Spells, Charms, and Babies? Oh My!

Chapter 7: Wedding Bells

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It was nearing the end of the holidays and Ron and Hermione were comfortable that everyone who mattered knew of her condition. Now their only concern was surviving the last half of school before summer. However, their mothers were concerned that the two should be married before they returned to Hogwarts. Mrs. Granger and Mrs. Weasley thought a quick and expedient marriage was best for the situation at hand. The mothers confronted Ron about it one afternoon after lunch. Ron still sat in the kitchen looking over some extra homework he hadn't gotten done.

"Ron, dear," Mrs. Weasley casually began. "Don't you think you and Hermione should get married before the holidays are up? It would be much simpler when it comes time to explain her unexpected growth in the upcoming months."

Ron sighed and fought to refrain from rolling his eyes. Both mothers had been subtly dropping advice on the subject and he was about to go insane. He looked up at his mother and quirked his brow to inform her that she had his attention. She along with Mrs. Granger took their place across from him at the kitchen table. Ron fought the urge to slam his head against the table with exasperation. Instead he looked the two women in the eyes.

"Listen Ronald," Mrs. Granger began, "your mother and I believe that it will be more beneficial that you be married before Hermione begins to reveal her condition. A child will be an expected turn of events when the news spreads that you are married. It will tone down the gossip. You must now how hard gossip can be on a young woman, especially a young woman expecting a child."

"Yes dear," his mother added, "think of Hermione. You do want what is best for her and the baby don't you?"

Ron sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose, "I know that you two are trying to help and I promise to talk with Hermione. However, the decision is hers to make. I will stand by anything she wants. If she wants to be married at this very second, I will do anything to make it so. If she wants to wait, then we will wait. So, please for the sake of my limited sanity quit harrying me."

The mothers were satisfied with Ron's response and went on to talk and straighten up the kitchen. Despite their magical differences, the two women had become close friends in light of the Hermione's pregnancy. Ron decided he had done enough work for the day and left the kitchen to find his friends and future wife. He found them all in the living room talking and/or working on various things. He sat down in a lounge chair and felt his body sink into the cushions with relief. His eyes closed and he rested his head back. He felt a familiar weight settle on his lap and warm soft lips on his forehead. Slowly, he opened his eyes and smiled at his fiancée.

"What is wrong?" Hermione asked softly, moving to kiss his temple.

Ron wrapped his arms around her waist, "Nothing too terrible."

"What is it?" Hermione smiled and kissed his other temple.

"Are you trying to bribe me?" Ron murmured with a grin.

Hermione laughed lightly, "Perhaps. I am worried when you seem stressed. Did you finish your essay for Charms?"

"Not quite, I was interrupted by our mothers' gentle persuasions," Ron smiled wryly.

"So that is our problem," Hermione murmured kissing his lips softly. "What did our mothers want?"

"They were advising me that a wedding before the holidays end would be best. They have been dropping various hints about it ever since Christmas. Hermione, I'm about to go mad."

Hermione laughed lightly, "Well, what did you tell them?"

"I told them I would talk with you," Ron answered resting his head against her neck. "I said that we would do whatever you wished to do. However, I will tell you I think they are right. I love you and I want to do what you want. So, my dearest, what do you want to do?"

Hermione kissed him warmly, "I think we should consider our options in a more private setting."

"Really," Ron smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "I think I like that proposition."

Hermione laughed and stood. She took Ron's hand and led him out of the room amidst catcalls and mild laughter. Ron just shook his head and followed his future wife up the stairs to their room. When the door was closed and locked, Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Ron groaned and wrapped his arms tightly around her waist.

"You know this sort of behavior earned me this headache," Ron teased as Hermione pulled him to their bed.

"Oh, shut up. Do you really want to know what I think?" Hermione asked as she started to pull his shirt off.

"No, actually I hadn't thought about it at all," Ron chuckled sarcastically, "but go on if you must."

Hermione nipped his bottom lip in chastisement, "And I thought we were trying to be serious."

"It is rather hard to be serious when you're doing… that," Ron groaned.

Hermione chuckled and pulled away from him to sit on her knees. Ron reached for her but Hermione would not allow him to pull her towards him. She earned his glare and she laughed lightly and moved to kiss his forehead. Ron wrapped his arms around her and rested his head over her sweater covered breasts.

"What are you thinking, Hermione?" Ron asked quietly.

Hermione smiled and ran her fingernails over his bare shoulders, "I think you and our mothers are right. We should get married before we return to Hogwarts."

"Alright then," Ron smiled and continued to lift her sweater over her head. "We will discuss it more at a later time."

"I most definitely… agree," Hermione gasped as Ron's mouth covered a rather pleasant spot.


The couple returned downstairs two minutes… cough… uhm, I mean two hours later (no she meant two minutes). Both were fairly disheveled as they entered the parlor where everyone else was waiting for them (which made for a fairly odd parent… moment, I mean moment! I really need to fire the guy in control of random tangents). Hermione blushed and kind of hid herself behind Ron. Ron squeezed her hand with a loopy dazed smile. The males in the room chuckled knowingly and the couple made to stand where they had a clear view of everyone, in turn giving everyone a clear view of them. Hermione began to speak, which shook Ron out of his daze (she meant sex-induced high).

"Well, Ron and I spent a lot of time thinking (yes Hermione, what exactly were you thinking when you stuck your hand down your fiancée's pants? I am quite sure it was riveting… Note to Self: Don't fire random tangent guy. Kill him) and we both have agreed that a wedding before we return to school is best."

Mrs. Granger and Weasley twittered about happily and Mr. Granger and Weasley came to shake Ron's hand (you know Mr. Granger you would kill him if you knew where that hand had been… Alright, Random Tangent Guy! It's on! Battle to the death, right here, right now! CRASH! BOOM! KAH-BLAM! 'evil maniacal laughter'… Take that Random Tangent Guy!!! Uh… oops, okay back to the story.)

The date was set for two days before they returned to Hogwarts. That in fact was three days from the present. The couple's mothers took Hermione away to begin the extensive planning and left Ron in the company of Harry, Ginny, and the other two fathers in the room. He gave a weak chuckle as they stared at him with equally amused expressions.

"So, what is for dinner?" Ron asked.

"Thought you already had dessert… Ow! I was kidding, Ginny! Ow! Jeez quit smacking my head!" Harry exclaimed as he clutched the side of his head.

Ginny glared at him before giving a slight smile, "You remember that mister. I'm going to help Hermione with the plans."

Harry smiled after his girlfriend and turned to Ron, "Do you want to go play wizard's chess? It will probably help clear your head from all the 'thinking' you've done today."

Ron smirked, "Yeah, sure. C'mon, we'll go up to your room. My set should still be in there. I don't think I took it out…. No, Hermione brought hers so I didn't have to."

"Please do not tell me you two play strip chess," Harry said looking a pale shade of green.

"Of course not," Ron answered before chuckling, "we play strip wizard's chess, not strip chess. There is a difference you see."

Harry shook his head and could not help the laughter that erupted from him. He slugged Ron gently on the shoulder. The two laughed as they continued on. It was almost as if nothing had ever changed and in a way… nothing had.

It was while Harry and Ron were playing that Ron got up the gumption to ask Harry an important request. The two were in the middle of their fourth round and having a relaxed evening waiting for supper and the return of their respective women (barbarians… honestly 'their women' like they own them… HEY! I thought I got RID OF YOU!!!)

"Knight to E4," Ron murmured and smiled as he took Harry's last remaining bishop. "So, Harry you are my best friend."

"Yeah," Harry answered before taking one of Ron's rooks. "What about it?"

"I was wondering," Ron began before making a move to put Harry in check, "if you would consider being my best man? I could really use you there beside me. Besides, you belong there. You are the glue that brought me and Hermione together."

Harry looked at Ron with astonished eyes, "You really want me to be your best man?"

"No, not really, I was desperately hoping Draco Malfoy would honor me with the position," Ron retorted. "What do you think, you twit? Of course I want you to be my best man. Hell, you are my best man outside of this wedding business."

"Oh…oh I don't know what to say," Harry began taking on a weepy high pitched voice. "I told myself I wasn't going to cry… You love me! You really love me!"

Ron threw a pillow at his head while laughing, "Shut up, you dimwit! So, what do you say?"

"Well, what the hell do you think I say? Of course, I'll be your best man. No one else can stand you enough to do it."

Ron and Harry laughed and continued on with their game. Harry had finally succeeded in winning a game almost an hour later. They were interrupted when Ginny came into to tell the boys supper was ready. They followed Ron's sister down to the kitchen where the rest of the family was waiting. Ron took his place next to Hermione, who hugged him almost desperately.

"I have never been so glad to see someone in my life," she whispered. "So many different decisions and they wouldn't let me come see what you thought."

"I'll stay after dinner then," Ron murmured kissing her forehead, "I know you're not done."

"No, we are not done," Hermione groaned taking a bite of whatever had been set in front of her. "I never new there was a million shades of pink. Did you?"

"When it comes to my mother anything is impossible," Ron laughed drinking his pumpkin juice. "You should know that by now, pet."

"I love you," Hermione smiled.

"I love you," Ron murmured.


Three days passed extremely quickly for the Weasley household. The dawn of Ron and Hermione's wedding day was a spectacular one… however, no one truly saw it. After a night of bachelor (and bachelorette) partying, it was now a messy rush to prepare for the upcoming nuptials. Ron had not seen hide or hair of his betrothed for more than twenty-four hours and he was anxious to hold her again. Hermione was feeling a mixture of excitement and intense nausea. Mrs. Weasley told her it was nerves but Hermione laughed.

"No," she smiled weakly, "it is definitely not nerves. I've known Ron for seven years. I am pretty sure of a good future with him."

"I know, dear," Mrs. Weasley smiled. "You're suffering from morning sickness but I still say it partly due to nerves. Every bride is nervous on her wedding day."

"Mrs. Weasley," Hermione murmured, "thank you… for everything."

Mrs. Weasley smiled and then hugged Hermione tightly, "You're welcome, Hermione. I am so happy to have you in our family."

Hermione smiled lightly and then she quickly pulled away from the hug running to the nearest bucket they had put out for her use. Mrs. Weasley sighed and moved to help Hermione hold her hair out of her face. She loved each of her children but she did not miss the beginning stages of pregnancy one bit. Nothing seemed to help; no potion, spell, or… anything. She hoped that Hermione would not have as uneasy pregnancy for long.

Mrs. Granger entered the bridal room with Ginny in toe. The former was holding a delicate white gold tiara encrusted in tiny diamonds and a few rubies. Hermione gasped as she saw it. It was beautiful; it almost had the appearance of something goblin-made. She put her hand out to hold it carefully. She looked up at her mother with tears in her eyes.

"It is your day," Mrs. Granger smiled. "I wore it when I married your father and my mother wore it when she was married."

Hermione smiled, happy tears falling as her mother took the tiara and settled it on the styled head of the bride. All the women in the room were crying when a knock came at the door. Ginny, dressed in a dazzling strapless jade dress, opened it to reveal Mr. Granger. The man looked up and caught the image of his daughter prepared for her wedding. Tears caught the robust and keen man. Hermione smiled at her father.

"Yes Daddy?" Hermione asked softly.

Mr. Granger couldn't speak for a moment but soon caught his voice, "It is time."

Hermione nodded and took her bouquet from Mrs. Weasley and then caught the arm of her father. Mr. Granger smiled and let the other women take their places in front of them. Mr. Granger took his daughter's hand and kissed it lightly.

"Daddy, you are going to make me cry," Hermione chastised softly, "and Mum will kill me if I ruin my make-up."

Mr. Granger chuckled lightly, "It is not everyday your only daughter gets married. You can cry if you must and I will handle your mother. It is not her day, lil' bit, it is yours."

Hermione smiled happily as tears welled within her eyes. She turned her head from her father as they entered the garden with the wedding party in sight. She smiled even more brightly as she caught Ron's gaze. Everything slowed down in pace. Her heart thudded with the same pace as she stepped closer. Harry stood beside Ron and with an amused smile, his arms crossed as they both watched their best friend walk towards them. Ginny stood beside Hermione's place with her roses and she had a wide happy smile. She held a smaller bouquet of the pink roses that Hermione held. She laughed lightly at Hermione's glowing face. Ron ignored his sister and his friend. His eyes were only for his very-soon-to-be wife.

Ron felt his heart constrict with love for the young woman before him. He reached out to give her his hand. Hermione smiled and Mr. Granger kissed her forehead before handing her off to Ron. Hermione took his hand and felt a tear slip down her cheek. Ron helped to her spot beside him. They kept their eyes locked a moment longer before they turned to the wizard performing the ceremonies. Ron mouthed the words 'I love you' before they start and Hermione smiled.

"We are gathered here today to unite these two in magical matrimony," the wizened wizard began. "Now, before we begin, does anyone object to their union?"

There was a pregnant silence as Hermione and Ron turned to look at the guests with a meaningful 'I dare you to say something' stare. The wedding party chuckled and the couple turned around as the elder wizard began again. Ron took Hermione's hand in his own and they both took a deep breath.

"Ron and Hermione will you please face one another," the wizard instructed and the couple did so. "Ron, do you take Hermione Granger as your lawfully and magically wedded wife; to have and to hold, to love and cherish, for richer or poorer, and in sickness or in health, until death do you part?"

Ron smiled and squeezed Hermione's hands within his own, "I most definitely do."

The crowd chuckled and Harry patted Ron's back in amusement. Hermione felt her face would split open with her smile and she gave a single chuckle. Her love for him grew even more with his unafraid and heartfelt declaration. Ron just smiled and his green eyes told Hermione that she was his entire world. Hermione knew that her make-up was ruined but her only thought to that was well… nothing. She focused her attention on the official wizard's words.

"Hermione, do you take Ronald Weasley as your lawfully and magically wedded husband; to have and to hold, to love and cherish, for richer or poorer, and in sickness or in health, until death do you part?"

Hermione breathed deeply and smiled, "I do."

Ron's smile widened until his face felt it would crack in two but, he could not seem to find an ounce of concern for the pain in his jaw. Hermione laughed and blushed. Ron brought her hands up to each. Ginny giggled and Harry shook his head and laughed. The wizard officiating their wedding called for the rings and Harry gave Ron the one he held in his pocket. Ginny gave Hermione the ring she held and Hermione thanked her quietly.

"Now, do you have your own vows you wish to express?" the wizard asked and Ron surprised Hermione by saying yes.

Ron chuckled at the wide doe-eyes of the woman before him. He took her hand and slowly slid the ring onto her finger.

"Hermione, I give you this ring as a symbol and a promise of my everlasting love and faith. I promise to care for you for all your days, to make your favorite hot chocolate when you're not feeling well, to make you laugh when you want to cry (heaven forbid I caused that sadness), to always consult you in decisions about our future. You are my equal in every way and you can even be greater than me. I am so honored and blessed that you chose me and now before our family and closest friends I claim you as my wife, my lover, and the mother of my children until the end of my days and beyond."

Hermione was crying copious tears and if it was not for the smile on her face, one would think her heart was being torn in two. She felt her heart fill until it could almost burst with emotion and she looked towards the guests, the officiating wizard, and finally back at Ron. Carefully, she slipped his ring on his finger and clasped his hands in hers.

"Ron, I cannot say I was prepared for such a gift," Hermione began breathlessly. "I can only tell you how I feel right at this moment and give you my promises. I love you, Ron. I give you this ring as the symbol and promise of my faith, passion, and love… all of which will be yours until the end of time. I promise to care for you for all our days together, to support you in all your decisions, to raise our future children with love and your guidance, to keep any and all spiders away from your presence…" Hermione paused as everyone, even Ron, laughed. "I am the one who is honored and blessed to be loved by you and to be welcomed into your… our amazing family. I claim you as my husband, my lover, and the father of my children until the end of my days and beyond. I love you."

Ron felt a few tears of his own slip down his cheeks. The two were lost in the moment and one another's gazes. They nearly missed the wizard's next word.

"Congratulations, with the power endowed in me, I pronounce you as wizard and wife. Mr. Weasley, you may kiss your bride."

Ron wasted no time and pulled Hermione into his arm for a deep loving kiss. Hermione closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Ron. She had never been more in love with him than in that moment. They were too wrapped in one another to hear the officiating wizard's next words.

"May I present, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Hermione Weasley."


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