month ago. Harry, I'm late."

Harry gave a one armed hug, "It will be okay Hermione. You might not be. Besides, we don't know how Ron will act. Still we both know him and even if he does turn out to be a prat; I'll always be here for you."

"Thank you, Harry."

A/N: So I am tired and bored and I wanted to write. This just sprung to mind.