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"Finally, the log has set!. Damn, I thought we were gonna be on this stupid island for another 3 weeks!" Nami exclaimed from here quarters. She got up from her hammock, and traveled to the top deck. "Luffy, great news, the log has set. We can leave at anytime."

"Yay!" The captain said, "SET SAIL FOR... where are we going?"

"According to the natives, the next island is Marie Isle."

"MARIE ISLE!" Nami rolled her eyes at her captain, and walked below to the galley.

"Hey Sanji. Oh, you got your cast off?" Nami said curiously. It had only been 4 weeks since it had been put on, and it wasn't due to come off for another 2.

"Yeah, Chopper said that it healed quicker than he had expected and it could come off."

"Oh thats great! By the way, the log has set, and we are heading for the next island. Just thought I'd give you a heads up."

"Wait, Zoro isn't on the ship." Sanji said, remembering that he had some business in town. "He seemed a bit suspicious, but he said he'd be back in a few hours."

"A few hours? Geez, add a few more on to that because we all know he's gonna get lost, and by the time we can leave, tide would have gone down, and we'll have to wait until tomorrow."

"I can go look for him if you want." Sanji suggested.

"You? Well make it the day AFTER tomorrow then." She said knowing full well what would happen if those two were left alone together.

Sanji blushed a very bright red... in more places than one. "Oh Nami, you can trust me."

"I dunno, with your arm all healed up, no telling what kind of mischief you are going to get yourself into with him... but then again, I doubt you'll be complaining too much." She snickered at how red Sanji was getting. "But fine, if you want to go so badly, I'm not stopping you." And she walked out of the galley with a smile on her face.


Walking down the street, Sanji noticed that the sun had all but completely vanished. It was that time of day where you could swear that the air sparkled gold if the sun hit it just right. The wind blew, and suddenly Sanji realized how chilly it was. He started rubbing his hands on his upper arms trying to get a little warmer, but it didn't work until two larger hands covered his and started rubbing up and down with them. Sanji smiled and turned around to see his Marimo behind him.

"I've been looking for you. Where have you been?" Sanji said snuggling into Zoro's chest and wrapping his arms around his waist.

"Oh you know around." Sanji looked up at him and gave him a curious glance.

"Nami said we are ready to leave, and we need to get back."

"Well she can hold on, cause there is something I need to do before we go back." He took his hand and led him down the streets until they reached a hotel.

"Zoro, I'm pretty sure that 'need' you are talking about can wait until we get to the ship."

"Well this isn't just about sex, there is something else I want to do in private, without fear of interruption."

"Gah, fine, but we gotta make this a quicky." Sanji said smirking at him. They walked into the hotel and up to the front desk. "I need a room for two." He ignored the glance she gave them when she realized why.

"O.k. Under what name will this go under?"


"O.k... wait hold on, in our records, you already have a room booked. You are Sanji, and Roronoa Zoro correct?"

Sanji looked at an equally confused Zoro. Apparently he didn't plan this either. "Yes."

"Well a young lady came by earlier and informed us that you two would be stopping by, and paid in advance. Here is your room key."

'Nami. I'll have to remember to thank her later...' Sanji thought. "Thank you." and he and Zoro walked to their room.


"Ooooooh. Swanky." Said an impressed Zoro walking into the top floor suite. "Didn't think Nami would pay this much to save her life." Looking around, he noticed a beautiful, and large, oak bed with satin blue sheets and black pillows, and plushy black carpet. The drapes were a dark blue, complimenting the bedding, with a silver trim, and the walls were a pale white. A nice kitchenette was off to the side, with a mini fridge filled with food. Sanji walked over to the opposite side of the bed, and plopped down on his back, with his head leaning over the bed, looking at Zoro. His hair over his left eye had become loose, and was even showing his blue eyes. The swordsman had never looked into both eyes before, and never realized how blue they were.

"So, what was so important?... Zoro, snap out of it." Sanji said.

"Wow." Zoro said in awe.


"Your eyes... they are so pretty." The blonde now had a tint of red to his cheeks and decided to roll over to his stomach.

"There, now your not distracted. Now, what was so important?" he repeated.

A little disappointed at loosing sight of the cooks eyes, he reached into is pocket and pulled out a box. He sat down next to the chef, "Here..." was all he could say, without saying something really cheesy and corny. Sanji took the box and opened it, already knowing what it had to be. He took it out of the box and almost broke down crying. It was a silver band, and around it was a rose stem engraved on it, and where the rose should be, and aquamarine was set in it. He looked down at Zoro's hand and noticed that he was wearing his ring on his left hand. "Just so you know, I'm not proposing to you or something like that." Sanji looked up at him, a little disappointed, but understood why.

'Come on, we've been going out for what? A few weeks? Hell half the crew didn't even know that we are together.'

"This is just so people know that you are taken, and they can't touch you. Not saying bells are not a possibility though." He planted a kiss in the chefs hair.

"Stupid Marimo... Your not doing it right." Sanji said and pulled Zoro's head down to his lips.


At first, it wasn't anything more that what you do to your grandma. A simple kiss on the lips, like half a second worth, lips barely touching. But knowing our heroes, Nami's prediction came true. Lips parted for a total of 2 seconds, and they went back in, this time crushing their lips together until Zoro had to get a breath of air. The moment he took a breath, Sanji shoved his tongue into Zoro's mouth gently caressing the others tongue. His hand went up to cup the swordsman's face, and his hand went down to the chefs waist. Sanji strayed away from his mouth, and began kissing Zoro's neckline, and gently nipping his collarbone. Somehow, through all these distractions, Zoro managed to unbuckle Sanji's belt and unbutton his pants. Now if he could only get the bloody zipper to work, they'd be in business. Sanji noticed him having trouble, so he took Zoro's hand and put it over the zipper, feeling his bulge, and guiding his hands around the zipper and pulling it down. Sanji pulled his pants off, all the while Zoro took his shirt off, and pretty much ripped Sanji's off, because like hell he was messing with buttons this late in the game. Finally getting his famous dark green pants off, Sanji used his leg strength and flipped Zoro over.

"I'm tired of being the bitch." Sanji said flatly.

Zoro, more than willing to be on bottom for once said, "I won't put up a fight... on two conditions."

"Gah hurry up I'm horny!" he said not entirely joking.

"One; Pull your hair out of your eye."

"Fine. Next?"

"I'll be the bitch after you give me the best damn blow job of my life."

"Hehehe that won't be much of a problem." Sanji said. "Now shut up."

The blonde slowly lowered his head, and kissed along his Marimo's navel. He gave small kisses down and down until he was at the base of his desires. He kissed the base, and swirled his tongue around each time, making Zoro squirm and groan. When he finally got to the tip, he wrapped his lips around half an inch and gave it a little suck. He could hear Zoro moan above him, and apparently from the moans of 'Fuck' and 'Sweet God' he could only assume he liked it. He took a little more of him in, and sucked just a little harder. He kept this up until he got about halfway down, and decided Zoro had suffered enough. He took his hands, found Zoro's, and interlaced their fingers together. He slowly began to bob his head up and down, swirling his tongue around all the while. Zoro tried to be good and not buck his hips into Sanji's mouth, but he just couldn't contain himself anymore. They had a sort of rhythm going, to where Zoro was happy in pleasure, and Sanji wasn't gagging. It didn't take much after that, and Zoro came, screaming Sanji's name. He moved back up to his lovers level and kissed him. The mixture of tobacco and come almost made him hard again right on the spot.

"Do you have any lube Marimo?"

"Yeah... its in my pants pocket."

Sanji reached over to grab it, "Well someone sure did come prepared."

Sanji spread Zoro's legs and licked two of his fingers, getting them wet with saliva. He inserted both fingers, and began to scissor Zoro open. He was making quite a noise though, so as not to disturb other guests, he shoved his tongue down Zoro's again to shut him up a little. After inserting a third finger in for good measure, he decided that Zoro was ready... or at least good enough ready. He took the lube out, and Zoro stole it from him. He squirted some on his hand and stroked his lovers cock until it was coated... then a few more for good measure. Sanji almost came right then and there, but he knew he was better than that. Removing Zoro's hand, and once again interlacing their fingers together, he slowly put his tip at Zoro's ass.


"Do you have to ask?"

Taking that as his signal, he thrust into Zoro, taking all his self control to not start moving right then and there, to let Zoro adjust. Hearing something that sounded vaguely like 'Go dammit' he started to move his hips slowly. Zoro was overcome with bliss, and started to wonder why they haven't done this earlier. Not being one to wait patiently, started moving as well, along with Sanji. The blonde started to move a little faster and a little faster than that, and soon he hit that ever so special spot inside every man. Zoro gasped at the feeling, and somehow managed to say "Harder." Sanji had no qualms about this, and repeatedly kept hitting that one spot. Zoro gasped and came on his and Sanji's stomach and at the sudden tightness around him, Sanji came inside Zoro.


Pulling out, he fell to the side of Zoro.

"We'd better get a towel or something, before we ruin these lovely sheets." Sanji said, making no effort to move.

Sighing Zoro got up. "I spoil you, you know that?"

"Thanks honeybuns!" Sanji said smacking Zoro's ass. Zoro returned with a couple of wet towels and a dry one. Cleaning themselves up, they put their boxers back on, and slipped into bed together. Laying underneath the sheets, Sanji curled up into Zoro's chest, with his arms around his neck, and his lovers arms around his waist.

He kissed Zoro on the cheek and said, "I love you."

"I know." was all Zoro could say before falling asleep.

'What an ass... wow look at that ass.' Sanji said smiling, and pulling the covers up remembering the good old days.

He remembered about his ring, and didn't want it to get lost in the bedding, so he took it off, but before he put it on the nightstand, something caught his eye. In the moonlight coming in from the curtain, he could make out the lettering in the ring. 'I love you too.'



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