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"DAMMIT ZORO!" Zoro had just broken ANOTHER plate, and Sanji was starting to get irritated.

"Sorry" Zoro mumbled. Lately Zoro had been trying to help Sanji out, God knows why, and it hadn't worked out quite like he had hoped. Truth is, he doesn't even know why he is helping Sanji. But when he is with him, he feels less bored. Well that was the explanation Zoro had given himself.

Sanji had taken a light to his newly found cigarette, and inhaled deeply. "Just go and take a nap or something where your NOT in here." Sanji came out a little harsher than he meant to, but this was all too weird, and he needed to be alone.

"Fine." Zoro tried not to sound hurt, but he didn't hide it very well. But none the less, he went off away from the galley.

'God, what is going on lately?' Sanji thought, 'He's been hanging around me a lot and it's starting to make me worry. I mean I appreciate the extra help. Normally I have to beg those bums to lift a finger, but Zoro of all people, I never expected this from. It's starting to creep me out. I mean fighting is the only kind of relationship I could ever hope to have with that marimo. Wait, why would I want anything MORE than that? I don't, thats why. But then why...' Sanji's thoughts were interrupted by Luffy, running into the galley screaming,


"Luffy, we just had dinner. Can't you wait a couple hours at least?" Sanji said tiredly. Normally he'd be yelling and literally kicking Luffy out of the kitchen, and this made Luffy suspicious. "Hey Sanji, whats wrong?"

Sanji smiled at his captain. Even though Luffy didn't seem like the brightest bulb in the box, he knew something was up. But Sanji just tried to play it off. "Nothing Luffy, just tired."

'Hmmmmm' Luffy thought. 'That doesn't sound at all like Sanji. Something is wrong.' "O.k. Sanji, I guess I'll let you be then."


'Zoro was the last person with Sanji. Maybe he knows whats up. I should go find him, he's gotta be around here somewhere.' That sounded like a plan to Luffy, so he set off to find Zoro. Of course he didn't really have to look far. A blind man in a blizzard could have spotted his green hair against the rail with a slumbering Zoro underneath it.

"Oi Zoro." No response "Zoro." Still, all Luffy got was silence as a response. So, being Luffy, he cleared his throat and, "ZORO! WAKE UP!"

"WHAT DO YOU WANT LUFFY?!" The truth was, Zoro wasn't exactly asleep, he just didn't want to talk to anyone at the moment.

"Oi Zoro, whats wrong with Sanji?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"Well he looks kinda sad. You were in there last so I thought..."

"That I made him like that. Well sorry to disappoint my reputation around here, but no."

"Zoro" Luffy said getting into his rarely seen 'serious mode' "I didn't mean it like that. You were in there last and I thought that maybe you two had a fight or something."

"Nope. Now I'm kinda tired and this railing is not doing it for me. I'm gonna go to sleep. Night." And with that he headed to the men's sleeping quarters.


Sanji, just finishing up all the cleaning in the kitchen went outside to smoke a cigarette. Leaning over the rail, he lit one up and savored it's sinful taste. 'Why is he acting like this? It's almost like Zoro is acting nice towards me. I don't know if this is some sort of trick, or maybe, just maybe, Zoro doesn't hate me after all.' At this thought, Sanji suddenly became really happy, and a slight blush crept across his face. 'What the hell? Why am I blushing? Must be that leftover wine I had while cleaning. Yeah thats it.' Sanji heard footsteps behind him.

"Hello Sanji." It was Robin. "What are you still doing up?"

"Oh, I just finished cleaning up around the kitchen, and thought I'd have a smoke before going to bed."

"You are just now finishing? I thought I saw Zoro go in there to help you."

"Yeah, he did come in to help, but I don't know. It's not like him to do something like that. At least towards me."

"Maybe he just wanted to do something nice for you."

"Thats just the thing Robin, Zoro doesn't DO things like that for me. He hates me remember."

"Hmmmmm" Robin thought a moment. "What makes you think he hates you?"

"Well the way he treats me. He acts like he would rather die than do anything together."

"If I may point out Sanji, so do you."

"Well..." 'She does have a point' "He calls me names like 'Ero Love Cook'"

"And I suppose 'Marimo Head' is any better? To be honest Sanji, you two are acting like third graders with a crush on each other."

This made Sanji blush profusely. "Wha? No no no. Thats not possible. I'm a ladies man." and in a desperate attempt to prove her wrong, he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "See. Your much lovelier to kiss than him."

"Can I ask you something?"


"What did you feel when you just kissed me?"

Sanji didn't really want to know the answer so he said "Goodnight Robin." And walked off towards the men's quarters.


Creeping through the doorway, Sanji hurriedly went to his hammock. On his way over, he had to walk by Zoro's sleeping figure. Normally, Sanji would have walked right by without a second thought, but this was different. Sanji took his dear sweet time walking by Zoro, and studying him. 'He really is handsome. I really don't understand why he doesn't have a little lady hanging all over him when we stop at port. Yeah he can be gruff at times, but give him 5 minutes and he's not so bad.' Sanji looked at Zoro's face, then let his eyes wander maybe a little more than he should have. He meant to only look, at most, to the base of his neck, but his eyes had their own agenda. They looked all up and down his tanned muscular arms, then to his scar on his otherwise perfect chest, then his legs and...' OH MY GOD! I was just checking the guy out. WHILE HE IS ASLEEP TOO!! I need to lie down before I do something stupid.' And with that he crawled into his hammock, unaware of the sheepish grin that spread across Zoro's face.


"YAWN" was the first thing Sanji did when he woke up the next morning. Rubbing his eyes, he realized that he was the only one still in the room. "Oh CRAP!! I'd better get up there before they hurt themselves trying to find something to eat." The last time Sanji didn't make breakfast for his crew mates, the kitchen was a complete mess and for some reason, his spatula, frying pan, and assortment of knives was pinning Luffy to the mast. "Sorry I'm late getting up guys, long night.." Sanji said going into the galley, only to realize, everyone had already been served food and they were all quietly eating. "Uhhhhhhh did I miss something?"

"Zoro cooked for us this morning." Usopp said

"He did? What did he make?"

"Pancakes." Usopp said between bites.

"Are they any good?"

"Yeah. Not as good as yours, but Zoro insisted we didn't wake you. So he made breakfast this morning. Yours is next to the sink."

'Hmmmmm. I am rather curious as to how these taste.' Sanji sat down next to Robin and took a bite. 'Wow these are good. Who knew Zoro knew how to cook?'

After the meal, Sanji went off in search for Zoro to thank him for making breakfast in his absence. Sanji found him on the front of the boat taking a 'nap'

"Oi Zoro." Sanji said, a little nervously.

"Yes?" Said Zoro, without opening his eyes.

"Thanks for, uh, making breakfast this morning."


"Hey, why did you do it?"

"Cause I was hungry, and I didn't want to have to get Luffy down from the mast again."

"Awwww come on. We all know you enjoy doing the crap nobody else wants to do."

"Yeah like cooking."

"What? I love cooking thank you very much."

"Well then you shouldn't have been up all night looking at my 'hawt bod.'"

A deep crimson had spread across Sanji's face as he managed to get out, "I...I was... I was not you dumb Marimo. Why on earth would I want to look at you?"

"I dunno" Zoro said coming seriously close to Sanji's face. "You tell me."

'WOAH! When did he get that close? Two seconds ago he was laid back with is eyes closed. Damn his eyes are pretty. A nice green emerald.. SNAP OUT OF IT!' "I have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you just wanted me to look at you so you imagined it."

"Yeah uh huh. You keep telling yourself that Sanji." And with that, Zoro fell back asleep, leaving Sanji speechless.



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